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ootd, skater dress, through chelseas eyes,


ootd, skater dress, through chelseas eyes, sperry boat shoes, deck shoes, sperry
through chelseas eyes, sperry boat shoes, deck shoes, sperry


through chelseas eyes, sperry boat shoes, deck shoes, sperry
Dress // Asos
Headband // Newlook
Belt // Primark
Shoes // Sperry*

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to show you my new shoes today, and well every time i get new shoes i do get a little meh because well i hate the part where you have to kind of ‘wear them in’ – you all know what i mean. Theres that period of time when you get new shoes and they are un comfy for the first few wears, well these cute little Sperry* boat/deck shoes are the total opposite, they are literally the most comfiest shoes i have ever wore from the off!
I’ve never owned a pair of boat/deck shoes so i was a little unsure how to style them but i am trying to be more adventurous with my footwear I’m forever stuck in my uggs which must stop so i thought i would just go ahead an style my sperry shoes how i would with my converse, i just pulled out my Asos skater dress and got to work with my boat shoes, They are such a bold colour and that’s what i love about them they really do stand out and the fact they are like walking on clouds makes them my favourite shoes ever (even though i have no idea what that feels like, i would imagine i would be very comfy!)
Trust me when i say i think i will be wearing these nearly every day from now on!
Have you ever owned boat/deck shoes?
How did you style yours :)Youtube | Bloglovin | Twitter

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  • kyra diore

    Your shoes are gorgeous :-) xxxx

  • Katie Annie

    Love this outfit Chelsea, especially the shoes! I have a navy pair of deck shoes which I wear with anything from skinnys and an oversized tee to pretty skater dresses :)
    P.S. I hate that 'wearing them in' phase too! Lots of plasters needed!

  • Nicole Sage

    I love sperru shoes so much! Love this colour i just have the tan colour,look great :) xx

  • chloebeautyy

    you're gorgeous and your hair is amazing! x

  • Teresa Sinaguglia

    Gorgeous shoes!

  • Jamie-Lee GlitterInfatuation

    Your hair looks amazing! and the shoes are super cute.

  • Hayley

    Oh I love the dress. Never seen anything like it before. I love the way you've styled the shoes :)

    Hayley xxx

  • Rosie Roo

    Your fish tail plaits are so perfect! Those shoes really make your outfit too :) def will check them out!

    Rosie xo

  • your so beautiful i love your blog !

  • Sarah Lilly

    I love your whole outfit! The floral crown in your hair is beautiful!

  • Yuen Lim

    The dress looks adorable on you! Love the way you did your hair and those shoes too!


  • eleni_karlou

    I like your outfit!
    And your hair!


  • Hollie Ryan

    Love this look! I would never have though these shoes would go with cute dresses but it looks so nice!

  • Sophie Pocock

    Love the dress! sore this on Asos the other day on my wish list!

  • Mlhauken

    Cute outfit! Love the headband!

  • Sophia Meola; ❤

    You look absolutely lovely…and i absolutely adore your hair!

  • Sarah

    I love these shoes, especially the colour! Your hair is gorgeous (:

    Sarah xx |

  • Hi Chelsea!

    I somehow stumbled across your blog while looking for reviews of Sperrys this evening. I am looking at purchasing my very first pair! I have read all sorts of stories on various websites about Sperrys making feet really sweaty so I have been hesitant to buy a pair myself. Has this been your experience with Sperrys or are your feet always dry when you wear them?

    Fantastic website, by the way! You have a new fan!