Review || Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

vaseline spray & go body moisturiser, coco butter, through chelsea's eyes

vaseline spray & go body moisturiser, coco butter, through chelsea's eyes

 i hope everyones enjoying the sunshine as much as i am, the only problem I’m having with it is it’s making me super tired i feel like a baby i keep having little afternoon naps! So before i get carried away talking and while I’m on the subject of sun it’s super important to keep your skin moisturised while the weather is getting so hot and humid, and I’ve found my ‘the one’ moisturiser, after years of searching its finally fell into my hands and i am forever grateful so it’s only fair that i share with you guys. 
My mum told me about the new Vaseline spray & go, and then the other day in boots there was a lady at the door armed with a can spraying anyone and everyone who would let her, obviously i was on of those as i wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
There was 3 bottles to choose from: 
The yellow one is infused with oat extract to give soft skin, the green bottle is infused with pure Aloe Vera to give fresh skin and the one which i choose the brown bottle is infused with pure coco butter to give healthy glowing skin – now I’m not too sure why i picked it i didn’t really read to much into what each bottle did i think the main reason i bought the brown bottle was because first off it was the one which the lady sprayed me with as soon as i entered boots and the main reason is because of the smell the smell of the coco butter makes this one smell like holiday’s and it lasts for hours too! ( i just love it!)
When it comes to moisturiser I’m super lazy i usually buy it and find myself thinking “oh do i have to do that now” i hate when moisturiser takes so long to apply and even more when it takes so long to dry, and to be honest i will try anything which will help me get a no faff routine and well the Vaseline Spray & Go is the one to help with this… It takes me literally 5-10 minutes to moisturise my whole body all you need to do is spray where you want to apply give it a little hand by rubbing it into the skin and that’s it your done. (its so quick) Plus no more waiting for it to dry it sinks into the skin in a matter of 1-2 minutes, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky just nice and soft.. I will go as far to say It’s the quickest moisturiser I’ve have ever used plus it drys quick too! – it’s just perfect for a busy lazy person like myself who hates to spend more than 10 minutes moisturising!
I’m made up with the Vaseline Spray & Go for £4.99 it’s made my life and moisturising routine faff free and complete! – i just love it, i really do!
I’ve had a really bad migraine yesterday and today so I’m off to eat pizza and watch DVD’s for the rest of my sunday night and later on before i go to bed, i can still moisturise without it being a hassle to me … perfect!

Have you tried the Vaseline Spray & Go? Which one did you go for? 
  • I've not tried this yet but I keep seeing it when I'm in boots, I'm a lazy girl and hardly ever moisturise, I even bout the new Nivea in shower moisturiser but I didn't like that so must give this a try! X

  • I saw these the other day and I really wanted to try it but thought I would read some reviews first, so now I will definitely be trying this! I am so lazy with moisturiser so this might make me use it more! Thanks for sharing : x

    Beaumaquillagex | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • This sounds perfect to me, im a bit of a lazy moisturiser and i hate waiting for it to sink into the skin! So will definitely have to give this a go!

    Hope you're feeling better! I hate migraines, i dont get them often but they're awful when i do get them! :(

    Natalie xx

  • Great review I have tried it I have the aloe Vera one and love it so much I was also lazy and couldn't be bothered to moisturise but I actually look towards to doing so because it so quick and fun to do! Ha!

  • I definitely agree with you about feeling like a baby, in fact I've just woken up from a nap.

    I'll have to try this, I hate moisturising my body and usually don't bother because I feel lazy so this might be a great option!

    Beth @

  • OH MY GOD! That sounds like the most perfect thing ever. I am definitely picking that up tomorrow on my lunch break


  • Wow this looks so good! I'll definitely be picking this up! x

  • I am the same far too impatient to sit and let modituriser soak in so this looks like a great product, will have to give it a try.

    Em xx

  • This product sounds great and a good price too!

    Kimberley x

  • I have the yellow one and I absolutely love it :) So quick and easy! frecklesandflawsbeautyblog xxx

  • This sounds perfect for me, I'm lazy about moisturising too I just can't be bothered to wait for it to sink in! Getting in bed with sticky arm/legs is horrible!

    Nic xx // beauty & lifestyle blog

  • Oh no! Now I need to get my hands in one of these!
    Do you think it's possible to get a hold of these outside the UK? :)

    I hate moisturising my body too so this will be perfect :)

    Great review! x

  • i'm gonna get a bottle of this on wednesday, probably the cocoa one just because of the smell!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  • this sounds amazing, and an absolute bargain. i'm a sucker for anything with this scent!

    Sophie xo | sophielouisew_ a blog

  • this is vey much needed in my life pronto! haha


  • I have the cream version of this and I just love the cocoa butter smell it is my after reading this blog I might just go and buy this one so that I can use it when I am in a hurry, thanks.

    Check out;


  • This sounds loveely! I love the sounds of the aloe one :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  • I've been meaning to give this a go and your review is really good!! I love the regular cream of this and the spray and go will be good for me as I too am lazy about it!

  • I have the original of this, in the squeezy bottle – had no idea they did a spray. Definitely want to try it! x

  • Ah I so need to try this!
    Lovely blog
    Daisie Petals

  • eeeeeee loveee this and your blog! would be amaze if you could check out my review :) XOXOXO –