So if your a follower of my twitter/instagram on Wednesday the 17th you may have noticed it was my birthday! Yes i turned the big two one and i must say by now if you read my blog you probably should already know I’m 21 going on 81! Yes a night on the couch with a good film and takeaway is more my style than a huge drinking session. 
I thought seeing as there will probably be no birthday ‘lets go get drunk’ party etc that i would show you a few little snaps from the day and that i could talk presents! (i always love reading what people get for their birthdays!) 
through chelseas eyes, 21, birthday, birthday balloon
We all have to pose with the birthday balloons right?

These are the presents which i was so lucky to receive! and if you would of had a little read of my last post the birthday wish list here you will notice i was super lucky and got quite a lot of things which where on my wish list! 

through chelseas eyes, 21, birthday, birthday, presents, 21 glass, make up, Michael kors, 50mm lens

through chelseas eyes, 21, birthday, birthday, presents, make up, Michael kors, 50mm lens
through chelseas eyes, 21, birthday, birthday, presents, make up, Michael kors, 50mm lens
Canon 50mm Lens, I got my new lens! Eeeek! I’ve been trying it already and I’m in love, its so amazing i cant wait to get my new blog pictures up with this little beauty! – if you have any tips please feel free to tell me! :) 
Michael Kors Watch, I am in love with this watch! I love things which i can keep for birthday’s as i have probably said like 1000’s times, and this is the one – Its just so beautiful!
YSL Peach Passion, I finally got my hands on a YSL lipstick YEY! i cant wait to get it worn its as gorgeous as it looks on the outside! 
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, The Laura Mercier secret concealer is amazing I’ve worn it since my birthday which may have only been a few days but I’m in love already!
Laura Mercier Setting Powder, This is one which i think I’m still getting used to its only been a few days but I’ve never ever used a setting powder before so I’m a little unsure whether i am applying it right or not but i think ill get the hang of it soon!
21 Glass, I love my 21 wine glass! – i love keep sakes so this one will be kept for as long as i can not break it which hopefully will be a very very long time! 
I had a very lovely birthday and received lots of lovely gift some which was hard to photograph but i think i got the main bunch to show you :) i still don’t feel much different to say I’m now 21 which is a little disappointing .. when i was little i always waited to feel different after each birthday! Did anyone else do this? 
Is any of your birthdays this month? 
  • Hope you had a lovely day! That watch is a beaut, and that YSL lippy. Gorgeous!


  • Sounds like you had a great 21st! You looked beautiful! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle

  • Kamila P

    hope you had a lovely birthday! your watch is gorgeous!
    Kamila xx

  • Love the dress you have on!its a gorgeous colour!happy birthday!:)

  • Georgia

    you look gorgeous! I also got a michael kors watch for my birthday also :)

  • Aww glad you had a lovely day! I love keep sales for my birthday too always nice to have a reminder haha an your watch is gorgeous.

  • Hope you had a lovely birthday, Presents that last a long time are always the best, such a gorgeous watch. I'm a fellow member of the 21 going on 81 club so I definitely get the not wanting a massive night out thing :)
    Rosalie x

  • I've got the 50m lens and it's amazing! you'll get some really good pics from it! looks like you had a fab birthday hun! I would love to be 21 again! haha xx


  • Happy Birthday! Love the watch!

  • Glad you had a lovely day, happy 21st! You look gorgeous and I love that dress and the colour :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Happy Birthday! I love keepsakes for birthdays too and that watch is beautiful xx

  • Hope you had a fantastic day, 21 is a great age. I'm 23 in 10 days and I'm not looking forward to it. Although I'm convincing myself that age is just a number and you're as young as you feel, so I'm about 16.
    Sarah x


  • Ahhh we have matching watches now :)) hope you had an amazing day babe! xoxo

  • Happy belated birthday, Chelsea! So happy to see you had such a wonderful day! My 21st is coming up in December. I guess 21 is a bigger deal here in America because of the difference in drinking age! xx


  • Aww you were spoilt! Happy birthday lovely!! xx

  • I had the same lipstick and wine glass for my 21st on the 9th :) yay.
    Glad to see you got nearly everything on your birthday wish list.


  • Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely day, you look gorgeous! That watch is absolutely stunning!

    – Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  • happy birthday hope you had a wonderful day

  • My birthday was two weeks ago and I had loads of fun!! I really feel like I am 80 as well because staying home is just so much better now!!


  • Hi! I like your blog and I was wondering if you would like to follow each other :) And Happy b-lated birthday btw!

    ♥Stacey Nguyen

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