Review || Cliphair Deluxe/Volume Hair Extensions

a picture of 20 inch clip hair double wefted hair extensions colour blonde mix 16/613

a picture of 20 inch clip hair double wefted hair extensions colour blonde mix 16/613

a picture of 20 inch clip hair double wefted hair extensions colour blonde mix 16/613

a picture of the clips on 20 inch clip hair double wefted hair extensions colour blonde mix 16/613

through chelseas eyes wearing 20 inch clip hair clip in double wefted hair extensions colour blonde mix 16/613through chelseas eyes wearing 20 inch clip hair clip in double wefted hair extensions colour blonde mix 16/613
Hair extensions are fast becoming a girls best friend! 
I’ve been a huge huge fan of hair extension ever since i bought my first ever pair of very cheap synthetic ones way back when i was about 14 years old which i wore to a club/disco which used to hold a special night for us little schoolies.. They where the worst looking things you had ever seen (looking back i don’t know what was worse my hair extensions or my choice of outfit) they where really straight and had no movement in them but luckily after those i managed to buy myself some real hair ones! but hey ho that’s where my love began and i can’t deny it. 
I probably still have a picture somewhere of my ‘bad hair’ but i can’t for shame to whack that on here! *face palm*
Now after my blast from the past and how i fell in love with extensions i have to share the fabulous Cliphair hair extensions with you, i was kindly sent them for review and i can honestly say i am super excited to share them with you guys! Now i usually buy my hair extensions from a little shop in town, so I’m not too sure what make they actually are they’ve always been kind and done there job for me adding volume to my hair but one thing which i hated about buying them was the fact i had to sew my own hair clips on them! Luckily for me cliphair come fully prepared and ready to apply, I must be living under a rock to buy hair extensions where i have to sew on the clips my self!? – so thats me in love already!
I was sent the 20″ deluxe/volume hair extensions* in the colour 16/613 Cliphair have an amazing range of colours which is perfect and just what you need for hair extensions! – especially if your hair is similar to mine and has quite alot of different colours running though! plus they even offer a colour match service where you can send in a picture of your hair colour and someone from the Cliphair team will help you out and get the right colour of hair extensions for you, maybe i should of used this service as at first i kind of ordered the wrong colour for my hair, when they came they was too light but the people at Cliphair was so helpful and quick at fixing the mistake i had accidentally made, so their returns/exchange was super easy and within a couple of days i had the perfect colour of extensions for my hair! – yey!
In terms of quality the hair it’s fantastic! it feels super soft, silky and shiny plus its nice and thick meaning it blends extremely well with my hair. The pack contains two 8″ wide wefts with three clips per weft, two 6″ wide wefts with three clips per weft two 4″ wefts with two clips per weft and two little 1.5″ inch wide wefts with 1 clip per weft. – that’s a lot of hair!
It only took a matter of minutes to clip in the extensions, i didn’t particularly have a method i just sectioned my hair off and placed the wefts where i thought they needed to be, it took literally about 5 minutes! 
and i just loved the finished result i got!
I choose to use the enrapture jumbo waver on mine, its my go to hair tool i just love the beachy wave effect it gives and now thanks to the Cliphair hair extensions my beach hair now has even more added volume, body and a little extra length! I just love how natural they look and how they mingle really well with my hair and don’t make it feel weighted down at all. The clips really grip your hair, you can really hear them snap when you clip them in so there’s no chance of them budging all day/night which is what you need form a good quality set of extensions, plus they are super comfy to wear and don’t hurt your head or tug at your hair which is also great! 
So if you fancy going trying Cliphair hair extensions they offer a wide range of colours and lengths on their website from 10-26″ that’s practically something for everyone! The 20″ Deluxe/Volume set which i was sent is very reasonably priced at £69.99, i personally think its worth the money for the standard and quality you receive.
Plus they also have clip in fringes and pony tails!
What do you think? Are you a Cliphair fan? – i am!

  • Your hair looks amazing! These extensions sound really nice :) xx

  • They look so natural! I've been stubborn and have been trying to just grow my hair longer, but I may have to give these a chance, they just look so beautiful! xx

  • looks lovely. great colour!

  • wow it looks so natural! x

  • Absolutely love it!

  • These extensions look lovely! I always worry about finding my perfect shade because my hair is so dark yet not exactly black. I will have to check the website out to see if they have anywhere near my colour.

    Great post!

    Rachel xx

  • great post! i reallly love your blog! you have great taste, it looks amazing!
    please could you check out mine? would be such an honour!!!

  • Your hair looks gorgeous lovely – what a perfect match!

    Katie <3

  • Wow, they look so natural!

  • I finally came around to purchasing some real clip in extensions back in October from Sally Beauty ( I got $40 off!) and I'm OBSESSED! While my boyfriend thinks I'm weird for wearing someone else's hair, I could care less- I call it my "princess hair" :) hahaha. I love them! <3 Emily

  • These look so natural! Sometimes with extensions there's always a slight change in the hair colour but these blend so well. I always used to wear extensions out but haven't in years. They are very reasonably prices too! xx