Outfit || Dungarees Restyled and Rethought

long primark dungarees with topshop crop top through chelseas eyes
long primark dungarees with topshop crop top through chelseas eyes

Crop Top // Topshop
Dungarees // Primark
Necklace // Argos
Bracelete // Pandora
Shoes // Nike Blazers – Schuh

Recently I’ve been having a dungarees dilemma! 
I did buy and style a pair of dungarees from Topshop you can find that blogpost here if you want a nosey but i wasn’t truly happy with the way they fitted, So one day in Primark i noticed these long dungarees. I wasn’t into the whole long dungarees and was pretty unsure on how much i would actually wear them – then i thought hmmm maybe i could alter them and make them short myself so that was the original plan. 
That was until i tried them on and fell in love, they fit so pretty and perfectly and are just so darn cute! I don’t think i could take a pair of scissors to their head. So unless Primark still has my size and i can buy another pair to alter why i keep these pair long i am again in another dungarees dilemma! – oh the dungarees trouble!

I wore my new dungarees with my Topshop crop top which i wore in my ‘Where’s Wally’ blogpost which you can find here, i then kept it quite casual by throwing on my Nike blazers.
I never seem to wear my Nike blazers as much as i would like, they’re just such a pain to get on and off but i really do love the way they look when i force myself to wear them!
i also liked to wear my dungarees with one strap left undone so it looked a little messy yet still cute (like the middle picture) there’s just so many ways i can wear these dungarees! i hope Primark still have a pair in my size which i can shorten because i still want a short pair but i do really love them long too!

Are you a long or short dungarees person? – i think I’m leaning towards long!

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  • THese dungaree's are ACE! They suit you so well, really unique take on the trend, love it!


    Rosie xo

  • Right until now I thought I was a short dungarees kind of person, but I LOVE how these look on you! Very effortless look, it's great x


  • They look so cute on you, can't believe they're Primark! I think I'm too short to pull off full length ones. You look gorgeous!

    Denise x

  • cool dungarees! xxx

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  • O gosh, how cuuuute are you! I love the stripes underneath the dungarees. Totally didn't know those were called dungarees until I read your post. :) The more you know…!

  • This is so cute on you! You definately pull it off :) I'm never sure on dungas, but just bought a cute denim dress! See what you think in my post :) (Primark is a massive fave of mine !) Becky xxx http://www.openmywardrobedoors.blogspot.com x