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a picture of personalised casetagram iphone 5 phone case


a picture of personalised casetagram iphone 5 phone case shoot it place it case it


a picture of the side view of the personalised casetagram iphone 5 phone case
Personalised Casetagram Phone case*
So by now, if you follow me on twitter or instagram (chelseayates1) I’m pretty sure you will have noticed that i love to get a little snap happy and try to capture every moment! So when i was contacted by the wonderful casetagram to review and host a giveaway for you guys i was literally over the moon!  – i did do a little excited jump up and down!
If you haven’t heard of who they are, first of all WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? but go on ill explain :) … Casetagram are a online company which make custom phone cases, ipod cases, ipad cases THE LOT! and you can sign into your facebook and instagram accounts to put your pictures straight on to your chosen design, plus you can even upload pictures if you never got around to face booking or Instgraming them, and really what better way to personalise your mobile/gadgets than putting all your favourite people on them?!
I absolutely am obsessed with mine!
The website made it so easy to actually design and make my phone case and it feels like such a sturdy phone case yet is super thin and not too chunky so your phone doesn’t feel really fat in it  – i know that must be the most simple description ever! but you all know what i mean, everyone must of had a cheap phone case which makes your iphone feel HUGE! – not cool! Castegram is the total opposite its the thinnest I’ve ever felt my phone with a case on – i just cant stop holding it.
Plus the personalised aspect of it makes the phone case so special! I opted for the ‘Le Courbuiser’ design (there are lots of other designs available) in frosty white to match in with my white Iphone 5, this design allowed me to choose 20 photographs which was a truly difficult task, narrowing your whole instagram/facebook into just 20 pictures proved to be tricky! But i managed it picking pictures of my family, my boyfriend, my gorgeous bunny rabbit Skippy, Thi the dog, friends & my camera!
I think once i have a couple more photographs under my belt i will even go back and design one for my iPad just because i love it so much!
And now its your turn…
a picture of casetagram giveaway on through chelseas eyes
because i love Casetagram so much, and i know you guys will too… Casetagam have kindly offered to let me give one away to you guys! Que. Happy Dance – The winner will be given a code which they then can design their very own Casetagram phone case through the website or through the Casetagram app! – yes they have a app how nifty!
The giveaway is open worldwide as Casetagram offer free standard world wide shipping, So if you would like to get your hands on one, all you have to do is enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below!
*PR Sample
  • Such a cute idea! I would like to win one because im so clumsy and this is a cute way of protecting my stuff haha!

  • great giveaway, ive just got a new phone so it would be great to have a personalised case xx

  • I've recently got an iPhone and I'm loving mine so much. I've also recently got Instagram and I'm addicted. So both of them together on a phone case would be perfect!xx

  • I would love to win a casestagram case because I've wanted one for a while now; I love capturing these moments perfectly and this would be a fantastic, unique and modern way of showing off all those fabulous memories!
    Simply-Abbi xx

  • I would love to win one because I'm really bored of my current phone case so I would love a new one with pictures of my puppy :)

  • I love to take pictures too! I'm addicted to instagram so this case would be ideal
    Amelia xx

  • I would love to win a casetagram cover because I have recently bought an iPhone 5 and I would love to personalize it a bit with lovely memories and people I love xx

  • I would love to win so me and my bf could personalize it and give it to his mom because we know she would love it! :)

  • I love these cases! Would love to get one before uni in September to have memories on :) Great giveaway! x

  • my daughter is off to uni this september and i know she would love a cover for her iphone 4 with memories of her friends shes leaving behind.

  • I would love to win one of these, my iPhone case really needs renewing! Xx

  • Amazing giveaway :) I love it such a fantastic idea and perfect gift idea x

  • A lovely Giveaway!
    I'd give this to my best friend as a present~ :)

    Grace X

  • my vintage world

    Would love to win the iPhone case because the one I have at the minute is really dirty and I've wanted a personalised one for ages :) xx

  • I got myself an iPhone at the beginning of this year and was instantly addicted to instagram (lazy2lovely if you're interested) Would love a phone case to feed this addiction further ;)

    Kylie x

  • I'm addicted to instagram and love the idea of a case that is full of my instagram photos, its something that will always hold my memories :)

  • Shannon Murray

    What a wonderful idea, currently I don't have a case on my iphone and well having photos is always an idea that I've liked. There has been a lot of personalized cases and I really like them. I am completely obsessed with instagram and having a case with photos held on can be a fantastic way to remember some precious memories!

    Your case looks so lovely Chelsea!
    Shannon x

  • I'm constantly posting photos of my baby boy and I'm forever changing my background picture. This way my phone can be covered in pics of him!

  • I love the idea of having a personalised phone case and I love that you can put more than one photo on this one!

  • i just learned about casetagram today and found your blog googling looking for reviews. How funny!

  • I'd love to win a casetagram case beeeeecause.. why wouldn't you want to win?! I think they look amazing and I'd love to be able to take a collage of all my favourite photos with me everywhere I go!

  • I'd love to win one because they're such cute cases & will have a sentiment value to them : ) x

  • I've never seen one of these before and I'm blown away! I'd love to be able to carry around my instagram pics of my family in my pocket!!! Amazing!!!! :)

  • I have lots of favourite pictures of my little boy so would be able to use them all :)


  • This is such a great idea!! I'd love to have one :) and you look gorgeous in your yellow Ted Baker dress by the way!! xxx

  • I've wanted a customized phone case for quite some time, and would LOVE to have pics of my family and hubby and I all on my phone, so it'll be like carrying around a mini photo album!!! xo

  • I think this would make a great gift!

  • I'd love to win a case to present my favourite memories on something I use everyday! Such a nice way of presenting them and perfect for the instagram snaps! x

  • Only just got my new iphone a few days ago so in need of a case! Would love to win one :) x

  • I'd love to win so I can see my friends n family all the time :)