Review || Revlon Lip Butter Pink Lemonade & Lollipop

a picture of revlon lip butter pink lemonade and lollipop


a picture of revlon lip butter pink lemonade 047 and lollipop 075

a picture of revlon lip butter pink lemonade and lollipop


a picture of the colours of revlon lip butter pink lemonade and lollipop


a picture of swatches of the revlon lip butter pink lemonade and lollipop
a picture of through chelseas eyes wearing revlon lip butter pink lemonade


a picture of through chelseas eyes wearing revlon lip butter lollipop


a picture of through chelseas eyes wearing revlon lip butter lollipop


Howdy folks!
So i thought id talk about some little lip products which i am loving so much right now! and if you haven’t guessed already (by all the photographs) they are the Revlon Lip Butters, as with everything it took me a while to jump on this beauty band waggon, but ahh they are so worth it, and if you haven’t tried them yet then you really should!
I only have two colours, but i plan on adding a couple more to my collection I’ve already got my eye on tutti fruitti and wild watermelon!
first things first i love the packaging on these lip butters! Simple yet very pretty and elegant i really like the quilted design hand how they are colour coordinated to match the colour inside.
Next the formula its amazing! so soft and silky leaving your lips feeling all moisturised and nourished like a lip balm would but yet the colour pigments have you looking super glam at the same time! I love the whole idea.
So the colours…
Pink Lemonade, As you can see from the above pictures this colour is very subtle and not the most in your face, but that’s what i love about it. Some days when you feel like your lips need a little something but you don’t feel like the attention bright, bold lip colours bring, then that’s when i love to bring out Pink Lemonade. It’s a very light, pale pastel pink shade and i think its very true to the bullet colour! Its the perfect colour for the more natural make up looks or for when you just cant really be bothered with a lip product yet you fancy abit of something because its so easy wearing!
Lollipop, Wow, just wow! that just sums up Lollipop! i just love it! Its a very bold bright pink and it took me a while to hunt this little one down as all the ones in my local boots stores had grubby finger marks in from everyone having to look with there hands not their eyes – that’s what samples are for people! (gosh it makes me angry) But i really really wanted this colour as it was just the perfect vampy pink, with bits of silver glitter running through. The strong blue undertone in this colour makes it look almost purple in some light, i just love it so much. Did i mention i love it? it also reminds me very much of macs girl about town?
Overall, i really really LOVE the Revlon lip butters. The whole idea of having nourished lips while looking like your wearing a lipstick is just right up my street! plus the colours are just beautiful, i cant wait to get my hands on Tutti fruitti !
Do you like the Revlon Lip Butters? What colours are your favourites?
  • These look lovely I really want to try Wild Watermelon!

  • I have pink lemonade and love how it gives a sheer wash of pink. I like the look of lollipop and these both really suite you x

  • Ame

    Lollipop looks gorgeous on you! I really want some more of these! X

  • I love Pink Lemonade! Definitely buying it & popping it in my holiday bag! :) xxx

  • Lollipop is such a pretty colour, suits you so well! :) x


  • I have both of these, and Tutti Frutti and Wild Watermelon. The formula of the butters is so nice, Lollipop really brightens up your face!

  • I'm not at all a nude person but I love the look of Pink Lemonade! xo

  • I love lollipop, Haven't tried these yet!

    Sarah |

  • Ah I love both of these colours, Pink Lemonade would be perfect for day time and Lollipop for night time!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • I love pink lemonade. Such a great every day shade. Lollipop looks so gorgeous on you – really similar to MAC Girl about town!


  • I have lollipop too and love it so much, I really like creme brulee – it's the nicest subtle nude and makes you look so polished! XO

  • They're lovely, aren't they! Definitely a summer staple for me. You look gorgeous in these pics btw :) xxx

  • These are 2 colours I would definitely pick. I love how they are so different but both suit you perfectly! I'm going to have to get lollypop soon, I've been looking for a bright pink!



  • Lollipop is such a great colour, looks lovely on you! :D

  • I'm back to blogging!!
    I know you may have forgotten about me since it's been so long but I wanted to stop by and say hi!
    I'm blogging again and would love it if you checked out my site :)

    Lots of love


  • These are so pretty!! I have 8 revlon lip butters at the moment and looking to get these two but they are sold out EVERYWHERE! Clearly very popular!! :) They really look amazing on you too :)

  • Lollipop looks amazing on you. I love Revlon Lip Butters.

    Hannah x

  • Gorgeous colours!! They're so moisturising, I love these xx

    Candy Cosmetics

  • I have the lollipop shade its amazing. I will be picking up this pink lemonade shade its looks like a perfect everyday colour

  • Great post! I hope to see you in my blog real soon! I'm your follower! Kisses from VV!!

  • Pink lemonade is just lovely!!

  • Love these, Lollipop looks lovely on you!
    I really need to pick up a few more shades :)

    Jess xo

  • picked up my first Revlon lip butter the other day, and I'm definitely looking to pick up some more, Pink Lemonade is a gorgeous shade.

    Sophie x | Sophie x

  • Love Lolipop!! Sadly it looks awful on me – i wish i could wear it as well as you! x

  • Aah i love Lollipop, might be tempted to get this. Can't beat a bright pink! xxx

  • I have red velvet and raspberry pie and love them. Lollipop looks so pretty :)

    Stacey x

  • I also love their lip butters :D And I also have the lolipop shade! Very cute colour :) x

  • I love lip butters – I have creme brulee and raspberry pie but think I will need to add pink lemonade to my collection! its beautiful and looks gorgeous on you!

  • I have and love Lollipop!


  • Lollipop really suits you!

  • pink lemonade is great! :)

  • Ahh love the Revlon Lip Butters :D Pink Lemonade looks so pretty and sounds super yummy :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • I really need to pick up a pair of these!! They both look stunning on you!

    Christina xx

  • Lollipop looks amazing on you!! I will probably get this one because it is so pretty!! I have wild watermelon and I love it so much!!

  • I think lollipop looks really good on you! I think I need to get it, it's so pretty! :)

  • LOVE THIS POST! :) the colors look so nice on you

    I'd love it if you could check out my blog

  • You look wonderful. I just bought one of these lip butters, and I have been wearing it constantly. I definitely want to buy some more! Nice pictures.

  • Cupcake is also a really nice pale pink, raspberry pie is a nice plummy colour! Please checkout my blog, my first ever post!