Review NARS Laguna Bronzer

a picture of Nars Laguna bronzer


a picture of Nars Laguna bronzer


a picture of Nars Laguna bronzer


a picture of Nars Laguna bronzer


a picture of Nars Laguna bronzer


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So im a tad late on the bandwagon again.. opsie… but I’ve only recently bought my first ever Nars product.. EEEK i feel like i should be slapped on the wrist, bow my head in my hands and keep it there or get a round of applause or something?
I decided to opt for the Nars Laguna bronzer as it has been talked about in the beauty world for like ever, It’s definitely a product which when i ask – ‘Whats your must have beauty product?’, ‘What are you loving this week?’ ‘Your holy grail product?’…  this little name always crops up.. so i couldn’t resist it any longer i had to make it mine.
Since buying I’ve never ever looked back, this product is truly amazing! first of all the packaging is so luxurious for the first couple of hours with it arriving in the post.. i found myself sitting and stroking/ opening and closing the very expensive feeling packaging! and playing with the little plastic Nars protector .. does that make me a little odd? it comes with a big compact mirror so if your ever brave enough to take it on an outing you have a nice big handy mirror in there too! The only thing i don’t like about the packaging is how everything tends to stick to it making it rather dirty looking, but that’s something i can look past and I’m willing to forgive.
When i first opened it and peeked into the bronzer for the first time i was a little scared at how dark it appeared, but i thought no, don’t judge until you’ve given it ago, so i did and i instantly fell in love, it wasn’t at all as dark as it appeared it just gave my skin a nice healthy glow with a nice subtle bronzed shimmer! Let’s face it no girl likes the oompa loompa look, but this bronzer is by no means going to look in anyway orange, it just gives just a nice warm glowy look. The Nars Laguna is actually quite a matte bronzer but because of the subtle shimmer which it gives off this makes it perfect for contouring. This bronzer is now apart of my everyday makeup routine and i don’t think i will be looking to change it anytime soon.
Overall i love this bronzer, it is the perfect balance between a matte and shimmer for a bronzer it just gives my face that extra oomph and something which my other bronzers never really have, i haven’t really tried using it for contouring yet as I’m still trying to master the art (I’m not all that great) but I’m pretty certain it will work fab for it when i can finally master it. The only downfall is how expensive it is for bronzer, £26.00 but i think for how it warms up my skin tone, and how healthy it makes me look i  can forgive the price and i will be repurchasing this when i do finally run out.
Have you tried the Nars Laguna? Do you love it too :)
  • Looks so nice! I haven't tried any nars products yet but would love to x

  • I keep reading about this product and i know I need to get it, but I have very pale skin and i'm so worried it will be too dark for me :( its a lot of money to spend on something that I might not be able to wear.


  • I have no nars products but this looks gorgeous! :) x

  • Amy W. Hemmingway

    This is such a well timed post because I didn't know whether to get this today. I remember when I got my first Nars product which was the Orgasm blusher, I was more in love with luxurious packaging than anything haha :)

  • Liv

    I've only just got this – my first NARS purchase as well! I don't really think it's as special as everyone makes it out to be, but i still like it for all over bronzing!

  • Looks amazing, need to loose my Nars virginity soon!

  • love your blog


  • Absolutely love this bronzer! The price is a bit crazy, but it lasts for ages and it's just so nice, it's a product I have to make an exception for, haha. (:

  • This bronzer has been on my wishlist for ages! One day it will be mine! :)
    Great review!

  • I'm so glad you caved! It really does live up to the hype.
    I've just purchased Nars Sheer Glow foundation…. ut oh!

  • it's like, i want to buy this, but i'm scared to! like you mentioned it looks sooo dark and i think i'm just too pale for it :S wahhhh xoxo

  • Amy

    I couldn't be without my Laguna!! :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  • I completely know what you mean about the packaging haha I did almost the exact thing with my chanel blush. I really like this shade. I'm just rather pale and don't think it would look too great on me :(

  • This bronzer looks so lovely! I haven't plucked up the courage to spend so much on a NARS product but I really want too. So many beautiful NARS reviews going around. I love how this bronzer doesn't look a dirty shade I can tell how beautiful it would look on your complexion. I think my first NARS purchase will be a foundation! I've heard a lot of good things about them! ♥

  • Heard so many good things about this bronzer but the price has always put me off! I normally use Benefit's hoola (which is only £3 cheaper!) but this looks so nice I might give it a go!

  • I want to try this out so badly! I know what you mean about stuff sticking to NARS packaging, it does always make it look a bit grubby! x

  • I loveee Nars it's my favourite brand and Laguna is perfect! I adore it and this has reminded me I need to pick up a new one soon :) The price is definitely worth it if anyone's put off x

  • I haven't tried this bronzer but it has been on my wish list for soo long!! I think I will be getting it in the next few weeks! Great review!

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    xoxo Nika

  • All the Nars products look so lush! I only own a nail polish and feel so disappointed in myself, must invest in something else too!

    Little Black Russian


  • Great review!

    I bought this bronzer last month and I love it too.. it looks scary in the pan but it is the perfect bronzer! Amazing product!

    Kimberley x

  • So jealous of how nice and new yours is looking, my packaging is so horrible now haha. Still feels luxurious though…

    lovely product and lovely review :) it is an amazing bronzer!


  • Great review,I love it :)

  • Favorite bronzer, hands down.


  • I really wanna try this but jus cant justify the price atm :( enjoy it! am very jealouss x


  • It looks amazing!xo

  • i really want this, this summer x