Review || Illamasqua Sophie Powder Blush

Whats this? a beauty post! ahhh feels like forever since I’ve sat down and wrote a beauty related post on my BEAUTY blog.. Chelsea what are you playing at dear. Yes you may have noticed that lately i have gotten very carried away with my fashion posts, I’m not too sure why I’ve just been really enjoying showing off some clothes for a change? what do you guys think, have you enjoyed them? 
Anyhow, I think every beauty blogger and her make up tools heard of the Illamasqua 50% flash sale? it was amazing, I’ve been after trying one of their blushes for a very long time but i just couldn’t justify the money right now so with the sale it gave me a little nudge and it just seemed like the perfect time for me and i choose the Illamasqua Sophie powder blush!
I think the thing that made me want to buy the Sophie blush other than the fact that its beautiful, was the back story behind it. 
In 2007, Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend where kicked and stamped on and left unconscious for nothing more than the fact they looked different – Looked different? what a reason to seriously hurt someone eh! Sadly Sophie later died from the injuries. The Sophie Lancaster foundation was set up in Sophie’s memory and works really hard to stamp out intolerance and discrimination in society! Illamasqua proudly support the foundation and designed a few cosmetic S.O.P.H.I.E products, which help the foundation out. 
The story really touched me, i hate how cruel some people can be, and how nasty people can treat others. 
Onto the blush it’s self, I love the signature, large, chunky Illamasqua packaging, i also like the fact it has a ‘clear’ window so you can see the colour of blush, there’s nothing worse than rummaging through your make up bag and if you have a couple of the same type packaging where you cant see which one your picking out, so each time you have to spend time opening to see if you’ve got the lucky dip right…so this really helps me! 
I adore the colour of this blush, it’s perfect for brightening up your face! it is listed as a ‘golden coral’ on the Illamasqua website and that is very true but i think it has a nice pinky tone to it aswell as the coral. 
This does contain shimmer/glitter particles but they are so discreet and subtle it just gives your skin a hint of radiance to liven up your make up! The longevity of this blush is amazing too, it lasts a good 7-8 hours before i can see signs of wear, that’s well and truly a winner!
Overall, i am thrilled with this blush! i love how pigmented it is and i love the subtle shimmer it has and gives my skin. It’s just perfect for summer and i think i would even carry it through winter to perk up that dull skin we all get! 
Illamasqua have definitely got the blush war in the bag in my eyes! 
Have you tried a Illamasqua blush? What was your favourite?
  • Amy

    Beautiful colour and a great charity behind it aswell :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog BLOG SALE NOW ON! ♥

  • Ame

    This looks really pretty on you :) perfect for springtime! X

  • Such a beautiful looking blush, wish I had taken advantage of the 50% off sale! xx

  • wow this is super pretty! I love it :)

    x x

  • This looks so nice on you! It's such a pretty colour. And I know what you mean about the clear window! It's so helpful ;D
    I'm still waiting for my order to arrive – apparently it's getting here for the 28th :(

  • Totally unrelated but what is in the tanks behind you in the photos? x

    • Haha I have fish & a snake in the tanks! :) xx

  • I seriously managed to miss the fact they had a 50% off sale, Absolutely devastated! Been dying to get a speckle nail polish for ages :( xx

  • pretty blush! xxx

  • Gorgeous!!!! I love Illamasqua blushes!!!! <3<3

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  • Ooh this looks gorgeous! I'm over in London next week so I'll be stocking up on Illamasqua because we don't have it in Ireland xx

  • Wow such a beautiful colour!

  • I'm a big fan of Illamasqua blushes!! I have Sophie and reading this has reminded me to dig it out again! Don't you just love the smell of them too?? Like sherbert!

    Stacey xxx

  • Amy

    A truly fantastic charity, I've heard about that before. The blusher is beautiful, much like Sophie :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • This looks so gorgeous on you! <3

    PrettyGloss – beauty, makeup & a lil bit life

  • 50% sale?!?! where the hell was I :( this blusher is lovely on you! xx

  • Love the idea behind this range, such a fab thing to do! The blush looks really pretty on you :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • So want to try this brand! Looks really pretty on you! Please check out my blog!

  • This blusher is so gorgeous! I am yet to try any products from illamasqua but I have my eye on their gleam highlighter!xo

  • I love Illamasqua blush, I've got a more corally one, but this one is gorgeous! xo

  • This is one of my all time favourites and it's been the product I've reached for most this week, I love it for a bit of colour with my bronzer xx

  • I love how pigmented it is, I still have never tried illmasqua. I'll have to try these blushes out.

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama

  • So lovely! Looks great on you! I'm loving your blog btw! x

  • Lovely shade, I too bought a few pieces in the sale. I love that this product has a back story, very tragic but sweet x


  • It looks great on you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Sej

    That's incredibly sad. It's funny how you pick up items and don't think twice about them or their names, and yet sometimes there can be a story behind them.

    This is a really nice colour and it suits you very well.