Review || Barry M TMLP (Turn My Lips Pink) Lipstick

a picture of Barry M lipstick tmlp (turn my lips pink)


a picture of Barry M lipstick tmlp (turn my lips pink)
a picture of Barry M lipstick tmlp (turn my lips pink)
a picture of Barry M lipstick tmlp (turn my lips pink)
a picture of barry m TMLP (turn my lips pink) being worn swatched
a picture of barry m TMLP (turn my lips pink) being worn swatched
Barry M is quickly becoming a favourite of mine! I mean i loved their nail varnishes enough as is it but when they realised the gel polishes i just couldn’t get enough! I love each and every shade! The ladies in my local boots look at me funny and each time i go in because i spend so long deciding on which colours to choose… So this time while i was there, instead of being the creepy nail polish lady, i took a look at their lipsticks, I’ve tried Barry M lipsticks before and loved them, I noticed they had the TMLP which i have been after for a while, I never thought a lipstick would fascinate me so much. But this does so when i saw it in my local boots i snapped it up real quick!
If you read my lipstick posts then you will by now know, I always struggle with lipsticks! They are one of my biggest beauty fears! I’m always thinking my gosh that wont suit me, Shall i shan’t i? or wow that’s bright.
Barry M TMLP is set to stomp all over those negative thoughts – The magic behind this lipstick is it reacts with the alkali levels in your lips, this determines how pink the lipstick goes. Amazing right? a lipstick which works accordingly for your lips!
The lipstick feels so lightnourishing and moisturising on the lips and comes out clear, but the colour shows up almost instantly, and is more of a lip balm/ lip stain if you ask me.
 Barry M say this lipstick lasts up to 8 hours, I wore this on a night out, for bank holiday you may of seen me upload pictures on instagram & twitter (chelseayates1) and i only re applied once all night! the colour really is long lasting! plus after i had removed my make up and i had a shower the next day, my lips still had a hint of the colour. (i didn’t mind as the colour was so pretty) But be warned make sure you apply with a steady hand, or else you’ll be stuck with the mistakes for a while … and at least its near on impossible to get lipstick on your teeth thats a huge positive! :)
Overall I’m so impressed with this lipstick! The Aloe Vera really helped to make my lips feel moisturised and I really love the fact that the shade will be different on each individual, so even if all your friends wore it on the same day/night it will still look unique like you’ve all been and bought a different shade of lipstick! plus the price is something you cant complain about £4.49 its like rude not to purchase!? i think i would even go as far and say this is ‘the one’ lipstick that i wasn’t afraid of, it really did change to match and suit my skin tone!
Have you tried Barry M TMLP? what did you think?
Thanks Meg for giving me the nudge to buy!
  • Amy

    This lipstick is so cool, kind of gimmicky I guess, but I for one love gimmicks! And the colour actually turned out really nice on you! Can't wait to get my hands on this :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  • Great blog, what editing software do you use?
    molly x

  • Amy W. Hemmingway

    This looks so lovely, I'll check this out next time I'm in Boots :)

  • Oh, it went such a lovely colour on you! I chucked mine last week, it went the most unwearable, luminous pink on me and i just never used it. so jealous of how nice it is on you!

    Love Lauren xx

  • I've just ordered this today from Superdrug because they have free delivery.
    I'm really looking forward to trying it :)

  • I've been intrigued by this lipstick for so long now! I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and purchase! xxx

  • I've had this lipstick for a couple years now and I've only noticed recently that people are going mad for it haha! It's such a gorgeous lipstick, love how the pink colour changes from person to person :) Lovely review xx

  • It went such a lovely colour on you, I'm so intrigued by this.
    Hollie, xx

  • My friend bought me this as a birthday present, great little invention.

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  • I've always wanted to try this because it just looks so so fun! Looks pretty on you :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • This sounds amazing – I'm getting straight down to my local Superdrug!

    Chels <3 HumbleHonesty

  • It sounds really great! Might have to get one haha

  • Barry M has always been my favourite! I love love love it!

    Kelly ||

  • This looks gorgeous! The colour before is very unusual lol
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  • This looks incredible! How scary to apply a neon green lipstick, I would worry someone was playing a practical joke on me "no Nikki, it really is pink, promise!" Hah, it looks lovely though and you look pretty as always! Xx

  • I've been wondering for a while whether to buy this or not as I too am fascinated by it and always have a look at it when I'm at the Barry M counter. Think I might have to buy it next time! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter And Sparkle

  • I was certain as I scrolled down through the pics that your lips were going to be green haha love the way it turned out though. It looks so good on you!

  • I was really taken by surprise when I scrolled down and discovered the actual lipstick is green! I have seen lipsticks like this before but I haven't actually tried one. Its an interesting idea :)

  • Hahahaha I actually thought this lipstick was green and scrolled down to see it was this lovely pink!!

    What a complete nutter I am….as if you'd be wearing green lipstick hahaha!

    Layla xxx

  • Awe it looks so lovely on you!! Really glad you decided to pick it up and love it :) xxx

  • I just reviewed this too on my blog :)

    Would looove it if you would check it out -<3

    Love Em, from