Outfit || Dungarees


Shirt // Topshop
Dungarees // Topshop
Converse // Schuh

So I’m pretty sure everyones been loving the dungarees trend, and I’m no different :)
I’ve spent ages trying to find THE perfect pair, and if I’m honest its just so damn hard! don’t you think?
I’m still on the hunt for my perfect dungarees, the Topshop ones which I’m wearing here just don’t do it for me, i think they’re way too big/baggy fitting around my ‘bum area’ and for that reason I’m not loving them.. why Topshop why! i usually LOVE you!
So basically I’m still on the hunt for my perfect pair! and i would love you guys to help me find some!
 Similar to these just a nicer fit! as this is how i would love to style them.
A causal look with a shirt or t-shirt with a cute pair of converse or trainers! i think there perfect for summer and i just love everything about dungarees they’re just so hill billy and cute :)
¬†I need to get my hands on an amazing pair!Gosh i sound a bit of a negative nelly today don’t i.. sorry guys :)

What do you think are you a dungarees fan?
Where did you find your perfect pair?


  • I think you look super cute on them but I can see what you mean about the loose fit. Have you checked these @ Zara: http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/uk/en/zara-neu-S2013/399004/1293682/DENIM+JUMPER

  • Love this post! I'm in love with my dungarees from river island!:)xx

  • I haven't seen any dungarees I like yet! It's driving me mad haha! Love your outfit!

  • I have these too and find the same thing which is such a shame, I saw some a couple of months back from Boohoo, I'll have to have a nosey and see whether they're still selling them or not but they looked a lot more fitted on the model :)
    Hope you're well lovely?
    Laura xx

  • i have these dungarees from topshop and i know exactly what you mean, they're quite big on me even with the smallest size, but they're the most perfect ones i've found so far, so i've learnt to love them! xxx

  • I understand what you mean by the loose fit, but I think you still pull it off great! Such a fun outfit :)
    XO, Abundance of Erica

  • You look awesome in the chucks!

  • MyLushBoxBarbz

    Aw they are seriously cute! I've seen some pretty awful dugarees (I'm looking at you Primark!) but your pair are lovely xx

  • I think they look great but when you mention I can see that they are a bit baggy, still good though :) X

  • I'm too tall for dungarees but they are so cute. I'd love to be able to wear them. We've got some nice ones in River Island at the moment, they seem to fit most people pretty well (except me, of course). I think they look so cute with a little crop top under them, or a sweet button up.
    Sometimes being tall sucks.

  • You are still rocking them, even though they aren't your faves!! Funny that you're looking for a perfect pair; I am actually selling a pair that I wore once. They look incredible on, but I'm having a massive wardrobe clearout and I just think my legs are slightly too short to pull them off!

  • I'm loving dungarees at the moment, they are just so cute, so 90's and perfect for summer, but I can't seam to find a pair that look quite right on me. I know your still hunting for that perfect pair, but in the pictures these look great on you missy…. gorgeous xxx Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  • dungarees are too cute, and the blouse you are wearing in those pictures is gorgeous, really lovely :)

  • I love these dungarees on you! The polka blouse and lipstick are gorge too!! xxx

  • hey hun, i've followed you on blogger and bloglovin, adore your blog! :) xx

  • They look great! My dungarees have been sitting in my wardrobe for weeks, I need some good weather to give them more of an outing!



  • I love how you've matched your lipstick to your shirt it makes this outit extra cute!

  • I don't think I could pull off dungarees. Have to say your shirt is gorgeous though and the colour really compliments your skin tone! xx

  • Love this outfit the shirt is so pretty and goes great with your lipstick! I know what you mean about the dungarees I still havent found the perfect pair. Let us know if you find some
    Nicole x

  • i love this outfit <3

  • This look is adorable! Very cute :)


    Caitie x