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a picture of topshop lip crayon on the cards


a picture of topshop lip crayon on the cards
a picture of topshop lip crayon on the cards


Topshop Lip Crayon, On The Cards – £7

Well Topshop, you’ve done it again!
Last week or so, me and Adam took a trip to the Trafford Centre, and no trip is complete without a little peep in the Topshop, Trafford has by far my favourite Topshop (out of the ones I’ve been to) It’s just one of those shops which usually has everything you go in wanting, and probably a couple of extra bits you didn’t plan on buying but you pick them up anyway because you just cant leave them behind!

So while i was there i dragged Adam.. (he wasn’t kicking or screaming or anything, he came quite willingly actually!) to the make up counter and he was actually a huge help! he helped me decide on this little Lip Crayon called On The Cards I’ve never ever tried a lip crayon before so i was excited to get it home and put it to good use!
On first impressions, it looks like a very shocking, barbie pink, but trust me it isn’t as scary as it first looks It’s a very glossy formula, and glides on so easily it definitely doesn’t remind you of a chalky little crayon that you used to draw with when you was a child! It just leaves you with a very sheer glossy light, but still powerful pink shade! The staying power was also fab, i put mine on in the morning and it latest really well, but i do think regular top ups are required throughout the day to keep that glossy look.
ever since buying it I’ve loved wearing this lip crayon, its the perfect everyday pink shade for me.
 I’d say it’s like a lipstick and a lip gloss wrapped up in a big crayon body? that kinda makes sense doesn’t it? Topshop sure named this little lip crayon perfectly it really is right on the cards! The only thing which I’m not too keen on is having to sharpen it when i run out of product? that seems a tad messy, but i wont let it put me off. :)
What do you think of the Topshop Lip Crayons?
What are your favourite colours? I think clueless is next on my list!
  • Oooo I've never really tried any Topshop make up so this just might have to be my first purchase ;)

  • This looks so lovely on you! I have Hedonist which I really love. xo

  • I've never tried a lip crayon before and you just sold it to me !

  • This is such a gorgeous colour and it looks great on you!

  • I tried the topshop lip crayon once in a dark purple colour and I couldnt get on with it at all! It was really thick and did actually remind me of a real crayon that I used to colour with when I was younger :( maybe the dark colour didn't help!


  • Never tried these but always look at them in topshop

  • I do have a lip crayon from Topshop in Powder Room but I haven't really got round to trying it yet. I have swatched it on my hand and it applies so easily which I find surprising. I really should get round to actually wearing it! x

  • Amy

    These look great! I've yet to try Topshop lip products, I'm torn between the crayon or the lipstick.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • I want to try these, looks lovely on you :)

  • These look lovely :) Gorgeous colour xxx

  • Oh iv loved their lipsticks! Ill certainly try these! They sound great! Xx

  • I've not tried any Topshop makeup or a lip crayon, so I may have to knock out two in one!
    Really suits you xx

  • The colour looks lovely on you x

  • This is gorgeous!


  • Not seen these before, lovely colour and great price. I might just have to go get myself one of these babies :-p xx

  • Such a gorgeous colour!Xxx

  • This is a lovely colour! x

  • That does look like my kind of pink! its lovely. Ive never tried the lip crayons – i usually go for their lipsticks. xo

  • I love Topshop lip crayons, I think they look really nice and has good coverage. I love your blog too, new follower <3

  • You look beautiful. I love Topshop makeup and definitely need more! :P xx

  • Still can't believe i havent tried any Topshop cosmetics yet! I'v been dying to try their lip products, need to remember to pick some up next time im out and about.
    This shade is absolutely beautiful, Lip Crayons are so useful to carry around and apply throughout the day :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • The Topshop lipsticks are definitely something which I'm going to be on the look out for. This colour is gorgeous!! XX

    Hannah; Glitter And Sparkle

  • I have one of these and it's too creamy and makes such a mess. I prefer Max Factor lip crayons. :)