Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Review

A picture of meybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner intense black


A picture of meybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner intense black


A picture of meybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner intense black


A picture of meybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner intense black


A picture of meybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner intense black being worn


Hi everyone, how are you all? I’m recently on fire with my blog and loving it i just cant say enough and have so many things to write about.. don’t you just love when that happens? i know i do :) Anyways after a full morning of eating the new Maltesers Teasers bar (seriously how good are they?) I thought i would get back down to my blogging business and tell you how much i have been loving this little drug store gel eyeliner!
The Maybelline gel eyeliner has often been compared as a dupe to the much more higher end Bobbi Brown maybe even MAC gel eyeliners! now i haven’t tried any of these two so i couldn’t really compare the two but i can say i don’t think i will be in a rush to go out and try them when this little gem is so wonderful and comes in at half the price!
First things first the packaging, all bloggers love their packaging! and Maybelline didn’t disappoint with  the little frosted glass pot which this eyeliner sits in .. its just beautiful, it certainly does earn its spot on your dressing table! (well it would on mine if i had one!) plus it comes with a handy little brush for you to apply the liner with which is actually good! it’s not to thick and bulky its just right and gets the job done :)
Now on to the liner itself, i don’t tend to wear eyeliner on my top lash very often i like to keep my make up to a minimal so only tend to wear it on days when I’m feeling jazzy with my make up or when I’m going somewhere special because to be honest I’m not very good at it all (trust me I’m not!) although since discovering the L’Oreal super liner review here i have become better at all that’s why I’ve moved on to dipping my toe into the whole gel liner side and i am getting better (i think so anyway, apart from the odd hiccup but hey ho I’m still getting the hang of it!) The formula is so easy to work with and easy to control plus a little goes a long way the first time i used the gel liner i put a huge dollop on my brush big no no! the smallest amount yes one dab will go on to finish your whole eye! As for the 24 hour lasting claims, I’m not too sure of anyone who would be willing to test that out.. i know i wouldn’t want to sit in my make up for a whole 24 hours! but it sure did last a really long time without budging or smudging so I’m not complaining it lasted plenty long enough for me!
The colour i choose was intense black, and it does live up to that.. although for those of you who aren’t too keen on the whole black eyeliner look they do offer a brown version which i think i may be going to get myself soon! I really would like to try a brown eyeliner!
Overall I’m really impressed this gel liner is super easy to apply and is definitely good for beginners like me! plus it will last a super long time.. i definitely think drugstore have won battle of the eyeliners!
Don’t you?
I bought mine from Tesco for £7.99 but i do hear that boots have their cheeky 3 for 2 offer on again? :)
What do you think of gel liners?
  • I love wearing eye liner on my lash line so I may give this a go, especially that there is a brown shade :) Great post Chelsea! xx

  • Sounds really nice,if only I was any good at doing eyeliner!:/

    Rebekah x

  • This is my all time favourite i love how long lasting it is and its soooo easy to apply.


  • This sounds really nice I would love to give gel liners ago

  • This is my favourite gel liner! why splash out on MAC or bobbi brown when this one is just as good!

  • I've only heard good things about this liner so really want to give it a go! x

  • I think I need this eyeliner! It sounds so good! I love the container, it makes it look like a much higher end brand! Thanks for sharing!

  • be really careful to keep the lid shut tight mine dried out so easily after leaving it it slightly unscrewed! after a night out I fell asleep with my make up on and it was still completely there in the morning so I can sadly confirm how long lasting it is haha xxx

  • I got the Bobbi Brown gel liner for Christmas and I do love it but i have seen sooo many comparisons to this so when it runs out I may have to give this a try! xx

  • I have this and I love it so much, I now tend to use an even thinner eyeliner brush than the one provided. xx

  • This looks like a fab eyeliner! Will need to try it as looking for a new one :)


  • I almost bought this the other day! Going to have to try it for £7.99 x

  • Will definitely be picking this up soon, My clinique one has dried out sooo much – this one sounds fab!


  • I love my maybelline eyeliner.. it's so easy to use! So much more control that a liquid eyeliner! Definitely a winner for me :) x

  • interesting post :)

  • I love this gel liner, for some reason have switched to pencils lately!

  • I love his gel eyeliner – its my favourite, great review :)

    Love Char_Beyy xxx

  • I picked this up last year some time and i still havent tried it yet. I've just got back into using eyeliner for a flick so i need to dig this out and start using it before it drys out haha :)

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • it looks like a little gem :) I use MAC gel eyeliner and it's lasted so long! when its ran out though i'll be trying this one :) I never used to wear eyeliner on my top lashes either but once you start, it's addicted, i feel naked without it! x

  • Is it odd to say that I adore the packaging? haha. I've never tried this, although I always walk past it in boots and my eyes seem to linger on it for a little while. I have the bobbi brown gel eye liner and if I'm 100% honest, I think it's a little dry! I constantly have to find ways to thin it out. I think I'd rather buy this over the bobbi brown (un)equivalent!

    Hazzie xx

  • I got the same eyeliner. I love it and it lasts long!

  • I've tried this liner and find that it transfers so easy! but I always end up going back to my trusty SEVENTEEN Tattoo me liner, it lasts all day with no transfer and is the most intensely pigmented black liner I've ever seen check out my review on it here:

    Shannon x

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