MAC Lady Danger Lipstick Review

a picture of MAC Lady Danger lipstick
a picture of MAC Lady Danger lipstick
a picture of MAC Lady Danger lipstick


a picture of MAC Lady Danger lipstick


a picture of MAC Lady Danger being worn


a picture of MAC Lady Danger being worn
MAC Lady Danger has been talked about like forever, and ever since getting my first ever lipstick a few weeks back (i know I’m still way behind the times.. forgive me?) but you can find the review here.. I’ve been on the hunt for my next must have and that’s when i got my heart set on this beauty.Lady Danger is just the perfect orangey/red! and don’t you just love the name? The whole thing; the name, the colour, just reminds me of those 1940’s pin up girls!
Obviously it comes with the signature MAC lipstick smell, which is just gorgeous, I still can’t get over how unique and eye catching the colour of this lipstick is!
Even though this is a matte lipstick is not at all drying, which is one of my main loves! I suffer from dry lips which can be a right pain when it comes to lipsticks, but this didn’t become a problem, it almost had a satin like finish, not matte?! and it lasted around the 5-6 hour mark truly amazing! MAC sure do know how to make a lipstick last..As with all MAC lipsticks they now come with the £14.00 price tag, so we have to treat ourselves when we can :) but Lady Danger was definitely worth it, people are WOW’ed by this lipstick. It’s the most gorgeous coral, orangey red shade all wrapped up into one little tube of lipstick!! What more can a girl ask for ? :)

What’s you favourite MAC Lipstick colour?
I think i want a kinda pinky nude everyday wearing one next maybe something like creme cup or shy girl?


  • Such a lovely shade, looks amazing on you :) I still don't own a MAC lipstick but I would love to try Vegas Volt :) xx

    • Thankyou, i was like that Vegas Volt looks amazing! xxx

  • Lady danger is such a nice red and it really suits you x

    • i think its my new favourite! :) & Thankyou lovely xx

  • This looks really lovely on you x

  • Lovely colour!

  • Gorgeous colour, looks lovely on you. I definitely recommend creme up, it's gorgeous, got a couple of pics of it here


    • Creme cup looks amazing! Thankyou for the link definitely think thats next! xxx

  • Looks gorgeous on you :)


  • My best friend bought me this colour and it is definitely my favourite Mac colour I own! :)

    • Lucky you! i think its my fave too! xxx

  • As soon as I seen your instagram picture I knew it was Lady Danger. Such a gorgeous colour! I'm obsessed with it and it is definitely my favourite bright lipstick! xxx

  • This is like the perfect red, looks so nice on you :) x

  • looks gorgeous! xxx

  • WOW i love how pigmented this colour is.



  • I've heard so much about Lady Danger, it looks really good on you lovely. :)


    • Thankyou, it really was worth it :) xxx

  • Oh wow Chelsea you truly look stunning in this shade! ♥

  • It looks so gorgeous on you! Definitely my favourite MAC lipstick, thanks for the mention lovely xxx

    • I dont think i would of bought it without seeing you in that picture! this is all down to you :) xxx

  • Zoe

    This is a gorgeous shade, really looks good on you too! I've been after a Mac red lipstick for ages but haven't been able to pick which one!

    • They are hard to choose! xxx

  • Such a pretty shade :-)

  • I love M.A.C Red, it's a gorgeous blue tone red! I really want to try this though, I hear the pixi woo girls talk about it all the time!

    • It is such a beautiful colour! xxx

  • I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award ! Please take a look at my blog and it will show you what to do !

  • This is such a gorgeous red! I've wanted this for so long :)

    Great post!

    Alara x x

    • Go for it! its worth it :) xxx

  • I have been wanting to get this shade for ages. Looks lovely on you :)

  • I've been thinking about getting this! There is a lot of hype around it and I can see why! Looks gorgeous on you for that pop of colour! x

  • Love this so much! I bought it at the weekend from my local CCO, so pleased :D x

  • Oh nice. I need to try this shade too. I'm more into natural shades of pink. :)
    PrettyGloss – makeup, beauty & a lil life

  • I've been lusting after lady danger for forever now!its such a gorgeous colour and it really suits you!xx

  • This shade is absolutely beautiful and it looks lovely on you! I'm starting to be more brave and branch out into bright lipstick shades and i'd love to try this one out :D think i may have to pick it up next time im out :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • Gorgeous Shade! xox

  • Lovely shade, i have four MAC lipsticks now but still don't own a red one. My favourite shade at the moment is Lovelorn, such a beautiful everyday pink x

  • This colour really suits you, you look gorgeous! :)
    Natalie xx

  • that is gorgeous!
    i love it.

  • looks good on you! :) haven't tried it myself, but like the name of it.. 'lady danger' ! hah! so cool! :)

  • love this colour! It's on my wish list! Looks great on you :)

  • This shade looks gorgeous on you! :)

  • This is a really lovely colour! I haven't treated myself to a new lipstick in a while and as summer is coming up I think I'd like to get some pinks, nudes and maybe even a coral (I'm 17 and I don't own a coral lipstick?!) So I may be taking a trip to mac soon!


  • Looks lush on you babe!! Try lovelorn!! xo

  • That colour is amazing! I'm definitely not brave enough to sport a colour like that, hue is my trusty favourite! haha I might get a bright colour one day ;)

  • This lipstick looks gorgeous on you!! XX

    Hannah; Glitter And Sparkle

  • This colour looks great on you. This colour has been on my list for ages now. x