Foundation Review || Laura Mercier Silk Creme

a picture of laura mercier creme silk foundation

a picture of laura mercier creme silk foundation medium ivory
a picture of laura mercier creme silk foundation medium ivory
a picture of laura mercier creme silk foundation medium ivory being worn
Hey everyone! Hows yawl doing? good i hope. I’ve just had a nice relaxing radox bath.. ooo it was amazing. Ever since the other day when my little play friend Mollie came along to my nans, i was trying to teach her how to do cartwheels, she almost got the hang of it but i didn’t quite realise how old and fragile i had become over the years! (you wouldn’t think I’m only 20 the way I’m talking, would you?) Back in the day i could do hundreds and hundreds of cartwheels and handstands in a row, all night. Well not no more.. i did two and I’m now in agony, barely able to walk! I can honestly say this is the reason i do shy away from exercise. Hopefully she docent ask me to do anymore cartwheels! :) 
Anyways today i would love to tell you about this amazing new foundation which I’ve recently added to my collection! I’ve been lusting after the Laura Mercier Creme Silk Foundation for quite some time now and well when i finally went to have a swatch around with all the colours when i had got home and decided to order online i had totally forgotten what colour i had chosen (silly me) so the weekend after i took another trip to find out which colour i needed and the woman on the counter kindly colour matched me and the colour which became mine was medium ivory. This colour is perfect for me and its so long wearing, it really does survive the full day, I find that it lasts so well I can even get away without wearing powder with this foundation if i want to and it still lasts the full day! .. A-MAY-ZING! 
I like to apply mine using my real techniques expert face brush, this gives me a flawless finish and i usually finish of by applying a light dusting of my mac mineralised skin finish, although i would like to try applying this foundation with a sponge and see if it makes a difference!? When it comes to coverage, Laura Mercier Creme Silk is bang on, it’s full enough to hide redness and cover up blemishes but yet still looks extremely natural
Overall Creme Silk is hands down my new favourite foundation! at £33 it is slightly on the pricey side but the way it leaves my skin looking flawless, healthy and glowing totally justifies the price :) plus did you know you get more foundation in this tube than you do in the Rimmel Wake Me Up? looks can be deceiving right? 
Have you tried Laura Mercier Creme Silk? 
What where your thoughts? 
  • Not tried this before because its so expensive!! But it looks really lively in you x

  • Really want to give this one a whirl, currently using up 2 bottles of foundation first! I've vowed not to buy anymore until they are gone! Coverage sounds perfect for me as I have a lot of redness in my skin to deal with! x

  • I got matched up to Medium Ivory the other day too and loved the look and finish so I'll definitely be picking it up really soon xx

  • What a great review – I will have to add it to my Sephora gift!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • this is my favourite foundation ever!!xx

  • i used to love this foundation alot but now i dont like it very much for one its a bit dark as im stupidly supper pale and two i feel that my face feels really hot when i hhave it on. its so strange. looks amazing on your skin though

  • I have been wanting to try this for ages too and it sounds amazing! x

  • This looks so lovely on you I've heard so many good reviews about it, think I need to give it a go! xx

  • This looks so lovely on you :)

    Lindsay Frances | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Love this stuff :) Makes your skin look amazing xx

  • I absolutely love love loveeee this foundation :D since picking it up i can't stop using it! Can't believe how flawless it makes my skin look, holy grail product! :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • my favourite foundation :-) I won't be happy when I have to fork out another £33 when it runs out, you should try their primers xxx

  • Amy W. Hemmingway

    I'm glad to hear you like it :) I bought it and hate it – I hope I get used to how to work with it :(

  • This is the next of my list to try after my current foundation go down a little and I'm off a spending ban ;)


  • ah, so many people are reviewing this at the moment, it must be amazing :) I normally use the laura mercier tinted moisturiser, but this looks great for those days where you need just a little bit more coverage!
    and lol for the cartwheels haha x

  • i do need to give this brand a go x

  • I love this foundation, it's one of my favourites :)

  • You look stunning! I would love to try this but it is quite pricey. Although the fact that you get quite a bit of product for your money is appealing :D


  • This seems to be the perfect foundation. Everyone raves about. I really, really need to start saving up for it! Great review!

  • Just spotted your blog. Lovely blog!

    I have heard a lot of good things about this! Defs need to purchase this!

    I would love it if you could pop over and have a look and follow me

    Love, Suz x

  • I literally just bought this foundation and I absolutely LOVE it! Completely agree with everything you said about it, it's my new favourite :)

  • This is my all time favourite foundation, it's amazing and always leaves my skin looking flawless. I love it. Such a shame it's expensive but I'm quite happy to re-purchase it all the time. xx