MAC || Candy Yum Yum Review

a picture of mac candy yum yum lipstick

a picture of mac candy yum yum lipstick
a picture of mac candy yum yum lipstick
a picture of mac candy yum yum lipstick

A picture of mac candy yum yum being worn
So if your one of my twitter followers (@chelseayates1) you probably will of noticed i haven’t been myself recently, i been abit of a negative Nellie, a sensitive Sally and a really big moaning Myrtle  all mixed into one big ball of human moodiness! so sorry for that :)  
(moaning Myrtle is my fave in harry potter by the way i always act her out when shes on!)
I need to stop. 
Yes no more letting other people upset me, i will grow a backbone and no more being a negative Nellie.
 Anyways what better way to stop feeling upset and to blow away all the dark, rainy, dull clouds than to blog about my first ever extremely bright pink MAC lipstick? Yes that will do, Perfect for the job ;)
Can you believe it, I’ve never ever ever had a MAC lipstick. Nope NEVER! Where have i been… i honestly couldn’t tell you. but i finally bought myself one :) one night when i was lied in bed with a migraine.. i was feeling that sorry for myself, i decided to cheer myself and have a little ‘window shop’ on the iPad (can you even window shop without looking through a window? hmm) but eventually somehow as if by magic this lipstick ended up in my online shopping basket and my finger was hovering over the complete order button on the Debenhams website… and it just happened. MAC Candy Yum Yum became mine.. Hooray! 
As you all know by now, lipstick scares me… so why on earth i bought i neon pink shade i honestly have no idea it just looked so pretty and i love pink, i guess its what you call facing your fear head on! i thought ‘Chelsea if your going to face it.. you may aswell do it properly’ eh! :) so on to MAC Candy Yum Yum first of all its the ultimate barbie pink colour and i just love saying the name, Candy Yum Yum, it just has a ring to it.. don’t you think? i think writing this blogpost i must of said the name out loud at least 50 times! plus how luxurious do they smell? so sweet and moreish! Why have i waited so long to buy a MAC lipstick! The formula is matte, but not drying i do suffer with dry lips but this didn’t become a problem. Although it seems very scary being neon pink, it some how works without being too scary and in your face (even for me who’s really scared of all lipsticks) i think the key to making Candy Yum Yum work is keeping your make up to a minimal and letting you lips do the talking!
The only down fall to this product is the kind of hefty £14.00 price tag, but that being said i think the price is justified in good quality being my first MAC lipstick i wasn’t let down and i cant wait to buy some more! i still keep thinking ‘why do i not have more of these lipsticks!’
Whats your favourite MAC lipstick? i would love some recommendations for my next purchase! 
  • Wish I was brave enough to pull of a colour like this – it looks gorgeous.


    • trust me i am the least bravest person ever when it comes to lipstick ! xxx

  • This colour is absolutely gorgeous! xxx

    • i know isnt it lovely! xxx

  • I hope you're ok Mrs, last week was one of those weeks for me too. It sucks major ass.
    Anyway, you know where I am if you fancy a chat.
    I love this colour on you and your hair is so lovely, I think I may have to invest in one of those stylers of yours.
    Take care of yourself little lady,
    Laura xxx

    • i know monday = new start!
      & i sure doo :) Thankyou lovely! You really do need both they are amazing xxx

  • I've been eyeing this up for ages now and after seeing this post I think I really do need to pick it up soon! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you :) and I hope it's helped cheer you up abit xxxx

    • Thankyou lovely! :) this bright pink beauty & everyones lovely comments has managed to pick up my spirits xxx

  • Everyone's been going mad for this shade, it's a little too bright and pink for me but it suits you lovely :) xx

    • aww i thought that, but i do love it! xxx

  • I bough this colour a while ago but Ive yet to pluck up the courage to wear it, maybe when the weather get warmer.

    • yes! it will be perfect for summer time! xxx

  • Gorgeous colour!

    • i know! isnt it lovely :) xxx

  • I've never actually had a mac lipstick before but everyone says they're amazing and your one looks really good so I'm going to go out and buy one asap!x

    • this was my first one… trust me totally worth the extra $ xxx

  • I love this lipstick! I need it in my life! Looks gorgeous on you! :) Hope your feeling more yourself now! x

    • Thankyou lovely, not fully but this pink beauty & everyones lovely words have sure helped! :) xxx

  • I always put on a bright lipstick when I'm feeling down or ill.

    This looks lovely!
    You'll start a mac addiction now! Be careful!


    • doesnt it just help? bright lips works wonders :) xxx

  • you really do need to add it to the list! or maybe its even worth breaking the spending ban for! :) xxx

  • Chelsea you've just made me want to get this even more you little bugger!! You look beaut :) x x x.

    • oopsss :) ! Thankyouu, its honestly thee brightest but loveliest pink :) xxx

  • First of all you look lovely in this post! and one of my fav lipsticks by MAC is craving :) its a beautiful wearable pink :)

    Lots of love sweetie xxxx xxxx

    • Thankyou! ooo i must take a look, i need more after this… ive caught the mac craze! :) xxx

  • This colour is lush! i have been wanting it for ages!X

  • Candy Yum Yum was my first (and so far only) neon lipstick. It's so beautiful. I never thought I would love it as much. Looks great on you xx

  • This looks amazing on you! I've always been scared of a matte finish as my lips are super dry but most people don't seem to have dryness problems with the ones from MAC. My favourite MAC lipstick is plumful :) xx

  • This is such a gorgeous colour! I definitely couldn't pull off such a neon shade, but it looks lovely on you. xo

  • beautiful color and great review looks amazing on you ;)

  • Such a gorgeous colour and it looks really good on you! :)
    Natalie xx

  • Gorgeous shade, I love how vibrant it is! I love MAC Rebel. xx

  • Such a lovely colour!! Really suits you, I've also just bought my first ever mac lipsticks, why we were so behind on the bandwagon I don't know!! :) My latest post is about them if you're interested xx

  • the colour really suits you babe, i bought this to even though they scare me!! I havent even taken it out of the box yet!! haha x x

  • I love your pictures xx

  • Such a pretty colour! I Love your hair <3
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  • Ooh this colour is gorgeous! It certainly suits you x

  • Looks fab on you Hun! :) xx

  • beautiful! this is a super bright lipstick. Perfect for spring! (:

  • This is such a gorgeous shade!! :)
    It's going on my wishlist!
    Loving your hair!

  • It's a lovely colour! I hope you feel better soon :) xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • You are gorgeous :) – lifestyle blog

  • I've never bought a Mac lippie either, that needs to change.

    Such a bold colour but it really suits you. xx

  • I hope you get back to your positive self soon! I've just written a post last week on positivity! Haha! This colour looks absolutely amazing on you! I've seen so many people wearing it and it doesn't suit everyone but it's really pretty on you! :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  • This is STUNNING on you!!! Loved this colour for a long time….I'll own it some day!! :) xxxx

  • I also have this lipstick love the colour!
    Looks great on you hun lvoe how curly your hair is :).

  • Even tho ive got a million pink lipsticks I need this one too, Ive proper just fell in love with it in this post. Looks so pretty on you xx

  • I love this color for spring and it looks beautiful on you!

  • I need this in my life!! Gorgeous colour!

  • By far one of my all time fave lippies! Really suits you!

  • I really love this colour but I think I would never be able to pull it off. You look lovely wearing it


  • I've never tried a MAC lipstick either! I think it's because I can't really justify spending £14 on one when I've got a 6 month old baby. I'm always lusting over 'Girl About Town' though.

  • I have tried my first MAC lipstick in crosswires! Love it… I love Candy YUM YUM on you.. I am tempted to try it but since it's £14 I think I'll hold off and get a dupe.

  • Oh em gee, I can't believe you've never bought a MAC lipstick. I don't blame you though, with the £14 price tag, your mind kind of goes into this whole justification process and in the end you just end up walking away from the counter feeling sorry for yourself. ANYWAY. Candy Yum Yum is honestly (in my opinion) one of MAC's best lipsticks and I am so happy they brought it back. It's the ultimate go-to matte pink lipstick for all the barbie pink girly girls out there and you should also try 'Saint Germain' by MAC.

    Lots of love sweet ❤