L’Oreal Paris Liquid Eyeliner || Super Liner Perfect Slim Review

a picture of L'Oreal paris super liner perfect slim


a picture of L'Oreal paris super liner perfect slim
a picture of L'Oreal paris super liner perfect slim swatch
Recently I’ve been trying to master the whole winged/cat flick eyeliner look. I think I’m still getting the hang of it but this handy little pen liner from L’Oreal has really made it so much easier to grasp!
Honestly I’m usually really bad at eyeliner i still don’t think I’m the best, some days it works some days it doesn’t. But this easy to use pen is just like drawing on your face (not that you would ever want to just start drawing on your face, but i suppose you could if you liked)
It honestly makes eyeliner so quick and easy, firstly its actually black! most liquid eyeliners I’ve tried come out some kind of dark grey colour .. not cool! The thin felt-tip like nib means you can get a really precise line but you can quickly build up the intensity to as you would prefer to wear your eyeliner! plus it also has a handy little grip zone which makes it really easy to keep a steady hand while applying!
This little pen has quickly changed my view on liquid liners! no longer are they grey in colour and hard to use! plus i can get my liner done in like 5 minutes.. that’s amazing for someone like me who is very unsteady and not very good at eyeliner to begin with!
Now to master gel liner! :)
Have you tried the L’Oreal Paris Super Liner? What kind of liner do you prefer?
  • I was looking at this the other day at the makeup store. Should have bought it then. :D

  • I always want to try out this liner but at my local boots, it's always out of stock or the ones that are left are opened by other people already. I honestly think that i am more of a gel liner kind of girl though :) I find that a brush and a pot of gel liner works perfectly and the product just glides on nicely. my favourite gel eyeliner is the Maybelline one because it is definitely comparable to the MAC one :D

    Thanks for sharing~ your eyes look lovely <3
    X x X x

  • Teresa Sinaguglia

    I use the soap and glory one and love but want to try this as its more black

  • JENNY//fashion–geek

    This looks like a really good liquid eyeliner and looks really easy to use.

  • Lucy Loves To Blog

    This looks fab, I always prefer the felt tip pen ones, I always get the liquid eyeliner everywhere! The packaging is lovely too, it looks so luxurious xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  • Melissa x

    yay your liner looks perfect! I love this little pen its much less hassle than gel but I do like gel a bit better xxx

  • Charlotte Morgan

    Lovely review this eyeliner looks fab! xx

  • gleepface

    I might have to try this when my Benefit liner runs out, I always think the pen liners look so easy!

  • Georgina McCarney

    I really struggle to apply eyeliner. I'll definitely have to try this out!

  • Charlotte

    This sounds absolutely amazing! I hate it when eyeliner looks grey haha.


  • Isabela

    I never tried this specific one but felt tip liners come very in handy when you're starting to get the grip of eyelining! I started using this kind of pen a year ago and now I can make a full cat eye liner with liquid liner in five minutes :)

  • Kate Rose Blair

    I use it and it's great, I love your blog! I have posted a post of exclusive bridal Net a Porter! I follow your blog :)



  • Faye Davis

    Great liquid liner.

  • Rebekah Hunt

    This looks like just the thing I've been looking for!
    Love your blog!


  • youralmostalice

    I love liquid eyeliner, i feel bare without winged liner – i usually use the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner its super cheap and works really well for me. I might have to give this a try thoughh!

    Natalie xx

  • Jade

    I'm always too scared of liquid eyeliner! But this looks really good :)

    Love your blog! :)

    Jade xx

  • WMBG

    great post!

  • Jacky

    lovely review! you're so pretty <3

  • Laura Hyatt

    Great blog, and I love your layout, its really cute : )Just started using this, its amazing isn't it. Best eyeliner I've found in ages!

  • Dot (Claire)

    I'm such a faff with my eyeliner. I wear it a lot but I almost never get it right/perfect. It's often a case of 'Oh hell, how can I even these up?!'

    This looks great, I had a similar one (cannot remember what brand) but it dries out half-way through application. xx

  • Lisa Harris

    I think i will be purchasing this linerto try out. All the ones i use fade after about an hour! Not good!


  • Kristie Blogs Beauty

    Have you noticed if this liner has dried out? Just a lot of pen liners I have tried dried out within a few weeks and I'm on the hunt for a good one x