Long For Perfect Brows? || Benefit Brow Zings Review

a picture of benefit brow zings

a picture of benefit brow zings

a picture of benefit brow zings being used
It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago i started to do something with me eye brows. Yes once upon a time (err i mean a couple of weeks ago) i used to just leave my brows and not touch them, I’m not too sure why i just didn’t see what all the fuss was about and what exactly needed to be done. 
i think its because I’m not one for heavy make up, and trust me where i live girls can look like their eyebrows have been painted or drawn on there faces with some kind of a sharpie pen so i think I’ve always been a little scared to touch my eyebrows incase i end up looking like Marge from The Simpsons when Homer invents his make up gun and tests it out on her!
Anyways.. i took the plunge and went for Benefits Brow Zings
Brow Zings comes in 3 shades: Dark, Medium and Light. I choose the light version because i have blonde hair, not the darkest or thickest eyebrows and never ever using a brow product before i thought i would play it safe and go for light as i don’t think i tend to suit a ‘strong brow’ so if your struggling on which shade to go for i would suggest you go and ask at your local benefit counter they will be able to test it out and tell you the perfect shade for you, it would probably make things a whole lot easier! 
The Brow zings kit comes with a pigmented wax & a shading and setting powder it also contains a miniature angled brush to use with the wax, a miniature blending brush to use with the powder and they also come with a miniature set of tweezers for taming those nasty stray hairs! plus it all comes in a cute little compact case with a handy compact mirror so you can easily fix your eyebrows on the go! cute isn’t it? 
I use mine by using about 2 stokes of the pigmented wax on the left which is used to ‘shape and define’ your brows i find that suits me perfectly. The wax isn’t very pigmented that’s why i use a couple of strokes but its not a huge problem because its buildable, Next i move onto the setting powder on the right, using the blending bush i start to go over my brows and fill them in giving them a slightly more fuller shape you dont need to use alot of the powder as the colour is definitely more pigmented than the wax so a little goes a long way, so this compact brow case will sure last you a while! i also love that with using this kit your brows last all day they setting powder really sets your brows in place and you wont need to worry about wiping your eyes and ending up with an eyebrow missing because they will not budge or smudge!
I have been loving using the brow zings kit and would really recommend it to any first timer brow girl like me.. i love mine and use it everyday now!
 i cant believe i never realised what difference defining your brows make trust me it really does make a huge difference to your face, and I’ve found with using the brow zings you dont need to worry about your brows becoming to powerful, its perfect for just slightly defining them ! 
Have you tried Brow Zings? or what is your favourite brow kit? :)
  • Becki Vieira

    I haven't tried this one, but I did get the sleek brow kit which is like the PERFECT dupe, lots cheaper too!

    • everytime i go to buy something from sleek they never ever have what i want so i just went for this :) i have heard sleek is amazing too! xxx

  • Ahhh I don't know how you've lived for so long without filling in your brows, since I've started using a brow kit I've never been able to go back and don't feel like my face is 'complete' unless I've defined them a bit. I just use ELF's brow kit and it only cost about £3 but it basically the same thing as this :) xxx

    • i know can you believe it? im just seriously lazy :) oh gosh £3 sounds alot nicer on the bank balance! xxx

  • I've just started using the MUA Pro-Brow Kit. I would love to try this as well though. I didn't bother with my eyebrows for years but they definitely do frame your face

    Katie xx


    • they do dont they! i need to take a look on the mua counter ive never used their products! xxx

  • i bought browzings as my first brow product about 6 months ago and i've never looked back, i'm now hooked on filling in my brows and the product has lasted ages! xx


    • haha you sound just like me :) although im much more recent! xxx

  • This product always gets such fantastic reviews, really sounds great! I think I may have to invest soon because all my brow products are individual and it looks much handier having it all in one kit! By the way your eyes are such an amazing colour! xx

    • yeah its all very neat in its little compact case! i love it :) and aww thankyou! xxx

  • I only started giving my brows proper attention like a year or 2 ago, it really does make a big difference to your face. You will be hooked on brow products now like me haha xx

    • i am! its amazing the difference it makes! i was just to lazy and didnt know what to do before xxx

  • I use the Rimmel eyebrow pencil at the moment but I've been looking to invest in a proper brow kit! x

    • ive never used a brow pencil but i think this kit is amazingly easy to use! :) xxx

  • I love benefit products!! This looks lovely


    • amazing aren't they! :) xxx

  • I'm also guilty of leaving my brows do their own thing! Might pop by the benefit counter next time I'm in boots :D x


    • haha it can be such a chore but the difference is amazing :) xxx

  • My brows are such a mess at the moment, so I definitely need one of these in my life! ((: I'll certainly go take a look at this kit next time! Great post and you have gorgeous eyes!

  • Ah this is probably one of my most loved beauty products of all times!! Its so easy to use and lasts such a long time!! I know theres cheaper alternatives out there but I don't mind paying £20+ for such a high quality product that lasts AGES!! I look back to photos of myself when I didn't fill in my brows and I look gross haha!! Your eyes are beaut too hun :) x x x.

  • I have only recently discovered this and am in love with it too! It makes the biggest difference to my brows!xx

  • I have been usng the elf one which is similar never tried this! looks pretty good xx



  • I have been wanting this for so long, im coming to the end of my hd brows kit and think I'm going to purchase this next x


  • You wont look back now you have took the step to doing your eyebrows. I use Illamasqua's eyebrow cake every single day which I love, its my holy grail product. It lasts soooo long and its only £14.50. Also you can mix it with the seal gel and it makes a waterproof eyeliner! Amazing.

  • I had a dream last night about Brow Zings and then woke up to this post!? I think it's a sign I have to buy it…


  • I have the MUA version of this, I love it!

  • I've never really bothered with my brows either. I'm still waiting for them to fill back a bit from where I had them hacked at a good number of years ago. I think I'll give defining a go, yours look great and if they don't smudge or budge then that's a bonus. xx

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  • Jo

    Great post! I use the Bobbi Brown eyebrow kit at the mo, which is running out so will definitely see about replacing it with this instead. xx

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  • I've never used anything on my eyebrows either (ok, maybe the occasional top-up with brown eyeshadow which works very well!) This looks great though!

  • nice!

  • jessieM

    I use the sleek brow kit which is looks like a dupe of the benefit – same colour gel/powder and shade brushes. I'm currently writing a review on it actually, Love the blog by the way, keep it up x

  • I swear by this everyday now. I wasn't always a fan, as I thought personally using both powder and gel made my brows too dark, but now if I just use the powder lightly it gives great coverage. Great post chick x
    Heroine In Heels