GHD Paddle Hair Brush Review


*GHD Paddle hair Brush

ghd is a worldwide brand, best known for their hair straighteners. 
But everyone seems to forget about styling products? and all the bits and bobs we need and use to help perfect our hair, and get it looking in tip top shape! 

Now first things first this ghd paddle brush is huge! its the actual size of my face.. but thats what makes this brush special! it means brushing your hair can be done and dusted with in a matter of seconds.. minutes at the most! Yes even for you very thick haired girls who im extremely jealous of might i add … its amazing! And it doesn’t snag or tug at your hair! Thats always a sign of a good brush! And trust me ladies .. Your hair is only as good as the tools you use on it! So spending that little extra on hair brushes and on hair products means your hair will love you for it! 
I also really love the sleek matte black design of this brush. Its big, study (but not heavy) and it looks the part the silver ghd bling on the tip of the handle along with the emboss ghd logo is just a breathtaking touch teamed with the matte black! (Yes i never thought i would say a brush is breathtaking… But it is!) the handle is soft to hold, yet firm and easy to grip .. So your hair brush wont go slipping and flying out your hand mid hair brushing.. (Yes this has happened to me in the past!)

I now use this brush everyday! It makes brushing my hair in the morning so quick and simple i don’t dread doing it for one minute! (i actually look forward to it!) yes it makes brushing my hair a pleasure! 
I am no longer a comb girl.. i am now a converted paddle brush girl! 

What do you use to comb/brush your hair?

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  • This brush looks so good and i completely forget about well known hairbrands for hair brushes etc. Need a good old browse :) lovely post!!

    Love Emily xx

  • ooh I have this brush and love it! I love how big it is as well haha :) xxx.

  • I love paddle brushes. They are great for long hair.Thus one sounds really good!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • This brush sounds really nice!! :)

  • I've wanted a new paddle brush for a while now and I love the GHD siver plate touch on the end, looks really chic. I haven't got thick hair but it gets extremely knotty so this sounds good to me!


  • Ah, Is this strange to say… But I never really brush my hair! When its straight its so fine that it just falls away from any knots and when its curly if I brush it all my hair comes out and I end up with a frizz bomb afro!! Haha. But this brush shape is the one my mum always used when I was younger. It never snagged my wild hair. Love it! Erica xo

  • I love paddle brushes this has a nice design aswell

  • this looks amazingggg

    checkout my blog if you get a chance, im following you now, follow back if you'd like :)

  • This sounds really good. I can never seem to get used to using paddle brushes but I have so many! I prefer to use the Tangle Teezer at the moment as it is amazing for my hair and doesn't tear it! Have you tried it? If you have, how do you think it compares to this GHD paddle brush??

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  • Lovee your posts! (: Always very descriptive & informative.
    Check out my blog if you get a chance! xo*

  • oh I need this brush in my life.

  • Great review – I have never seen a great brush review so now I will have to pick this up – thanks for the recommendation!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I never really take much notice in what brushes are good for certain hair, but after reading your post I'm definitely going to look into different ones and take more care in the styling products I use :-) thanks!!
    Kirsty Xx