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*custom iphone case from caseapp
So i think everyone has seen all the custom iphonecase’s floating around lately, are they not just the most cutest thing! I love things being personalised, and i love my phone so mixing the two yes I’m in personalised memory heaven!Caseapp is perfect for designing your own customised iphone case, you can choose just one photograph, or like me if you struggle to pick just one… you can make a collage of all your favourite photographs!
Its so quick and simple to make all you do is go on to the caseapp website, choose which iphone you have (obviously so the case will fit your iPhone) then you get on with the designing, you can upload your images, add text and even change the cases colour! And volia it’s that simple! You then have a snazzy new great quality personilsed custom iphone case!! Plus caseapp even offer free shipping!
I chose photos of me and the boyfriend, my rabbit my dog theres also a cheeky snap of my camera in there.. (yes i love my blog so I included my camera) and last but not least the photographs of the lovely Tash from the weekend she came to Manchester! :)

Are you loving personalised phone cases?

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  • Teresa Sinaguglia

    It's so lovely!! Great idea too

  • Oh I didn't know about this website! Great Idea, thanks for sharing :)

  • lovely blog!
    would you like to follow eachother?

  • That's a great phone case very creative!

  • These are such a great idea!

  • I love these cases, I defiantly need to get one! :-) xx

  • Aww, such a cute phone case!

  • lovely case!! :D awesome blog

  • Aww this is so sweet! I think I may have to get myself one of those!

  • MyLushBoxBarbz

    So cayute! Just need to get an iphone first haha. I remember years ago I had this nokia phone with a see through case so that you could cut out your own pics and then slot them in. Things change but they still stay the same!

  • Awww so cute xx

  • I love personalized cases. I have a 3GS and want to get a 4S so would be a waste to get one now but at least I know where to go now! :)


  • that's so cool. love your choice of making a collage of you and your friends:)
    xx M

  • Liam Smith

    This is a lovely phone case. I got my customised case from wrappz and blogged about it here; check out the phone case and let me know what you think.

  • Aw this is so lovely. I also ordered a personalised phone cover to a very good company. These are memories