Curls or Waves || Enrapture Jumbo Waver Review

a picture of my hair styled with enrapture jumbo waver
Hair styled with Enrapture Jumbo Waver
a picture of my hair styled with enrapture jumbo waver
a picture of my hair styled with enrapture jumbo waver


a picture of my hair styled with enrapture jumbo waver
a picture of the enrapture jumbo waver
a picture of the enrapture jumbo waver
a picture of the enrapture jumbo waver
Enrapture Jumbo Waver


The Enrapture Jumbo Waver really is an amazing hair tool, when i read meg’s blog post from Wonderful You (check her out, she’s amazing) i new i had to have it.. and when i saw them on offer on Tesco Direct for only £29.99 i couldn’t resist any longer and that day this wonderful hair tool became mine- Hooray!!
 I used to have a tool like this when i was about 13, I’m not sure what make it was but all i know is i loved it, i think i used it everyday of my teenage life until the handle became so worn the heat protect grips fell off so after that i burned my fingers every time i came to use it! – not good.
The Jumbo Waver is miles better and way more advanced than the one i used to use back when i was 13. This Enrapture hair tool gives your hair that voluminous, beach, mermaid hair, or that look as if you have fallen asleep in plaits (when i would try this it would never ever work i would just look like a total mess) – trust me not glamorous! but with the enrapture jumbo waver it really makes styling hair so quick and simple, its fab! My whole head of hair was finished in 10 minutes and i was left with this amazing mermaid hair look which lasted all day! its a great change to normal everyday curls, and trust me when i was younger i wanted to be a mermaid so badly anything that gives me a little part mermaid i will grab it with both hands! It has a temperature control so you can decide how much heat you would like to apply to your hair, i don’t like to use a lot so i use mine on the lowest setting, but if you had really thick hair you could turn up the heat. And it also comes with a nice little heat resistant bag which is perfect for travel!
Enrapture usually retail at £74.99 but there does become offers like the amazing one i got, and lets face it even if pay the £74.99 this product is a huge hair investment and your hair will love you for it!
I’m off to watch ‘Disney on Ice’ in Liverpool tonight and I’m super excited so my hair is now all ready and styled with my jumbo waver! – i couldn’t help but have my mermaid hair while going to watch Disney i hope Ariel’s there!!!
Would you swap your curls for waves? – i know i would :)
  • Your hair looks lovely!! My waver is the best thing I have ever brought

  • Oohhh pretty lady! I really want to try this <3 xxx.

  • You look SO gorgeous and thank you for the cheeky little mention lovely :) so glad you like them! They're fabulous, as are you xxx

  • I love Jumbo Wavers, I have a Tony & Guy one but my hairs a bit short to get the effect you have – gorgeous mermaid hair <3
    Lisa |

  • Your hair is gorgeous like that! :)I had a crimper but it broke, keep meaning to get it fixed.Xx

  • Omg I have one of these and id totally forgot about it, I love my hair using this because its not too perfect. Your hair looks fab xx

  • Your hair looks fab :) My latest post is a review on these too:)

  • Your hair looks gorrgeeeeeeeous :) xxxx

  • Your hair looks so beautiful! xx

  • This looks gorgeous! I'm definitely going to have to try this out soon!Xx

  • oh your hair looks lovely! Im still to try some enrapture hair tools, everyone seems to get amazing results from them!

    Jessica xxx

  • Ive never usedd one of these but you hair looks lovely! :D

  • I've just found out my work sell these, which means 10% discount for me!
    Yay! Your hair looks lovely by the way :)


  • Your hair looks lovely :) I need to get myself a pair of these as my hair always fails with the sleeping in plaits thing too, It just ends up twice the size It was instead of lovely mermaid hair like this.

  • I do have a waver thing and I love it :D I need to start using that more again now it's summer :D x

  • So pretty, it looks very similar to one I have from Babyliss. I'm definitely all for waves in the summer :)

  • U look gorgeous!:)

  • Absolutely gorgeous, you look so pretty!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Your hair looks so natural, it is gorgeous!

  • I have never tried this, but the effects are great! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  • Your hair looks stunning :) x

  • Your hair looks gorgeous xx

  • Wish I could do this fab beach hair! Mine is a long tangly mess as of late! Need some serious help~haha!!!!

    Yours is gorge!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • This looks so gorgeous! You should try some hair serum along with it to protect from the heat.

    <3 Melissa

  • Your hair looks lovely! And so volumised aswell. Might have to give this a go I am always looking for new ways to curl my hair :) Newest follower!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • Im a new beauty blogger & I hope you check out my blog & follow if you like<3


  • Love these and the texture they give to your hair! Went on the Tesco direct website and they have sold out! – gutted, but me being the geek I am have signed up to the alerts they can send you for when they get new stock. Happy me! So fingers crossed I will have my own pair soon! Love your blog Chelsea

    India xx

  • I absolutely love your hair like this, I have serious hair envy haha!

  • amazing…… it now I HAVE to have this machine lol top of my wish list.
    Love your blog……maybe you could pop by mine some time