BlanX White Shock Formula LED Whitening Tooth Paste Review

a picture of Blanx white shock formula LED whitening toothpaste


a picture of Blanx white shock formula LED whitening toothpaste


For my 18th birthday my present was to have my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist, the results were amazing and i couldn’t stop smiling to myself in the mirror, but seeing as I’m now 20 the results don’t exactly stick around at there best for 2 years.
So for a while i have been looking for a new home teeth whitener/whitening toothpaste which actually works and which doesn’t leave a huge hole in my pocket, and i think we have found it! Hooray!
This neat little toothpaste looks like something from star wars, really every time i open the lid and begin to brush my teeth in the morning, it brightens up my day (literally). BlanX White Shock* is said to whiten your teeth naturally every time you smile or your teeth see the light.. this is because it contains an ingredient called ActiluX, which supposedly reacts to light, so like i said every time you smile or your teeth see the day light the ingredient ActiluX begins to work at whitening your teeth! Pretty cool don’t you think?
But if your a little impatient you could always use the attached LED by holding it in front of your month for 1 minute each day.
I’ve been using BlanX White Shock for a little over 3 weeks now and i honestly can see the difference! My teeth weren’t exactly stained to begin with because i don’t smoke, drink coffee or drink red wine, my teeth has just gotten a slightly less white over time, and after seeing them so white from the professional job, i longed for that back!
 I’ve have used a couple of whitening toothpastes but they didn’t give results like BlanX White Shock, it has a slight minty taste not too over powering which i like and my teeth felt super clean, shiny and actually brighter and whiter than when i started, i used it twice a day once in the morning and once before bed.
I think the key to a product like this is not to expect too much, after all it is only a toothpaste (with a little extra very nifty LED light) it can only whiten your teeth so much, without going paying for a professional job. I’ve had my teeth whitened professionally and used the BlanX toothpaste, and both are extremely different but both WORKED for me!
When my BlanX White Shock sadly runs out, i will run out to Asda and repurchase, for me it worked, at £6.99 for the toothpaste and LED accelerator and just £4.99 for just the toothpaste alone i will be buying myself a refill for my LED! I just couldn’t imagine my mornings without that nifty blue LED!
What teeth whitening products work for you?
*PR Sample
  • I will be buying this!!! Thanks for the review i've been looking for a good yet affordable teeth whitening solution for so long!

  • I am thinking it's a no go with braces?

  • I've been looking for something like this for ages! Thank you so much! x

  • Going to buy this for sure!! I love a good whitening product! Thanks.

  • Oh this looks awesome. I think I'll be getting it when my current toothpaste runs out! I'm a sucker for anything that whitens my teeth :) xxx

  • Awesome review, I usually use Pearl Drops but I wanted to try a new one, I will pick this up and give it a go! xx

  • I haven't found found any toothpastes that have wowed me much yet so might have to give this a go :) x

  • Just had to bookmark this page- I need to try this! Unfortunately, I do drink coffee (a lot!) so I need all the help I can get on this one ! Can't wait to give it a wee try.

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    Who doesn't love a little bit of NOTHS, after all?! :)

  • Great review, I think I may have to try this it looks so good, I'm a bit addicted to coffee but as much as I love it, my teeth don't so this could be exactly what I'm looking for :)
    Rosalie x

  • this looks so cool! how exciting is that little blue light?! it's like a sunbed for your teeth. i use crest strips but i'm also looking for a tooth paste to keep on top of the job in between so i'll definitely be keepoing my eyes out for this next time i do a food shop! :) xxx

  • Neat product. I love whitening products.

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  • i must try this!! i use crest 3D products at the moment but buy then for eBay as they're cheaper there!! <3 <3

  • I'll definitely be picking this up, miles easier than ordering my beloved Crest White Strips x

  • I really want to try this!

  • I want to try this, it sounds better than the others I have tried. And the whole LED light is intriguing.


  • I want to use a home teeth whitening kit but was so apprehensive after reading so many horror stories. This sounds great, definitely worth giving a try!
    -Katie x

  • Nice review. Whitening toothpaste is great to use between treatments with whitening trays or strips. I use Stella white strips regularly and think they are absolutely great!

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