Benefit Fake Up Concealer Event

A picture of the benefit fake up event


A picture of the benefit fake up event pillows
Hey everyone, so on Wednesday as you may know i was very lucky and was invited to benefits event for their new concealer ‘Fake up’ which was held in Liverpool at the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar! Benefit have been doing a little road show of events and travelling all over to other cities showing off the new product which makes me super happy! far to often all the events are held up in London, and living so far away can prove costly so us northerners tend to miss out :( So when i found out benefit was acknowledging all the other bloggers out there, This made me super happy!
So Big thumbs up Benefit! :)
As it was my very first event and i was super excited and very nervous! But as soon as i arrived (a tad late due to the arena traffic and then walking the whole way around Liverpool one in a big circle may i add- not cool Chels) the nerves soon disappeared once we all got chatting!
Seeing as i was a teeny bit late Lisa, Rachel and Joanne had already just got down to business – Ops. But i was soon greeted with a glass of champers and we all carried on, Lisa gave us all a demonstration on Rachel of how to use and apply fake up, she also told us how versatile the product is and Lisa showed us how you can actually use the darkest shade for contouring! amazing isn’t it? Especially since contouring has become a huge staple in our everyday routine ever since the Kim Kardashian photo was relieved a little while ago.. yes any chance we get to look like Kim K .. we take it right!?
We was also shown products like Fine One One which i reviewed HERE and the World Famous Neutrals .. i was also lucky enough to win a worlds famous neutrals in a little pop quiz game we played! – EEEEEK!
A picture of the benefit fake up event demonstration with Lisa and Rachel
The lovely EmmaNatalieNafisah Tori and i spend the whole night chatting, playing with the cute benefit pillows and having a play around with all the benefit make up they had out, i think Emma’s convinced me i need their moisturiser we also spend the night chatting with Lisa and Rachel why they was showing us different ways to use products and which products where good for what occasion. I definitely need to go on a big benefit shop soon.
a picture of bbloggers from the benefit fake up event
Emma, Natalie, Me & Nafisah at the event.
A picture of the benefit fake up event
would be rude not to have a pillow shot right? (even if they are the wrong way around) 
When the very gorgeous Liverpool benefit lady was colour matching me, i couldn’t help notice how much this concealer actually lit up my face, after she applied it i kept touching where it was applied and it felt so creamy and soft & looked amazing it seemed to make my face look more awake and alert! i cant wait to give it a try myself and have a go at contouring with it!
(i also will be doing a more detailed review)
a picture of benefit fake up concealer
a picture of benefit fake up concealer
a picture of the liverpool bbloggers at the benefit fake up event liverpool
( I cheekily stole the group photo from the benefit instagram page!)
I had so much fun at my first event and i cant believe how generous benefit were! We were lucky enough to receive all 3 shades of fake up and a Hello Flawless powder to celebrate its 1st Birthday! – Thanks again guys!
Lets hope more brands are set to follow in benefits footsteps and get planning events up north.. :) its super fun getting to know more about a brand and meeting up with people who’s blogs you read on a daily basis!
Keep your eyes pealed for my more detailed on Fake Up and get ready to go and rush out for yours on the 30th March which is priced at £18.50!
Are you excited for Fake Up ?
  • Rebekah Smith

    I really want to try that concealer,looks amazing!xx

  • Teresa Sinaguglia

    Sounds like you had a great time! I really want to try the concealer

  • youralmostalice

    Such a good night and so lovely to meet you!
    Im loving the concealer, i tried it this morning and im very impressed so far!
    Natalie xx

  • hannah maggs

    aw it looks like you had a great time at the event, and yea, they were so generous :) ive told you already on instagram but your hair looks so nice wavey like that :) x

  • Gem | Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

    Looks like you had lots of fun! That is so generous of them… looking forward to trying them for myself. Your hair looks gorgeous xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  • Katie

    I so wish I'd got chance to come :( Looks amazing!

  • lalalucy1000

    yeyyy for Northern events, looks like you had a great time. I recently went into the Harvey Nichols in Liverpool and was like a kid in a sweet shop. xx

  • Christina Dawes

    I love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx

  • Carissa

    Looks like you had a lovey time :) The concealer looks interesting!
    Carissa xxVanilla Crush Blog

  • Danielle

    Sounds as though you had a lovely time sweets and I love all your pictures for this post. Fake Up sounds amazing and I want try it more than ever now xxx

  • TeaLovingShamrock

    Looks like a really cool new brand, I love the packaging! :D Congrats on getting in with benefit – what an achievement ;)
    Great post!

  • Sugar Lane

    i have tried it already and it's amazing!
    you have a cool blog, following you!
    visit mine and let me know if you like it ;)
    kisses from Spain x

  • Helen H

    Totally agree about them being up north! I'll be in Leeds all summer so I'm hoping there'll be at least one event on! :) Cannot wait to try this! x

  • Ashleigh Roy

    This looks like a fab event! Really need to try this concealer, im still searching for a great concealer. especially for under the eyes.

  • Anita Pun

    ooh looks like you've had a good time! I'm from Liverpool and I hope I'll get to go to my first event soon! x