Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment Review

a picture of Lush Marilyn Blonde Hair Treatment
a picture of Lush Marilyn Blonde Hair Treatment
Blonde hair and hair treatments really do go hand in hand, they fit together like pigs and mud.
Lush for me has always been a no go, first of all the shop always smells to strong and gives me a headache and i always just want to touch everything!! seriously the sales assistants in that shop give me the weirdest looks, but then that’s their fault for having everything on show, if it’s on show, in my reach.. i am going to go and stick my fingers in it and give it a try!
Anyways while the lovely Natasha from Its Simply Beauty came to town, she loves her lush products.. so we took a wonder in the Trafford Centre shop and i ended up looking at the hair products, natural hair products are always a winner in my eyes! and i ended up leaving with this Marilyn Hair Treatment for blonde hair! The thing which attracted me to this and made me want to buy it was that it contained chamomile and lemon.. both are naturally used for lightening blonde hair… come on don’t act like you’ve never ever squeezed lemon juice on your hair and sat outside in the sun all day waiting for it to lighten!? i know i have many times!
So what you do is you apply this hair mask to your dry hair before you get into the bath/shower, give your hair a nice thick coating so it can work its magic the last couple of times i used it i did brush it through with a wide toothed comb to make sure i got a nice even coating on my hair then you sit down, relax and just leave it on for however long you have time for.. the package recommends 20 minutes, although i like to leave mine on for about 40-60minutes (i watched an episode of revenge although the programme can easily be switched to one you prefer) but i do think the longer you leave it the better it works.
After the 40-60 mins i washed my hair using the Yuko shampoo & conditioner* review (here) and my hair was amazing.. i don’t think it has ever felt so soft in my lifetime! i instantly took to twitter and expressed my happiness (yes that’s how happy i was) at £8.95 for 225g I’m not complaining for the results which i got.. i really want more so any recommendations for a lush novice would really help! :)
i never thought i would ever ever say this but….
i cant wait to go back to lush and buy another hair treatment!


  • Sounds like a good product, my sister has blonde full head highlights, this could be good for her!

    • yes i would definitely recommend, i love it!! :) xx

  • Lovely review! I love lush and used to be put off by the smell but once you start using the products you can't stop!! Was there anything for other hair colours? X

    • They did a lot of different ones, so im sure if theres a blonde one they have ones for other hair colours! try looking on their website :) xx

  • I will buying this when i go blonde thurs :) Thank god I wanted to go in to lush ay :)


  • I've been thinking about buying this! definitely giving it a go now!

    Hayley x

  • I am badly need of a hair treatment, i never use them and i've a full head of highlights! Love lush products and this sounds really good i must give it a try:) x

  • Hi new to your blog, just tweeted you actually :) I think I need some of this it sounds really good, just dyed my hair blonde again after being a brown for so long and its gone so so dry. will give this a wirl :)

  • Glad you're loving this! I've been using Lush products for years, and while their products can be hit or miss, they really do make some lovely items. I used Marilyn years ago and haven't tried it since- you've inspired me to give it another go :)


  • Great review! I just got given a sample of this and I am hoping it will make my hair softer and lighter!

  • I am looking for a hair treatment. After reading Marilyn Hair Treatment Review I got some solutions .My hair is too weak, dull and damaged. Currently I am using dove dryness dare shampoo and got positive result. But now I will try Marilyn Hair Treatment ideas also