L’Oreal Feria Pastel Pink Panther – Pink Hair Don’t Care!

a picture of Loreal feria pastel pink panther toning conditioner

a picture of Loreal feria pastel pink panther toning conditioner

a picture of Loreal feria pastel pink panther toning conditioner

a picture of me with pink hair from using Loreal feria pastel pink panther toning conditioner


(Sorry for the worlds geekiest picture!)
While i was shopping in Asda, i was drawn to these little l’Oreal Pastel hair toners! i couldn’t resist picking one up and taking it home to try it! I’ve always loved the likes of Amelia Lily’s hair colour! Who doesn’t? It’s the cutest hair ever!
All it basically is is a pink conditioner, so you go in the bath/shower like normal and wash your hair then at the end apply the L’Oreal Pastel toner conditioner all over where you would like the ‘pink’ colour to go. Yes its really simple!
I decided to go for a kind of ‘dip dye’ look i weren’t brave enough to dive straight in for an all over pink doo! With my hair being slightly darker in places got me worried but it only took me two applications to get the ‘pink colour’ noticeable.
I do love it. Its a nice little change to being an all over blonde, and it only lasts a couple of washes so its only a cute little change! maybe next time i can go for the full pink head! Like the lovely Amelia Lily!

If ever i get a sudden wave of braveness!

Would you go pink? :)



  • A great post, love em the result, it is beautiful! I have posted a post of luxury beauty treatments! I follow your blog :)



  • Libby R

    I wish had light enough hair to do this! It looks so good! :D

  • ah wow this is so cool!! i'd probably have only applied it on the ends too :L but it would look cray all over.x

  • It looks gorgeous on you! I don't know if it's really "me" and my hair is a bit too dark for it too :/ xo

  • Wow this looks amazing! It's such a good idea being able to just wash it out so soon then you can just do it now and again for a little change! :) xx

  • Love the result :) Sometimes I wish I had blonde hair so I could do these sorts of things haha xx

  • I like that this washes out quite quickly because sometimes I can get bored with changes I make to my hair. I love how you've made a dip-dye effect, it really suits you (:

    Jessie xx

  • I love this, can't wait for my hair to get a little longer and lighter so I can try this!

  • Your hair looks lovely, Id go for all over pink, if it only lasts a couple of washes go for it :)


  • Looks lovely! And can't believe how simple it is :)

  • Is it permenent?

  • Pink is probably the only colour that my hair has never been. I've never seen this product before, but I'd like to try it if I ever find it. So handy!

    – Sho

  • It looks so pretty on you !x

  • Let us know if it really does wash out properly, then I may be convinced into having a try. Get bored of my own colour, but not brave enough to follow my daughter with bright purple.

  • That looks amazing sweetie!

  • Omg! The colour of that is gorgeous and your hair looks great. I so would love to colour my hair like this but I don't think my office at work would approve haha. It looks great on you! x x

  • Aw, looks lovely! I'm going bright pink in a few days! :) xo

  • I'm glad it works on all blondes not just bleach blondes! Might give the lilac one a go, you really suit the pink dip dyed! :) xx

  • Does it just last until you wash your hair? and do you know if it washes out well?
    I'm interested in getting the lilac one and going over my Ombre.
    Great post

  • I love your pink hair, sooo pretty :)

  • looks very pretty
    follow back, if you like ;)

  • this looks so cool! I love different coloured hair, but having brown hair I have to stick to it! But this looks amazing on you!

    Kassie xo

  • Wow lovely!!

  • Such a great post. I just recently found your blog and added myself to your list of Followers. Will you follow me back as well?

  • I loveeeee your hair!!

  • I've been on the look out for these for ages but can't find them in the shops! I want to try the lilac one in my hair. It looks lovely on you and they seem so easy to use! Great post. Just discovered your blog and am following you now xx

  • That looks amazing!!! :) Really suits you.


  • Ooo wow love it! always wanted to dip dye my hair, and with my current ombre hair this will be perfect to go over the top with! So glad i came across your blog because I never knew l'oreal did these sort of hair-dyes! xx

  • Genuinely super helpful, I've been umm-ing and err-ing over getting this as I thought it was permanent and didn't know if it would work over darker blonde hair. I'm off out to get it now! :D

  • I bought this because I want pink streaks in my hair, exactly like yours on the picture, however I wasn't sure whether to wet my hair when applying or do it dry, and whether to use foil or not? How did you apply it to get it like that? I'm too scared to use it in the shower because I don't want much pink, thankyou xoxox

  • how long did it last? i'm thinking of using the lavender one :)