Big Hair || Remington Pearl Curling Wand Review

a picture of Big Hair using Remington Pearl Curling Wand
Hair styled with the Remington Pearl Curling Wand
a picture of curls using Remington Pearl Curling Wand
a picture of curly hair using Remington Pearl Curling Wand
a picture of Remington Pearl Curling Wand


a picture of Remington Pearl Curling Wand
a picture of Remington Pearl Curling Wand
Remington Pearl Curling Wand available from boots
The curling wand is fast becoming a favourite of mine when it comes to creating my ‘big hair’ curls, and at Christmas when i was given the Remington Pearl Curling Wand i was rather giddy, i had often looked at it in Boots!
I love everything when it comes to this wand the sleek design, i particularly love the little flower pattern it really adds a little extra girly touch. The long wire (yes i know) this is so simple but it makes all the difference, it has an automatic safety shut off, this is a great safety feature and something which helps me a bundle i am forever forgetting to switch of my hair tools!! (Bad Chels)
I love the digital display and the temperature control, this makes hair curling a dream especially for people like me who want to keep heat damage at a minimum, i used the wand on the lowest temperature of 130°C and it worked like a dream it heated up super quick and i got my whole head of  curls done and dusted in a matter of minutes! This little curling wand can also heat up to a massive 210°C! – So don’t forget your heat protection spray!
and it also comes with a cute little heat resistant glove to stop you burning your fingers, let me tell you now that little black glove comes in very handy :)
I am a huge Cheryl Cole fan stalker so any hair tool i can get my hands to to even remotely achieve hair like hers i will, i think this curling wand did a fab job but its not quite Cheryl Cole hair, i still think maybe my heated rollers (review here) are better at achieving that look but i love the style and curls which the curling wand gives!
Do you use a curling wand? What was your thoughts ?
  • ohh your hair looks gorgeous! I love having curly hair but usually use my straighteners, this looks good xxx

    • im really rubbish at hair curls with the straighteners! i need to practice :) xxx

  • Tolly Dolly Posh

    Looks really good! I love my Babyliss one, but this still looks great! x

    • my babyliss one broke so i bought a tresemme one and then i got this for christmas and i must say i love this one best it was the quickest :) xx

  • Sarah Nunn

    Love this! I really like how some of the curls are looser than others – makes it look really natural!


    • thankyou :) i like that too! xxx

  • Tash

    Oh my god you and your hair look gorgeous! I may have to but this now!

    • :) it is a fab curling wand!! xxx

  • Emily Alice

    You hair looks awesome! I use a babyliss curling wand but brush the curls out to acheive more wavy hair. It takes me ages because I have so much hair though so I rarely do it.The Life of Emily-Alice

    • this was really fast & only used on the lowest temperature so i think it would work great with alot of hair! xxx

  • KayleighLouise

    Ooh I'm planning on reviewing this soon – its fab isn't it?! Your hair looks gorgeous!! Xx.

    • ooo i cant wait to read! yes its amazing :) been using it every day ops! xxx

  • Sophierosehearts

    You have such beautiful hair, and i love how you curled it. That curling wand looks perfect!

    Sophierosehearts x

    • Thankyou, cant believe it took me so long to try it xxx

  • A N D Y S T Y L E

    really nice ,you are very pretty

  • Lauren Sinclair

    Your hair looks lovely!

  • Babbles About Beauty

    Your hair looks fab! I have the Tresemme wand and I love it :) xo

    • i have that one too, great isnt it? xxx

  • Emily Barnes

    I have this wand its good :) i wish i had cheryl coles hair though shes such a beaut :( and so are you!! you look gorgeous!! :)

    Love Emily xx

    • dont we all? she is fab! xxx

  • charissa

    Your hair looks beaut! xx

  • beautyqueenuk

    Ooh I really like your hair, those curls are fab xx

  • Claire

    So pretty :-)

  • Helen Louise

    Your hair is gorge but am having nightmares about curling my hair after seeing that video on youtube eeks :L

    • oh gosh i know, i watched that just before i curled mine so i was like *heat spray* please don't burn off!
      poor girl xxx

  • Becki Vieira

    I love it ;) I'm after some kind of wand or curling tong so maybe this is the answer :D
    maybe you could check my blog out when you have a minute?

  • Beth Fell

    I have this! The very first time I used it I burnt my fingers not realising there were some gloves, you're right they're ever so handy!

    Your hair is gorgeous and such a lovely colour

    Beth, xxx

    • haha you daft thing :) the gloves really help! and thankyou :) xx

  • Kayleigh

    Your hair looks gorgeous!! xx

  • Maddie.Elizabeth

    Your hair looks gorgeous, closer to Cheryl Coles than I can ever seem to achieve xx

    • ooo made me day :) i love cheryl hair! xxx

  • Kayleigh

    I bought this in November and it's the best money I've ever spent, I adore it! xx

    • its great at its job! so quick! xx

  • Rachel Evans

    I have this but honestly mine never look as good as yours!
    Would love to know what products you use along with it! :-)


    What makes Rach

    • im sure it does! i only used the lee stafford heat spray on these pictures! so its basically just the curlers!
      but if i was going out properly not just a day look i would use hair spray or maybe use salt spray :) xxx

  • Your hair looks gorge!
    love it x

  • Gemma T

    Wow your hair looks GORGEOUS! LOVE the Cheryl stalker comment, she's amazing isn't she? xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • thankyou! and its truueee gotta love a bit of cheryl! :) xx

  • Sophie Pocock

    Wow your hair looks amazing!
    Think I'm going to have to try that curling wand. Sophie

    • Thankyou, It is a great curling wand! xx

  • Chloe Polo

    your hair looks amazing!!

  • FrancescaVaughan

    Total hair envy! xx

  • Emily Fielding

    looks lovely! I have this tool and use it quite a lot but I do recommend using the glove because I'm always burning myself on it and it is really painful haha! :) xx

    • i know! the glove is a real life saver! xx

  • lesley: the dream tree

    i got this same wand for christmas and i love it!

    • it is a great curling wand :) x

  • Kate Lees

    I have never had a curling iron but this looks amazing. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  • Kirsty

    Ahh your hair looks gorgeous!!! I must get hold of this wand xx

  • Miss Angie

    Oh thank you for the information! I've been contemplating getting a Curling Wand, so this is going into my list of possible choices now!

    Found this post through Nykki Talks Beauty's post in She shared it because it was so awesome! :)

  • Ellen Ann Howard

    You look absolutely stunning here and I can't wait to invest in some myself! Ready to get all dolled up!

    Ellen-Ann :)

  • Natalie Garland

    gorrgeous hair! I love the curling wands that give you nice big waves like this rather than tight curls xx