Benefit Fine One One Review

(Swatched from top to bottom – Pink Champaign highlighter, Sheer Watermelon & Soft Coral)

Heres what the product looks like when blended, as you can see its a natural coral glow.

and again :)

So after purchasing the products for my 1000 follower giveaway i couldn’t resist snapping one of these up for myself! (selfish i know) but i just couldn’t leave this behind i mean benefit products for me are always very hit and miss, we have what i call a love/hate relationship but i must admit when i swatched this in the shop i instantly fell for it!

Firstly let me say I’m not keen on the name of this product i feel as if there’s just one too many ‘one’s’ in the name for me, if that makes any sense, i just don’t think it needed the extra ‘one’ but its obviously there for a reason as some sort of pun which i just don’t understand? maybe I’m just having a blonde moment?

Next the packaging, i mean rose gold, oh my heart skips a beat when i look at this pretty packaging I’m a huge lover of rose gold its so pretty and girly so a total winner for me there! I also really like how cute delicate and compact the product is, perfect for on the go and i love how you can wind up and retract the product so theres no fuss or mess just wind it up use it and then retract it back into its rightful place!

The oval shaped tube is made up of 2 blush colours (Soft Coral, Sheer Watermelon) and a highlighter (Pink Campaign) although they look a little scary and bright at first each one compliments the next and when blended together you get a gorgeous coral like flush on your cheeks, you can also use Fine One One on your lips too! (but i haven’t tried that yet) Ive always loved coral blushers but i never tend to wear them, i honestly don’t know why i don’t make more of an effort with blusher but i know this will and already has become a huge staple in my makeup bag!

All you need to do is swipe the product on to your cheeks and then using two fingers blend all the colours together, moving upwards along your cheek bone to ad to the contours of your face because its a creamy consistency its so easy to blend and mix the colours together to create a natural colour for on your cheeks and it has excellent staying power, mine literally lasted my full working day!
 what more can you ask for?

Benefit Fine One One retails at £23.50 and i must say i didn’t think i would love this product quite as much as i do, being a blush but i have fallen head over heels for it, and i will be using it everyday now!

 So will you be joining in the hype? I’m glad i did!

  • I've seen this product on the shelves, but I never even knew what it was! It's such an interesting product, I'd love to try it :)

    – Sho x

    • It's a cream blush but you can use it on your lips too! X

  • This colour looks lovely on you! I definitely want to try it out for myself. And as for the name I saw it as a pun on the emergency 911? (for america anyway) Megan x

    • Yes 911? How did I not get that Im still not keen on the name though xx

  • Ooh looks gorgeous, ever since the release of this, i have wanted it SO bad :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Isn't this a fun product? I just got it myself and thought the same thing. But I too really love it.

    Janelle @ GlamorousMama

    • It's a lovely product yes! Xx

  • This looks so pretty – I'm very tempted by it! I have been loving cream blushes recently :) Haha I have no idea why it was one one either but someone above said it was a pun for 911 so maybe thats it?! :) xxx

    • Yes it's 911! This one is a very lovely blush :) xx

  • My friend works at Benefit and the pun is 911! Great product. I'm not into highlighters but this may have swayed me :)

    • Yes 911 I get it now :) I do love this product xx

  • This looks so good! :) Perfect for summer x

    • Yes it will be perfect for summer! Xx

  • I love the look of this, shame it's not really in my price range at the moment :( x

    • It is rather pricey :( xx

  • I really think I'm going to have to pick this up, I tried resisting but…. lol :-)

  • I am so undecided about this product! I cant help but think that powders are just better on the cheeks, and blending them all individually for a nice effect rather looks nicer than blending all three together to form one colour….but youre right about the rose gold, its gorgeous! xxx

    Heather Hearts

    • Why don't you try switching it in the shop? That's what made me buy one! Xx

  • I saw this the other day it looked so lovely xxx

  • New to the blogging world, and yours… LOVE IT.

    xoxo ~your newest follower.

  • This looks so good but I'm undecided, I never use cream blush products. I may have to visit the Benefit counter

    • Yes that's what sold me! Xx

  • Stefy

    It looks like a great products for spring/summer!

    Stefy ♥x

    • Would be perfect for spring summer! Xx

  • These looks gorgeous and really natural :)

    • That's what I love about it xx

  • I've never used any benefit products but I will definitely be looking into it! xx

    • This is one which I like! Xx

  • I tried this product in store and I like it but I'm not sure if I could give up my Hoola bronzer addiction long enough to give it a chance!

  • Becki Vieira

    I think it looks really natural on you, it's nice. I liked the review, it's nice and thorough. I followed you too ;)

  • I'm going to have to get this now! :D

  • Really nice!!! I love it!!!

  • I tend to only go for bronzers and brown-ish blushers because i'm so pale if I put any sort of red on my face I look like a ghost/ill!

    But this looks really nice, I love the fact its not pink but coral, so maybe this would be a colour I could pull off!

    Definitely considering trying this!
    Great review, very helpful! :)


  • I keep reading great reviews about this product, I think I need to get over to Debenhams and try it!

  • Oh wow I'm practically drooling over my keyboard right now! Looks so lush.
    Btw if you're ever passing through my blog, do say hi! It'd be nice to get chatting to more bloggers :)
    Kerry | Kerralina x