So this tag has been floating around the youtube/blogging world for a little while now and seeing as its taking me forever to work out how to use video on my camera (i can be such a blonde at times) i thought i would just do a blog post on my facts before they all go to waste waiting for my brain to work along with such a technical camera!

It took me forever to think of these facts but once i started i just couldn’t stop so i ended up with miles more than 50, picking just 50 became very very hard! so here goes …. :)


1) I am a really messy person, you can always see where I’ve been!
2) My hair is naturally quite dark brown.
3) I have green eyes, that get ‘greener’ depending on what i wear.
4) I don’t actually wear make up that often! & most times prefer to be make up free, some beauty blogger i know!
5) When i was younger, i was such a tomboy.
6) I am a very sarcastic person!
7) I am a very fussy eater with very strange food habits, if i eat two things together (chicken&mash) they cant touch each other on my plate & my gravy cant mix all my food together – Eurgh its going through me talking about it!
8) If PJ’s where an acceptable outfit to wear out, trust me i would go everywhere in mine! i could spend all day everyday in my PJ’s!
9) Alot of people don’t believe I’m 20 years old, they always seem to think I’m younger?

10) I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years but we don’t tend to agree on much.. ok we agree on nothing! :)


11) Disney films are my favourite.
12) Adverts are made for me, i know every word and could sing along to every advert and tell you what its for!
13) I used to tell all my teddy’s they were my favourite because i didn’t like any of them to feel left out or have hurt feelings!
14) I have very long arms. Most tops/jumpers my size are not long enough in the arm for me!
15) I suffer with really bad migraines.
16) I am a very sickly person, if there’s a bug going round i will 9 times out of 10 catch it and i will catch it 10 times worse than everyone else!
17) I wish i could eat healthy but i don’t like healthy food so i live off takeaways.
18) Although i don’t add extra salt on my food, i just don’t like it.
19) I don’t like coca cola one bit i prefer sprite zero!
20) I don’t like hot drinks – tea, coffee & hot chocolate all make me gag!
21) I always have cold hands and feet..Always.
22) I struggle to sleep at night so ill sleep whenever i can, a hour in the day/afternoon/evening.
23) I hate to paint my nails – I’m so rubbish at it and find it too time consuming!
24) I’m a huge home bird, i love my own house!
25) My knees always crack when i bend down.
26) My legs are always full of bruises, i cant explain them.. i guess I’m clumsy!
27) I would love to be in a soap like coronation street etc, i think id make an awesome lesbian girlfriend for Sophie Webster – better than Jenna! ;)
28) I used to be with eurokids modelling agency & have been an extra in Waterloo Road & a tv show called Bonkers!
29) I have a huge one direction crush, they are always on in my car.

30) I think little mix need a new 5th member – HELLO :)


31) I love animals.
32) Old people make me cry!
33) I have a very short temper.
34) I don’t like strong smells.
35) I love my UGG boots.
36) At first i can be shy but once I’m comfortable trust me i will be the weirdest person ever!
37) I worry a lot!
38) I hate to wear jeans.
39) I have a good memory, if you hurt me i may forgive you but ill never forget.
40) I don’t have any tattoo’s or have any desire to get one.
41) I passed my theory & driving test 1st time! Hooray! :)
42) I eat the same thing over and over until i am so bored i wont eat it for ages until i rekindle my love for it sometime later then the cycle starts over again!
43) I hate when people mumble, speak properly so i can hear you.
44) I have to sleep with my TV on, when its too quiet i don’t like it.
45) I like to get my own way.
46) I would love to have a twin sister.. two of a kind always made it seem like such fun!
47) I sometimes eat chocolate & crisp for breakfast… :)
48) I have a pea head.
49) My mood easily changes.
50) I like to pull funny faces, they always cheer me up!This one really did make me laugh for ages!
I’m a chipmunk :)

Sorry for the random pictures but no blog post seems right without some pictures! & these happened to be some webcam pictures i had from a time i was feeling lonely, bored and i just shouldn’t be left alone with a camera at those times!

  • I'm a really fussy eater too, I don't even eat gravy x

    • Oh no! I couldn't imagine a life without gravy or tomato sauce! :) xx

  • Really loved reading these!
    13 is so cute, and im the same one number 42 i always go through phases of eating things constantly then i can't bear them for a while haha!

    Natalie xx

    • Hahaa! I used to hate the thought of one of them loving me less! :) & yes mine at the minute is greenhalghs pasties! Xx

  • I have the same eye thing, apart from mine are Blue! Sometimes they look light grey-ish blue and others deeper and more vibrant!


    • No one ever believes me, but it does happen! I'm glad it does to someone else :) xxx

  • I hope I can do as good at driving as you did! probably not though:( and the last photo made me chuckle hehe xo

    • Haha I couldn't leave it out :) & I think driving also depends on who you have for your test some examiners are right pains in the bum, mine seemed to be ok :) good luck! Xx

  • Aww such a cute post!! And photos!!

  • Haha lol I eat chocolate and crisps for breakfast too it's my favourite.
    See we are similar :)


  • Love this post :) that last photo is brilliant haha xx

    Lindsay Frances | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Ahh i am very sickly too, I seem to constantly be "coming down" with somthing. Even right now I have a cold :(

  • hahah loved this, i wanted a twin sister because of two of a kind as well! :) x

  • Awwww haha I love this! I've been writing mine up tonight and we have lots of similar ones!! Xx.

  • That last picture was hilarious!

  • love your 50things :) I'd love to be in a soap too, maybe Lauren's best friend on eastenders, love her!! how cool you got to be an extra in Waterloo road?!! did you get to meet all the characters?:)) xx

  • I totally agree about the mumbling, I hate it!
    Great post, I love your blog! x

  • Laura

    it's like you've written a biography on me haha, if i hadn't done all my facts, i'd defintely be pinching all of these, some are actually the same anyway!
    aw, it's so nice finding out more :)

  • A great post! I've posted a particularly special Venice Carnival! I follow your blog :) You can follow me on:


  • It was great getting to know you more and I feel your pain about getting to sleep haha


  • Love the notebook quote!

  • I really laughed at your chipmunk head pic :D I hate hot drinks too!!!! No one else understands… argh gross coffee/tea breath :/ xxx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  • yours is well more interesting than mine! I feel boring now haha xxx

  • I love your blog! It's so interesting (:


  • I can't have my food touch either! Yay, I'm glad I'm not the only one x

  • My and my boyfriend hardly agree on anything either!

  • ahaha I love the last picture. I love reading these posts, I don't really like hot drinks either (apart from hot chocolate)
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  • I really enjoyed reading this :) i can relate to soo many of your facts, especially the 'sickly person' bit, im forever ill and it always seems to last twice as long as when everyone else is ill!
    Im also a ridiculously fussy eater, i cant eat sausages unless the ends are cut off haha!