Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers, Big Bang Review

 Well guys. Long time no see eh! I know i know I’ve been a little AWOL lately, and to be honest i don’t like it! I’ve missed plonking my butt down wherever i find time and space and just typing the stress away.. but to be honest over the past week I’ve not had much motivation, meh, its just been one thing after another getting me down, to be honest things are getting worse not better but i couldn’t sit in my rut feeling sorry for myself any longer! so I’m glad you’ve all stuck around the past week (that’s why i thought id blow you all a cheeky kiss.)

So when i saw Rimmel offering the chance to grab an Apocalips from there Facebook Page before they come out in stores, i jumped at the chance! Ive been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these little babes!

I love Rimmel Products so i could tell i was going to love these Apocalips Lip Lacquers, There basically a liquid lipstick in a tube! WOW!

The packaging had me staring in amazement, the bottom of the tube is completely see through, so the colour of the product can be seen, i love this because it’s always tricky trying to pick a colour and swatch in a store when half the testers are missing and then on top of that most are usually all sticky and dirty by the time i finally get there! So i thought this was a really neat touch!

The shade Big Bang is your classic red, as soon as i opened this i must admit i was rather scared and completely messed up my lips the first time round, but i think that’s because I’m a complete novice when it comes to lips! My second attempt worked out much better.. All you need is one swipe of product over your lips and your set, they are very pigmented but not sticky! The formula is super hydrating, it’s creamy so glides on your lips really smoothly so you can get a perfect finish! They are all the power of a lipstick in gloss form! 

Overall this product was a real winner for me! i cant wait for them to launch on the 23rd of January (not long to wait now) so i can run out and buy some more colours! there are 8 to choose from so i think there will have plenty of choice!

 At £5.99 i will be topping up on a couple of colours for my make up bag. 

Will you be giving the Apocalips a go? Will you go for the shade big bang like me? 

  • I want this shade!!! It looks lovely on you too.

    Check out my blog let me know what you think


    • Thankyou, I feel like I need more colours! Xx

  • Wow! Amazing pigmentation! I honestly can't wait to see what other colours are available!



    • I really want more shades! Xx

  • I cant waitt to pick this one up! Ive had my eye on this colour ever since i first saw a swatch :) definitely going to rush out and grab one before all the other beauty bloggers in my area get their mits on them ;) xx

    • I hope you managed to get one? Big Bang is an amazing red! Xx

  • The colour looks gorgeous on you! I can't wait to get a few shades when they go in store. xo

  • This looks beautiful on you :) I cant wait to get my hands on these I have my eye on a few colours, this one being top of the list! I wish I had some money in my bank to get them off the Facebook shop, but I'm just gnna have to wait til payday on Thursday, hopefully they wont sell out quickly where I live!! xxx


    • I hope you managed to get one! I need another :) xx

  • Love this colour! I definitely want to try one of these x

    • I think you should they are amazing! Xx

  • This looks gorrrrrrgeous! Such a sucker for a red lip :)

    Lindsay Frances | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

    • I've never had a red lip before, but I'm loving it! Xx

  • This looks lovely on you! Cannot wait to try these out x


  • I picked up the shade Apocaliptic which is a deep fuchsia, I do love the look of Big Bang though and I don't have much in the way of red in my collection (may just have to get another one haha!) xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    • I'd love to try that colour, I bet it looks fab! Xx

  • what a lovely colour x

  • Not long now until the launch! This shade really suits you and I love the product name! :)

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

    • The names are really clever! Well done Rimmel :) xx

  • Great review, i am SO excited for these! That red is so pretty :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    • Thankyou, I know, it's a gorgeous red! Xx

  • Oh these look fab cant wait for them to come out so i can try them :) not long now x


    • I hope you managed to bag one! Xx

  • wow it's so amazing! Love <3

  • It is really pigmented and suits you well.


    • Thankyou it is really pigmented xx

  • This looks stunning!! I can't wait to pick some up :) xxx.

    • I know, I need more than just one! :) xx

  • I picked several of these up yesterday and I'm already in love – the colours, texture and product are all gorgeous x

    • Everything is a winner! Rimmel done good! Xx

  • Such a beautiful colour!


  • Love the colour, suits on you! x

  • I just wanted to tell you I'm now following your gorgeous blog! Your pictures are beautttiful! x

  • Well done on reaching 1000 followers! I remember when I first found your blog, and now look at you! :) Love the bowler hat. I need one!


    • I know im still amazed so many people care about what I say! I love the bowler hat, get one :)! Xx

  • This look really suites you – love the hat and the red lips a winning look always.

    H X

  • i wannttt thiss!
    love your blog, followed

  • The color is great ) Your hair look's soo good )) I will be happy if u follow me :) http://lisaswiftt.blogspot.com

  • love this! so cute! (ps: lovely blog, girl, can't wait to read more!)

    love, rach.

  • ooh haven't seen this beforee, this shade suits you well! xo


  • That color is amazing! And it looks great on you! :) I don't know how to use lipglosses, I look silly when I put it on my lips! :D But you look so pretty! :)

    xox Selina from Finland

  • I got Big Bang too and have to admit I made an absolute mess of applying it first time! More practice needed ;) xx

  • Aw it's a shame I missed the offer before it came out in stores! It looks lovely though, some pigmented lipsticks are very stick which I hate, but as this one isn't, I see myself checking it out the next time I'm in boots. :P