1000 Follower International Giveaway

Hey Guys! So a couple of days/weeks ago i reached a huge milestone in the blogging world, i reached 1000 followers on my little blog! I actually couldn’t believe it never ever when i decided to start my blog did i think 1000 people would be willing to read my blog never mind want to press that little ‘join this site’ button, which took me so long to find i might add!
Ive just been overwhelmed thinking of you all! So first of all THANKYOU! :)
When i first decided to started blogging i remember clicking on things and thinking ‘oh gosh what does this do?’ and getting all excited, i was a total amateur when it came to starting my own blog i used to even ask my mum if i was doing it right? yes i did! How she would know i have no idea but she was my mum! mums can always help! :)
I’ve loved watching my blog grow and develop, and i hope it continues to do so! Seeing new little faces pop up where you was all clicking to join me would make me so happy! I would get so giddy each time someone new appeared there, i still do in fact, and i always try to check out those blogs at some point, i love finding new blogs to read! its just sometimes with my migraines i find sitting at the laptop hard so it takes me a little longer than most, but i do it when i can! So if i haven’t feel free to give me a little nudge in the right direction ;)
So the giveaway i hear you saying? after all my emotional rambling! yes I’ve decided i would like to thank you all with a giveaway! i mean 1K is such a big achievement for me i would never of thought my blog would of reached that milestone in under a year of my writing! So this is whats up for grabs, 1 Benefit Fine One One, 1 Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm and 3 Barry M Gel Nail Polishes in colours Plum, Grapefruit & Prickly Pair! (as you can see in the picture)
All these products were bought with my own money and I’ve bought them because they are products which i love to win myself! and when i asked on twitter they where products which you guys liked, so hopefully you all do like them! i know i do.. i would love to keep them for myself :)
 As i said it is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway so you can enter from anywhere in the world!
To be up for a chance of winning just fill in the rafflecopter thingamajig below there are only TWO compulsory entries that you must complete to enter.. they are that you must be following my blog via GFC and you must leave a comment saying what your favourite post to read are… its that simple! There are a couple of extra entries in there if you would like more chance of winning :)
good luck everyone!

  • Aw thanks for this opportunity! Congrats! I'm following and my favourite posts to read are probably hauls. I love seeing what other people have bought and what's out there, xx


  • I love reading ootd/ootn posts as it gives me a bit of inspiration when im staring at my own clothes wondering what to wear :) xx

  • Reviews are probably my favourite but i also love reading tags and getting to find out things about the person behind the blog :) xx

  • Fantastic giveaway! My favourite posts are definitely reviews, I love hearing about new products! Xx

  • Congratulations honey!!!!! I love reading reviews, and favourites posts. I also love seeing NOTD posts :) xxx

  • Hi Chelsea, congratulations on the big milestone of 1,000 subscribers, that's amazing! My favourite posts to read are FOTD and NOTD posts as I find some of them really inspiring and love to try the looks for myself :) xo

  • Wow well done ! I remember i first followed you when you had like under 200 now 1000? Well bloody done girl :)
    My favourite posts are definitely OOTD/N's

  • Congratulations on the 1000 followers <3
    My favourite posts are reviews, always. I do like seeing Top 5/10 favourites as well as monthly favourites. xxxx

  • I love you, I love your blog & I love the prizes!
    Damn wasn't first comment :( but well done on hitting the big 1K my pea you deserve them all!!

    Lots of love

  • Congratulations on 1000 followers, totally deserved! This is a brilliant giveaway. My favourite posts are reviews and NOTD because I love finding new products to try and I always love seeing pretty nails :)

  • Congratulations!
    I like to read beauty reviews and favourites most of all :)
    Chloe xx

  • My favorite are OOTD/NOTD posts, is so great to see how you style things!

  • Congratulations, such a big achievement!

    I like reading OOTD's and reviews but mostly just posts that reflect a bit of the bloggers 'real life'. xx

  • Congrats! 1000 followers is every blogger's dream! I love reading beauty reviews. Specially reviews of products not available in my country as I enjoy buying stuff from all over the world to try and use :)

  • Fab giveaway! My have posts are hauls & reviews x

  • I liked OOTD or FOTD posts because you can see what stuff looks like on.
    Congratulations on such a big mile stone!x

  • love to see more hauls.


  • Thank you for the giveaway! I love seeing swatches of make up and also make up looks!

    Congratulations on over 1000 followers :), I'm into the 930's now – so I hope I will catch you up ;).


  • I like posts on makeup hauls and beauty events! Congrats on every single one of those followers – thanks :)

  • I like fotd's and make up looks :)Congrats on 1000 followers, that is SUCH a huge milestone!

  • great giveaway, and huge congrats on 1000 followers! My favourite posts are hauls and reviews, I love finding out about new products and having a nosey at what people buy :) x

  • Congrats on 1000 followers & great giveaway!
    Reviews are my favourite posts to read, good seeing peoples opinions on products! :)

  • I love your review posts most, they're always so helpful and detailed :) x

  • Congratulations, amazing giveaway, WOW! I love your OOTD posts as they give me some inspiration, as i am normally so boring with clothes :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Congrats on the followers honeypiee :) I found your blog a while back now, very close to when i started my own and its such an amazing achievement – its also great to see a blog youve been following for a while grow :)
    I felt the same at the start too!

    I love OOTD's since they give me inspo for my own wardrobe! :) & i also love hauls and reviews with swatches !!


  • Congrats on your followers, what an amazing achievement :) thank you for such a lovely giveaway! My favourite types of posts are hauls and lifestyle posts :) xx

  • Congratulations on SO many followers! That is truly amazing and very well deserved! Such a great giveaway! I love reading OOTD posts becuase they always inspire me and i am just generally nosey! :) xxx

  • Congrats on over 1000 followers :) I love reading reviews and haul posts on beauty products! xx

  • I love reading posts on lipsticks, they are my weaknesses! xo congrats on 1000 subscribers:)

  • congratulations Chelsea! Been reading your blog since the day I started blogging and love it, especially your outfit posts! such a lovely giveaway!

    Melissa xxx

  • What a lovely give away! :) I love reviews!!

  • Fabulous giveaway! My favourite posts to read are hauls and reviews – I value honesty! :)

    Christina xo

  • Oh wow congratulations huni!! What a huge milestone and what a generous giveaway, I would love to enter.

    I really like blogs that have a mixture of posts from fashion to beauty to lifestyle and I do tend to like chatty posts best these days!

  • My favourite type of posts are outfit posts and makeup posts! such a generous giveaway and congrats on 1000 followers! xxxx

  • Liv

    thanks for the giveaway lovely! i love reviews and a good old haul!

  • Tia

    I love fashion outfit/haul posts because they inspire me to go and spend my monies on clothes, I also love seeing all the different styles/trends. xxx

    Thank you for writing such a great blog!!!!!

    Tia xxx

  • Stefy

    Congrats Chels! You should be proud your blog is doing so well!! :)
    I must say i love fashion and beauty hauls and outfit posts as they show that blogger's style!

    Stefy x♥x

  • Congrats on all the followers :). I love makeup posts as they give me inspiration :), and thanks for the fab giveaway :D

  • Congrats!
    I love Hauls :)

  • I love your reviews! Congrats on reaching 1,000 followers and I love your reviews!


  • I was already following hun! Congrats on all those followers :)

    I love hauls, favourites posts etc..


  • I don't see any rafflecopter at the bottom of the post?

    • It's there somewhere others have been using it :) xx

  • Congratulations! Love your blog :)


  • Congratulations Chelsea, you definitely deserve all the followers you have and more! I love your beauty reviews and your youtube videos and realising how northern you are haha!


  • I love your reviews they are so great and informative :) xxx coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk

  • You absolute cutie! Bless you, I think my favorite posts to read are the hair recommendations as I'm always looking for new shampoo's etc (purple shampoo is working wonders btw!) I'm also a fan of your youtube video's you should do more :)


  • Congratulations! xx

  • Congratulations :)
    I enjoy make up reviews :) x

  • Wow 1000 well deserved followers! Congrats

    I love ootd posts the mosts! x

  • Congrats! I love hauls xx

  • congratualtionnn :) i love reading styling posts. think its a great way for someone who doesn't have much style to help develop their own :) xxx

  • Congratulations! fave posts are reviews!


  • Congratulations hun and what a lovely giveaway, would love to try Fine One One. I think my favourite posts are makeup reviews, I love finding pretty new products. x

  • Congratulations!! I would have to say beauty reviews and NOTDs xx

  • Congratulations!!!

    My favorites are the posts of lipsticks! I love the colors you use! =D

  • I love reading reviews and OOTD posts because I'm mosey like that 8) … Congratulations! Xx

  • My fav blog posts to read r haul posts oh and Congrats :)x

  • i love ootd posts cause i am useless at putting clothes together and need serious help hehe :)

    congrats on 1000 lovely! xx

  • what a lovely giveaway! I love your blog.
    my favourite posts to read are reviews because I find that people are more honest when they've bought something to review in their own space rather than just listening to people whose job it is to try and sell you products!

  • amazing giveaway Chelsea! and well done on reaching 1000 followers, loved your blog for ages so really proud of you! my favourite posts you write are just all your beauty reviews! I find them really helpful and useful :) xxxx

  • Congrats on your 1000! How exciting!! I always love a good product review and a little ootd action every now & again for some inspiration xx

  • I love reading OOTD posts definitely! I love getting inspiration for my own outfits :) x

  • I love OOTD posts.!!

  • well done on reaching such a big milestone x I love haul posts adn looking inside people's make up bags, handbags etc, just plain nosey aren't i? :)

  • Fab giveaway! I love to read your product reviews :) xx

  • Strange i still can't see it, is it a uk only competition?/giveaway? Maybe that's why the rafflecopter isn't showing up for me

    • No it's open international :) I hope it shows up for u x

  • I love OOTD's!!!

  • Well done :D Your beauty reviews are so good :)Dead honest and detailed :)


  • Reviews are definately my favourite!
    kisses Kiki

  • Well done Chelsea!

    The posts I like reading are reviews, most definitely. And what makes yours so good to read is that you go for well known brands and conventional products like Rimmel, Model's Own etc but then you also always introduce brands which are quite un-heard of like Yuko.

    Already following on GFC of course as Beautytricks1 =)


  • Great giveaway!!

    My favorite posts to read are hauls,reviews and ootd.


  • I love Hauls haha. Im so nosy that way :)
    I like to see what others get and also it makes me feel far better about the amount I spend :)

    Great Giveaway :)


  • I love seeing OOTD/N posts :) xXx

  • I love OOTD post!

  • I can't see a rafflecopter form either :( I will keep checking back, maybe my laptop is just being a bit silly! megan xx

  • Only just found your blog but generally I love OOTDs :)

    Rosie x

  • Congratulations on the followers!! :)
    I love OOTD and haul posts!!


  • Well Done on the blog! You've done really well!
    I love all your reviews, and OOTD posts!
    Great giveaway! Xox

  • Congratulations, what amazing prizes thank you.

    I love reading hauls, I'm so nosy I love knowing what others are buying :-)


  • Congrats!!
    What an amazing bunch of goodies!

    I love 'whats in my make up bag/ handbag' posts. I like being nosy!

  • Congratulations on the followers, what a generous giveaway!
    My favourite posts are hauls, ootd's and product reviews!xx

  • Congrats hun, well done, you deserve it.

    My favourite posts of yours are reviews, they're so thorough :)

  • Laura

    aw, wowieee. congratulations gorgeous lady.
    you deserve every single one and then some (and then some more again!)
    this is going to sound like such a cop-out but i love all your posts; you're just so chatty and put so much of you into them all. there's never a half hearted one and you just come across as being the most lovely girl!
    well done again mrs,
    i hope you're well and those migraines aren't causing you too much bother at the moment.
    lots of love
    laura xx

  • Congrats on 1000+ followers! I really like reading makeup products reviews and hauls :)

  • Congratulations on 1000 followers, totally deserved!
    My favourite posts are product reviews and NOTD :)

    Thankss alot for this awesome giveaway

  • I love OOTD's and hauls :)

  • My favorite posts are reviews and annual best products you used

  • Congratulations beautiful you deserve it, love your blog. Love reading your reviews and also love it when you do outfit posts. xx

  • I love reviews!

  • i love hauls, but they make me jealous!

  • Reviews although they make me want to buy more!

  • My favorite is OOTD! :) Follow back?

    xx Brooklyn xx

  • I love haul posts! As well as a glimpse into another blogger's tastes, it also gives ideas and can even alert us to a must-have bargain!

  • love reviews ;)

  • I love to read reviews! :)

    Kassie xo

    kbjones@live.co.uk xx

  • I love ootd's and hauls! xxx

  • Congratulations on your milestone! :)
    I love makeup haul and review as well as DIY tutorials!

    Maria Fe Lanie Pregoner

  • Congrats on the huge milestone!! :) I love your hauls and reviews most :)

  • i like reading how to apply make up etc, i love learning how to curl my hair and give myself fab eye makeup etc


  • I love your product reviews :) they are really well done!!
    Lisa xx

  • I like tutorials.

  • Great giveaway, congratulations on reaching 1000! I love hauls and reviews :) xo

  • Congratulations on 1000 followers lovely :D this is such an amazing giveaway!

    I love hauls, reviews, ootd, pretty much everything haha :)xxx

  • My favourite posts to read are hauls/recent buys etc. Purely because I just dead nosey.

    I'm a new follower and already loving your little corner of the internet.

  • Congrats on the followers! I really like reading FOTD posts so you can see how each product has been used and how it all looks together

    Kerry x

  • Those nail polishes are gorgeous colours! xx

  • Love the nail polishes, hope I win! xx

  • I love pretty much everything you post! Especially beauty reviews :) x

  • Love all reviews

  • Jo

    Hauls and reviews :)

  • I love anything to do with lipsticks, I am a lipstick girl through and through! :) xx

  • I love reading reviews and ootd's the most :)

  • Congratulations no the followers lovely :). I love OOTDs the best – it's great to see how other people style outfits :)

  • I like nail art and empties posts!

  • NOTD are my all year round favourites!

    love from RINA

  • Well done on your followers !!
    I love reading your hairposts, especially Lee Stafford his products are amazing xxx

  • My fave blog posts are definitely ootd and also getting to know bloggers :)

    Great prizes! :)

    F xx

  • I like to read about new creams for sensitive skins as I suffer badley and like to try new stuff x

  • I love reading reviews. <3

  • Rafflecopter name: Bru Uus

    I think reviews are probably my favourite posts.. I love hearing about new products!

  • I love haul posts :)

  • Love the giveaway! Wow I really hope I win now! I love ootd's! Xxx

  • Mia

    I love lot's of posts, I think my fave has to be FOTD!

    HUGE CONGRATS ON 1000 FOLLOWERS! you deffo deserve it!

    Mia – teenagebeautyblogger@gmail.com

  • Yey! Well done!

    I love hauls!

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway, congratulations!

    I love haul posts, and reviews and wishlists :) xxx

  • I love reading reviews and hauls :)
    cute blog!

    love char_beyy xx

  • omg this is amazing! i love nail tutorials :)

    romanylowe@yahoo.co.uk xx

  • Great giveaway, I like hauls and OOTDs! xxx

  • I like to read looks/reviews. =)

  • My favourite posts are product reviews :D I really love how honest yours always are!


  • love hauls and reviews~!

  • congrats on the big 1000 chelsea! amazing achievement. I love your ootd and review posts on to the next 1000! x

  • Well done on 1k followers, you have an awesome blog!

  • I love FOTDs and hauls :)

  • I"m new here,so I'm in love for yor blog!

  • Congratulations.

    I love make up reviews.


  • I read your blog most days but only now got round to following you!!

    I love your reviews especially on hair and nail products :)

    Congratuations on reaching 1k xx

  • review and tutorial :D

    thanks for the giveaway ^^

  • Makeup reviews, especially concealers, BB creams, and lip products. Congrats for the success of your blog!

  • Congrats lovely, such a big milestone!!

    Would love to see hauls and FOTD. X

  • OOTD and reviews!

  • I LOVE reviews…particularly products I cant get my hands on yet!


  • It's a niche market but my absolute favourites are lipstick reviews and fotds :) alwaaaays end up craving new products! x


  • I think my favourites are empties and monthly favourites :)

  • Hi Chelsea, congratulations for 1,000 subscribers :) I love your NOTD posts..

  • amazing giveaway!!
    I love reading reviews best and monthly favs :)

    lucy xx

  • Amy

    I love reading reviews x

  • Congrats on 1000! I love OOTS posts!Xx

  • I like reading reviews!

  • I like reading reviews the most. I always love seeing what people think about different products.

    Congrats on all your followers! :)

  • Congrats! I love hauls and reviews :)

  • I love reading reviews, they are always informative :) x

  • My favourite posts to read are probably reviews, or dupe comparisons!

  • Georgia

    Well done, i love organisational posts :) x

  • Congrats! I love reading FOTD and OOTD :) x

  • Thank you! I love skincare reviews :) x

  • Congratulations hun! And very well deserved, your blog is fab! My fave posts are OOTDs reviews of favourite products :)
    Rosy x

  • I just came across your blog, love the beauty reviews and outfit posts :)
    Such a great giveaway

    Denise x

  • congrats
    swatches and reviews are my favorite

  • I love reviews, ootd, makeup looks, a little bit of everything really!

  • Reviews & swatches.

  • Congrats!!

    I love NOTD/nail art posts

  • i love reviews/first impression posts!! Thanks for this and congrats xo

  • I love reading review posts because I like to know if things are worth getting before I buy it.

  • my fave blog posts are reviews xo

  • I really love reading your reviews.

  • Congrats on the 1000 followers :)
    I love fotds, i love seeing how people do their make-up :)
    Natalie xx

  • Congrats on 1000 followers!! I like reading your review posts the most.

  • Congrats! I love to read reviews since it helps me stay clear of bad products.

    Angelica @ angelicadiscovers.com

  • I love reading NOTD posts.

    Thanks for the giveaway, cosmeticcravingsATyahooDOTcom x

  • my favourite posts are NOTDs… I love them!

  • I can't get enough of reviews & hauls. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway xxx

  • I love reading reviews and OOTD's :)
    Great giveaway thanks for giving me the chance to win x

  • I love reviews as it helps me decided on buying the product or not & it keeps me up to speed on whats going on in the beauty world.

    Thanks for a great giveaway xxx

  • I prefer a review because they very helps me! Nice giveaway and congrats for your 1000+ members :)
    It's hard to have 1000 members :( I'm a beginner :(

  • I prefer reviews.. they are very helpful

  • Reviews – am I brave enough to go pink too? Maybe!

  • I like reading reviews, people tend to rave about or bash the products, both are informational.

  • I like reading reviews to find out about new products :) xx

  • Congrats! I love hauls!


  • I really have enjoyed reading through your blog, I like your style! :) x

  • Oh and my favourite posts to read are probably your reviews on things, I like to know another bloggers opinion before I buy something myself! xx

  • I love to read about your review before I decide to buy a makeup. Love to read your makeup description.

  • Congrats on the followers – I would like to see more reviews – always fab to hear someone elses opinion.

  • Hauls and reviews!


  • K.

    My favorite posts to read are ones on nails! Thanks for the giveaway.
    p.s. I'm under the name Kellybee in the widget xoxo

  • I'm a new follower but I love haul posts and outfit posts so will definitely look forward to reading those!

  • I like OOTD posts :).

  • I like OOTD posts :).


  • oh gosh such an amazing giveaway chels!!
    i absolutely love your OOTD/haul posts since i adore your style :) xoxo

  • Skin care tips and rotiene

  • NOTDs are my favorite :)

  • this is a great giveaway! I always love OOTD posts the best, love to see how people style their clothes :)

  • I'd say reviews and OOTD – I like to see what people are wearing for inspiration on what to wear and love to read reviews beofre I go out and buy products! It's very helpful, esp when you're skint!

  • I like tutorials and nail polish swatches.

    Thank you for this giveaway!!


  • Reviews!

  • Woww, congratulations…

    I like reviews more..


  • I love your hair posts! I really need to keep my hair in good condition but I just get lazy with it. Your express this in your hair care posts and they are always super helpful to me! I love them!

  • I love reading reviews because they help indecisive readers like myself to decide what to buy. :) Reviews of products are always appreciated!!

  • Cannot believe I am only just entering this, where have I been all this time!? Haha! Congratulations on the huge milestone lovely :) my favourite posts are hair care routines/tips (i want long hair!) or beauty hauls! xxx

  • This is such a lovely giveaway! My favourite types of posts are probably either reviews or tutorials! xx

  • I LOVE FOTD :)

  • beauty reviews are my absolute favorite posts

  • I just love general reviews. They help me decide whether or not I want to try out a product i've been ogling for a while.

    Love the giveaway, hun :)

  • OOTD – Rare London Studded Jumper

    your review :)

  • What I like most about your blog is the review! you are honest and sincere, most of beauty bloggers now are so biased, maybe because they got the product for free. I love bloggers who purchases the product on their own.

    Also, OOTD of course!! and it's my pet peeves too to see bloggers never repeat their clothing items, even their jeans, WHAT? ain't nobody got fashion items that many!! I respect bloggers who styled their one item in various way. more down to earth!

  • Congrats on the followers! I like to read reviews as i like to know peoples actual opinion on things i'm not too sure on buying. And i really like your choice of prizes i don't own anything as of yet from benefit and i really like the colours you chose for the polishes x

  • I love your reviews and nail posts xx


  • I love drugstore makeup reviews! Congrats on 1,000 xxxx

  • Great giveaway, looove your blog! I love reviews and hauls :) xxx

  • JC


  • Nicola Young

    I like reading about other bloggers favourites bloggers. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to follow.

    Nicola: =

  • Congratulations on 1000 followers! The posts I love the most are reviews, I always love to hear the ins and outs of a product before I buy it.

    GFC: Firesin

  • I love reviews!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Definitely nailpolish tutorials or reviews:)

  • I love reviews and organization tips!

  • Love reading reviews – helps me decide on stuff I'm going to buy

  • Congratulations!! :D love a good haul post or make up review

  • Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers, it's huge!

    My favourite posts are reviews :)

    Kelsey xx

  • Fabulous giveaway honey & congratulations on 1000 followers! What an amazing achievement & you deserve it!

    My fave posts to read would be outfits, hauls & favourites I think! <3


  • I love tutorials and reviews

    Beth x

  • Shine Bright Like Chelsea Does!

  • Lovely giveaway!! I love reading reviews, hauls and OOTD posts x

  • Ah I love lipstick posts! :D