Santa Brought…. A New Camera!

Merry Christmas everybody, i hope you all had a lovely day yesterday! I do plan on doing a post on everything which i got in more detail because i would love to ready everyone else’s i think it’s a great thing to nosey at as i am quite a nosey parker. but I’m just too excited to hold in this little goodie.. :) 
My little blog & me have got ourselves a new camera! EEEEEEK! 
I’ve been dying for a new camera as filming videos & taking pictures on your iPhone/Ipad is just getting really difficult in this winter weather & low light conditions!
So my mummy & daddy let me open all my presents and then after a while brought out one final one… this baby! i was over the moon! It’s a Canon EOS 650D! i mean how amazing are they for spoiling me like this?! i love you both! :) 
So all yesterday i was playing at taking pictures trying to get used to such a high speck camera..  i think my dog got a little sick of my trying to get him to sit still why i took hundreds of photos of him (Hes not the most patient dog in the world ) poor thing, He’s shattered today! :)
So i cant wait to get filming some new videos & writing new blog post with hopefully some gorgeous photographs on all down to this beaut of a camera!
Merry Christmas everyone i look forward to reading what santa brought for you all! :) 
  • Love the camera!! Can't wait to watch some of your new videos!! You can check out my YouTube channel if you want!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx!

  • This is a great present and so practical!

    Beth @

  • That's such a good camera! I have Nikon D3000 and really want one to film YouTube videos on :) although I did get a MacBook Pro for christmas!! x

  • That's a great Camera :) I really need to get a new one, or convince someone who loves me to buy me one and the ted baker washbag I see in the background, I tried and failed to convince my boyfriend to buy me one of those this christmas :) Looking forward to seeing all of your posts and videos with your new camera :)
    Rosalie x

  • What a lovely present! xx

  • this is exactly what my sis did when she got given her camera on Christmas too!

  • awwww you lucky ducky! super jealous! cant wait to see some photos with the fancy camera now :) x

  • thats a great present! I want to get a better camera soon too!

  • Ahh what a lovely present :) xxx

  • WOW you lucky girly, id love a new camera x x

  • wow it an awesome gift <3 it wish to have one :)

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