Review – Topshop Lips In Infrared

Topshop Lips in infrared £8.00
So first of all i have to say that tomorrow morning i must sadly leave you all for a couple of days :(
I’m off to Spain for the new year so i wont be able to blog as my ipad doesn’t like to play ball when I’m not in the comfort of wifi! So while I’m having a little mini brake which trust me i really do need my head is feeling full to bursting after these last couple of weeks, anyways I’ve got a couple of guest posts to keep you occupied :) and i shall leave you with a lovely review as a little going away, parting review kinda thing!
So first things first this is my first review using my brand new canon EOS 650d camera! eeeeek! i love it, I’m still trying to find my feet fully on the whole camera but i can pretty much do all the basics like point and click i think and I’m loving it no more iphone pictures!
So anyways on with the actual review, i think every man and his pet pooch has raved about this lipstick! and I’m sitting to myself thinking why the heck did it take me so long to go out and buy it!?
I think its because I’m really not a lipstick girl, as much as i try/want to be i just feel like unless I’m on a night out or going somewhere fancy then I’m a tad over dressed if i wear lipstick! now i know that’s daft because i love when i see girls rocking their lippy’s! but for me i think I’m just a little soft! So I’m trying my hardest to break this funk I’m in :)
The lipstick in the tube appears to be a really bright orange, however when applied it looks less scary as its more of a deep orangey/red which really bring out the warm tones in the skin! if i wasn’t such a mardy bum with lipsticks i would probably wear this on a everyday basis instead of saving it for fancy occasions!
The formula is very creamy, it glides on the lips very smoothly and it was a really hydrating lipstick!
this really is becoming my favourite winter lipstick but i can see it sticking all through till summer! :)
At £8 for a Topshop lipstick seriously you cant go wrong i think my next purchase has got to be ‘All About Me’ :)
Have you got any must have lipsticks?


  • Chelsea

    ooooo i love this lipstick, its my absolute fav from the topshop collection. have a wonderful time in spain honey, very jealous, looking forward to a post on it :) very jealous of your new camera :) xx

  • Gill at Gillian, Etc

    Wow, the colour really suits you! I have 'RIo Rio' which is orange based and I'm afraid I can't really pull it off :( shame as I've lusted after this for what seems like forever! xxxx

  • Chelsea

    this looks amazing on you chels! you should definitely wear it more often than fancy occasions haha xoxo

  • Tash

    Okay I NEED this lipstick! Gorgeous Chels!!!! xxxx

  • PrettyGloss

    I'd love to try out this shade. Looks pretty on you. xoxo


  • Chelsea

    Lovely colour, you look gorgeous! Topshop lippies are great and affordable too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Chelsea

    It looks gorgeous on! I got Topshop Oh La La lipstick for Christmas and love it x

  • Chelsea

    Great review love the colour of this lipstick hun!.

  • Chelsea

    my must have lipstick is viva glam gaga shade 1, it's such a shame they don't sell it anymore! I'm tempted by the soft red of this lipstick though. Great post!

    Immi xx

  • This is one of my favourite lipsticks and it looks lush on you!! Xx.

  • Belle Mode

    The colour really suits you, ive never tried a topshop lipstick so might have to try one out soon! xx

  • Chelsea

    Saw your twitter post, hope you're at 100000 now! You now have a new follower too ;) this colour looks lovely on you, I didn't think it would be so sheer!

  • Chelsea

    Love the colour on you! Topshop lipsticks are awesome, might have to pick this one up! x

  • Jessica Shep

    love the colour :) x