Christmas Tag Video :)

Hey guys, so today’s i found the time to film a video! 
YEY :)
Seeing as I’ve been feeling a little Christmasy this week after finishing work for my Christmas holidays & it being my blogs first Christmas i thought it would be a great idea to do a Christmas tag! I know its been a little while since i last filmed but I’m trying to work on that its rather hard not having a proper camera to film with and so on …  so i hope you enjoy my Christmas tag, hopefully i will be able to keep up with the filming of more videos for you! … please let me know if you and if you liked it don’t hesitate to give me a cheeky thumbs up ;)
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  • Yay! You got to love Christmas tags! Especially videos :)

  • i definitely enjoyed watching your christmas tag video! :)

    <3, Mimi

  • Great video! Im new to blogger but ive been following beauty guru's for awhile now. I was just wondering how you got your page like this? Im having a little trouble understanding and making mine unquie. How did you get the home button and stuff for example? Thankyou!

    This is mine;
    It seems like thats my home page by the sounds of it but its my first blogpost, so very confused! Would love anyones help!