Yey… I Finally Got Biker Boots!

So I’ve been looking for a pair of biker boots since like what seems forever.. and none just seemed to fit the bill.. I’m so used to my comfy ugg boots that which ever boots i chose had some serious comfort factor to live up to.. and when browsing the Internet as i do an awful lot ops, i came across these gorgeous embellished biker boots on the River Island website, they was right up my ally and i knew then and there these was the boots for me! so today while having a shopping trip in manchester i popped into the river island store and they was even more beautiful in person! they was even lined in fur.. A-MA-ZING.. luckily they had my size so i snapped them up! at £75 i think there fab, that fab i just couldn’t wait to get home and share them with you all and plus they will last me for a good couple of winters so totally worth my pennies!
I did also buy a gorgeous cardigan as well but I’m going to save that for a little haul video for you all as I’ve done an awful lot of shopping lately ops :)
Have you found your winter boots yet?
  • Clare – A Bit of This and That

    Oh my. They are lovely so pretty. I can't wait to see how you style them


  • MyLushBox Barbz

    I loooove them!! Outfit post please!

  • helen m

    these are lush love the sparkles and your new layout :) xx

  • Aww thankyou lovely! I'm loving them both too! Xx

  • :)! Ooo Ill take a snap when I wear them! Xxx

  • I know I think I'm in love with them xxx

  • Danielle O’ Malley

    Dear god they are beautiful!!

  • I know right! :) river islands done good xx

  • Melissa Dunn

    ohh i love these! i love buying my winter wardrobe its definitely better than buying summer clothes xxx

  • Karis Wright

    Love, love, love these boots!

  • Oh I agree! I love being all snug in boots hats and scarves :)! Xxx

  • Thankyou :) xx

  • April

    omg love these boots! x

  • OMG…. these are soooooo fabulous x x

  • laura kate

    these boots are so god dam amazing :) xx

  • Omg I'm in love! They look great . Sophie xx

  • Laura

    Oh my! These boots are gorgeous. Exactly what I was looking for. May have to pinch your style idea.


  • emily

    these are lushhhhh :)

  • they look amazing chels! i'm still looking for a good pair of biker boots myself for winter! haven't found the right ones yet!

    Just started following you hun, great blog :)

    Stefy x♥x

  • Elaine

    Love these! need to get boots like them:) Xx

  • Melissa

    These boots are so cute! Very sassy. x

    <3 Melissa

  • kayleigh sarris

    wow those boots are amazing!! <3 xx