The Body Shop All In One BB Cream Review

So after buying the body shop BB cream when it first come out i thought it may just be time to share my view on the product :) – if not a little over due!
They are available in 3 shades i opted for the middle shade (02) I’ve recently become a fan of BB creams and tinted moisturisers as I’m loving the natural look lately and i don’t seem to want a very heavy coverage, although my skin is really not playing ball and seems to be having a slight paddy over the last week!
The packaging as you can see is a mirror effect soft tube and let me tell you it was very tricky to try and take a picture of!
So the BB cream itself is a thin textured cream which is white and when you rub it into the skin tiny pigment micro beads burst realising the colour! It really looks quite fascinating :)
As i said earlier this week my skin is playing up and this cream isn’t doing a really great job at covering those little blemishes but on days when my skin is behaving it does a perfect job at evening out my skin tone and leaving me with a really natural look and i have been wearing it an awful lot since i bought it, it just seemed to of taking me forever to right this review! Ops!
So there you have it my very short and sweet review on The Body Shops All In One BB Cream, have you like me been preferring a more natural look lately ?
Anyways, have a lovely Friday night everyone and a great weekend :) I’m off to sit in my PJ’s and watch Tv all night as i have a headache and a rather lovely scratched, black eye where my little rabbit decided he wasn’t getting enough attention and jumped on my face! So I’m going to buy him a lovely Christmas jumper tomorrow and make him dress up and sit in it all night as a punishment for hurting my eye :) jokes.. i am buying him a Christmas jumper though! he would look fab! So await the Christmas bunny rabbit picture on instagram! :)
  • i am obsessed with body shop. they have the best stuff and probably half of my collection is from there. glad to see someone else love them (:

  • Ellie

    I am LOVING The Body Shop at the moment! Their skincare is amazing. I really want to try a BB cream as my skin isn't looking too happy right now. Very useful review!

    e x

  • Ahhh I love body shop make up definitely going to give this a try, looks lovely xx

  • Beth Bradley

    I've seen these before in store and swatched but they're too orange for my pale skin. They'd be great to wear with a tan.

    Beth @

  • Hannah Rebekah Campbell

    I love your blog layout!!
    You should try the Garnier BB cream, it's quite heavy but good for winter months when you want a bit more coverage!
    Hannah xxx

  • My favourite BB cream is one that's imported from China called BRTC gold caviar, it literally is amazing, definitely worth checking it out!

    Great post btw, I saw this the other day and wondered what the texture etc would be like – you reviewed it really well!