I’m Back .. With A Cath Kidston Haul :)

Well let me start buy saying happy November everyone! and Guess who’s back ? ahhh its been so long since i wrote on my little blog! i feel so out of the loop.  I hope you can all forgive me for being so absent over the past couple of weeks but firstly i was really really poorly, then my mum and dad was off work so i got soo busy spending some family time we went to the Trafford Centre, the Arndale and then just tried to get odd jobs done and i just couldn’t find the time to sit and concentrate on my blog! and to top it all off this week i caught my illness back! how unlucky :( so after all that I’m still not 100%  plus i broke my nail earlier today which resulted in buying some Asos barbie joggers! So anyways I’m  now sat with my box of tissues writing my first blog post in over two weeks, scary stuff :)! 
A couple of weeks ago i posted my Cath Kidston wish list, well after being really ill i had a trip to the trafford centre with the the boyf, and he bought me this beautiful Cath Kidston purse :) yey. its soooo lovely i think i love Cath Kidston even more now i get to carry some around with me all the time!! 
And the two other things i bought was for my bedroom, I’ve got myself these gorgeous wash cases/bags  now i know I’m not using them for what they are supposed to be used for but i kinda thought they would make cute storage for my bedroom, and there working our perfectly! they look so lovely just sat on the top of my cupboards instead of all the junk which is normally there. 

So what do you guys think of Cath Kidston, I’m even thinking of buying one of the dogs collars for my dog! i think they are seriously too cute!? 
Hopefully you can all forgive me for being so absent and i have some posts lined up for you, all i need its some un dull days to take the pictures! taking blog pictures on dull days just hard work :( winter just isn’t a blogs friend!
  • helen m

    Its such a cute print. I dont have any cath kidson things but i have a lot of inspired prints and i adore them :) such as my duvet which i am currently lying on :)x

  • Ooo I love the duvets! :) I bets that's pretty xx

  • Eda

    I think Cath Kidston items are really cute, shabby chic ♥ Love how this stores your nail varnishes hun x

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  • Dani M

    I loveee Cath Kidston but I've only ever got anything as a birthday present :)
    A new store has just opened in my uni town so I may need to go visit it!

  • Jasmine Olague

    great storage! love the flower print… matches your blog background ;) much love from Las Vegas


  • Christine

    oh wow, that's the most gorgeous bag ever! :)

  • Katrina Brown

    I love Cath Kidson! I will be doing a Cath Kidson inspired Nail Art post on my blog really soon if you would like to check it out?

  • Steph

    I nearly bought that purse the other day I love it! Just followed you cos I'm loving your blog :) xx

  • beautyeverafter

    These are GORGEOUS! I love Cath Kidston, its stunning! xoxo

  • rae

    looks like you picked up some really great products. i love all the prints from cat kidston. the makeup case with the nailpolishes inside is so nice.xx rae

  • Danielle

    Welcome back gorgeous! I had a little break for a week too, life just gets in the way sometimes and you really do feel out the loop haha its horrible. Adore your new purse its fabulous. Hope you feel better soon doll xxx

  • missmeliaa

    That's such a cute cosmetics bag!

  • picklejarsxo

    actually in love with this bag!

  • Marisa Jade

    That is a perfect idea putting the nail varnishes in, might have to steal it

    I've just done my own Cath Kidston haul too