Camera Help?

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I need all the help you can give guys!
I’m thinking i really want a new camera, but I’m unsure which to get :(
i will save up for it so dont worry about it being expensive (Reasonable for a camera but not OTT please LOL)
I’m really have no idea about all these dslr cameras but i really would like one so what advice do you have for a beginner? and which camera would you recommend ?
Also could someone please help explain what lens I would need?
I’m so confused :(
i would use it for taking photos and making videos soooo help please :)
I have been looking at the cannon d600? :)
whats your thoughts? Should I opt for this one?!

  • jemmalouisex

    I have the canon 500d but I have heard only great things about the newer one 600d, or even 550d :):) also a cheaper one which is still meant to be fab is the canon 1100d, i think it is that anyway.. xx

  • Hannah Roza-Lyn

    go for the d600 :) it's pretty damn cheap in currys at the moment – around 450 I think! If that is a bit much the 1100d is around 300 before cashback and that's also capable of HD video :) dont worry about being a begginer, most people only ever use automatic anyway and they're super clever cameras so can probably focus better than you'd be able to by sight :) xoxo

  • Oooo I really like the look of the 600d but I'm so confused with it all! That's the cheapest I have seen it though its hard to say no know! :) xxx

  • Ahhh it's so hard to choose! I really like the look of 600d I may have to go talk to a man in a shop see if he can explain them too me :) xxx

  • MakeupByElysa

    I love my nikon d3100 its amazing quality and easy to use. i got mine at jessops for 360 which is a really good price for it. its full hd video and it has a high quality camera it focused really easly and there are lots of settings. when i wanted mine it took me a wile to decide as well but have seen a huge difference since

  • Hi Doll!! I have the Canon EOS 600D :) its amazing!! I would highly recommend if if you want a DSLR!! Xx.

  • beautyeverafter

    I have the exact same dilema at the moment, also looking for a new camera, but unsure which model/make to choose! xoxo

  • Beth

    I have the 1100d from canon but id go for the 600d :) x

  • Nafisah

    The Lumix G series camera's should be good. I am looking to invest in one too!