How I Deep Clean My Brushes..

So until recently i will admit i was one of those people which was really lazy when it comes to cleaning their make up brushes.. disgusting i know but I’m now a changed girl! :)

But when i came around to getting the job done lately i found out i was all out of brush cleaner and baby shampoo, having put cleaning my brushes of before i couldn’t face doing it another time so i searched my bathroom for something which i thought would do the trick, without being to harsh on my brushes and i managed to find a Radox hand soap with added chamomile & Jojoba oil! plus with the added anti bacterial properties, that must be working its little magic on all the gunk and nasties left to grow which I’m now going to explain!

For those of you who was like the old me and never think to wash your make up brushes regularly, let me just tell you exactly why it is a VERY good idea to do so! When you apply foundation on your face you are picking up bacteria from your skin, and then it’s left to fester and multiply in the brush after use.. YUK! then each time you use this brush again the same thing happens except this time your picking up all the other old festered bacteria from last time too, and spreading it all over your beautiful face! 
This results in a vicious circle and trust me from experience it will only ever result in a break out of spots :( 
So these are the simple steps which i follow to deep clean my brushes! 

After gathering which brushes you would like to clean, take the first one and dampen it slightly with lukewarm water, then repeat these main 4 steps for each brush..

1. Pump your chosen cleaning product ( I often use baby shampoo but being all out and with non in sight i used Radox hand soap and it worked a treat!)
2. Start to swirl your brushes around the palm of your hand until reaching a rich lather, adding a little more water if necessary.
3. Squeeze out excess product and watch your dirty water get swirled down the plug hole! (Don’t forget to make sure all soap is out of your brush, we don’t want a soapy brush do we?)
4. Be left with a set of nice clean brushes with look as good as new! :)

Repeat for each brush until you have all clean brushes which feel as good as new! :) 
The thought of bacteria on my face is making me a little OCD when it comes to brush cleaning, and to think i used to be soo lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, I’m disgusted with myself!
How many of you are going to run and clean your brushes? :)

  • Naffy

    Dove works quite well too I find :) I use the exact same method. xo

  • Melissa Dunn

    I'm so lazy when it comes to this too! After reading this, I'm going to clean my brushes tomorrow!!

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Thats what i do too! But i do get lazy and don't clean my brushes as often as i should,oooops!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • I have AMAZING brush cleaner from sephora. Obsessed with it!

  • erica

    Wow great brush collection. I love the feeling of a freshly cleaned brush.
    Erica xo

  • Jesss

    I've got pretty obsessive about it lately too, I always think, "Ah, they can't be that bad.." but the difference it actually makes to how they feel and work is amazing!

    Jesss xo

  • Natalia

    This has definitely just inspired me to go and clean my brushes right away! bacteria on my face aaahhh!!xx

  • Jayne Becca

    I cleaned my brushes yesterday & I always use anti-bacterial hand soap! I don't know how often you should clean them though? Great post! x

  • Emily

    I'm terribly lazy when it comes to washing my brushes, but I'm definitely getting better at it. Great post! :)


  • Rebekah Hunt

    I adore your brush collection! X

  • chelseah_

    I cleaned my brushes this morning but I just use normal shampoo and then conditioner. Is there any reason why everyone seems to be using baby shampoo? xx

  • Lauren Hill

    I know what you mean, oh dear they can stay a few weeks without getting cleaned, shame….. looks like a good brush collection though, what do you store them in?

    Lauren xx

  • Emily

    I do this with baby shampoo every week! I don't know if this is often enough or not… I'm thinking about getting a daily brush cleaner spray so they get at least a little clean, rubbing bacteria on my face is not appealing! :) xxx

  • danielle

    This post has so reminded me that I need to clean mine, i keep putting it off ahhh lol. It's always so disgusting to see how much muck comes out of them ewww xxxx

  • Laura Seed

    aw, i have that handsoap! i bet your brushes smelt lovely afterwards!
    oh andddd hiiii by the way mrs! sorry i've not been in touch for so long, i've barely been on my computer to blog so seen as though i'm on now i thought i'd pop over and see how you're doing? i hope you're well and those migraines are keeping at bay.
    speak soon,
    laura xx

  • fati

    -Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.

  • Niki Mallikarachchi

    great tutorial! I really like using handsoap but I feel like the ones that have heavy scents are not so good for the bristles so I started using dove shampoo and it really does the trick! nice post!

  • Isha Knight

    After reading this, I am about to collect all of my brushes and give them some tlc.

  • Lindsey

    I actually really love cleaning my brushes, is that weird? hahah. I use my bareMinerals brush cleaner! xx

  • Emma Patterson

    OMG I so need to clean mine, been getting ultimate break out of spots! It's just such an effort but the thought of bacteria is making my stomach turn!!

  • Kelly

    I finally got round to doing mine yesterday, and I do exactly the same! X