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So i have had a serious case of Cath Kidston obsession lately! i find myself looking through the website thinking i need everything on there!
doesn’t it all just use the most prettiest, cutest patterns ever!

I’m a big fan of my pyjamas, so i would just sleep like a baby in some of these Cath Kidston PJ’s! i think my pyjama draw is full to bursting but i would gladly hang these little baby’s up with honer!
to be honest i would love to just re vamp my whole bed room which Cath Kidston cushions, bedding, make up bags, wash bags, and i would just walk around all day in those cute star towels! .. Honest!
Next a bag! i need a Cath Kidston Shopper bag in my life, with a matching purse and umbrella :) and i would just love that cute jumper! if only ey, i will get there one day!  … hopefully!

i think I’ve said the name Cath Kidston so much in this little post its began to sound a little strange.. oppsie but at least you can see i really need this wish list!
i think a trip to the Trafford Centre is in order at the weekend to treat myself to a item :)

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Cute wishlist, i love Cath Kidston, i want it alll ahah :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Chloe Ulett

    Ahh im so with you on this im obsessed with Cath Kidston! The only thing i have so far is a mug but im in love with it :) I have a duvet cover that looks similar to the Cath Kidston patterns also and its amazing, can't really afford the real one though. You should check out the store that they have at Bicester Village if you live anywhere near there, all the stuff is discounted you would be in heaven! xxxxxxxx

  • daisykeeling

    I would literally wear all of cath kidston's stuff i love all of it, that jumper especially! Xxxx

  • Laura Amy

    Ahh I'm the same as you, I go on the website and I decide I need everything haha. It's all just too cute and I love floral prints x

  • Olivia Morreale

    I love it all! The pillows are my favourite xx

  • makeroomforcupcake

    I <3 Cath Kidston
    that is all :)