Rimmel London; Kate Moss Matte Lipstick

So when i saw on the Rimmel facebook page that you could purchase the new Kate Moss matte lipsticks through their facebook page, i just couldn’t resist!
I rushed over as soon as i heard and found myself my favourite colour of the 5 available, and i picked 110, i kinda wish they had special little names instead of just numbers, i think it makes them a little more fun to buy and easier to remember which one you picked if you want to buy it again.
But maybe thats me just being silly? :)
Although they are matte lipsticks, they are actually quite glossy if thats the right word (dont get me wrong they are a matte colour, just a little sheeny) which is nice to be honest i find matte lipsticks a little drying on the lips and i don’t need any more help with that but i didn’t have this problem with this lipstick the formula was nice and creamy and it smoothed on my lips effortlessly.
To find a matte lipstick which was also hydrating was actually quite fantastic!
The lipsticks retail at £5.49 and are exclusively available from the Rimmel London Facebook Page
So if you want yours go get it from there now! or you may have to wait a while until their available in the shops :) mine also came with a free nail varnish, how cute!
Do you like the Kate Moss collection?

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    I got this too did you get the free nail polish as well?

  • I did :) can't wait to use that ! Xxx

  • Lauraxamyx

    Oh this looks so gorgeous, the colour suits you. I definitely prefer cute names on products rather than just numbers haha x

  • lucy

    Ooooooh that looks gorgeous, I was looking at these lipsticks a couple of weeks ago and I really wanted one but I was trying to be good haha. Think I need one in my life x x

  • Kirsty

    Ooh that colour really suits you! I'm going to go have a nosey now :)


  • I thought it was just me being silly :) I'm glad it's not! Thankyou lovely xx

  • Oooo go for it :) I was on a spending ban but it's not worked out very well at all! Xx

  • Thank you :) I would they have some great colours! Xx

  • lisa

    Love the colour really suits you :)

  • Aww thankyou! I never really wear lipsticks! I need to change this xx

  • daisykeeling

    I love the look of these lipsticks, but as fickle and stupid as this sounds I'd want to buy it more if they had names. I love lipstick and nail polish names! xxx

  • See everyone loves cute lipsticks names! They make it fun :) xx

  • Danielle

    this looks lovely on your lips babes, and i totally agree I wish they had names on them too instead of numbers lol xx

  • Thankyou :) I thought I was being silly but seems everyone's feeling the same about the whole names/numbers :) xx

  • Christine

    wow, this is such a beautiful shade! you definitely suit red lip color, you look so gorgeous! :)

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    This is a lovely colour & I love Kate Moss's collections with Rimmel she has some really beautiful colours. I am heading over to their FB page to see if I can get my hands on one. They really need cute names! Thats half the fun