NOTD – Rimmel London 60 Seconds

Well nails aren’t my strong point, I’m forever doing it washing it off, chipping it, smudging it before its dry lets just say me and nails just don’t really have a very good relationship!
But it all changed with this little beaut!
I got this free when I bought the Rimmel London Kate Moss matte lipstick, it was a very nice surprise as I love pink so I was quite excited they sent a little pink nail varnish for free!
 Colour 405 Rose Libertine.
So i waisted no time trying it out, the 60 seconds label really appealed to me as I’m forever doing my nails and smudging them as i can’t sit still long enough for them to dry so this is definently a winner for me on that pont ! :)
After just two coats the polish felt amazing nice and thick and felt like it was really going to last, and trust me it did! It’s been on for a good couple of days before chipping began to occur.. Amazing? I think so :)
Plus the brush is a flat brush which makes application really quick and easy no more messy fingers, your polish goes exactly where you plan! So if your like me and abit rubbish this will help you out!
And as for the colour it has to be my favourite in a long time! A very gorgeous like salmon pink, I love it.
It really has took place as my all time favourite nail polish. So I will be heading to the shops buying more colours :)!
Have you tried Rimmel London 60 Seconds ?
  • sofexo

    these brushes are amazing. i love the colour :)

  • Laura Seed

    Helloooo mrs!
    I hope you're doing ok today and are steering clear of those pesky migraines?
    I really like this polish, I have it in a nice peachy colour and in a minty green colour but I've still not tried it yet because I've just been too lazy, there really is no excuse when it dries this quick, but I'm off out for a fare well meal on Friday with my boyfriend's family as they're moving to Australia, which is so sad, but at least something good can come of it, in the form of pretty nails.
    I'm not sure Alex (the boyfriend) will be too keen on me painting his nails to cheer him up after they've gone, but hey, you never know, I may just give it a try. Poor boy!
    Hope to speak to you soon Chelsea,
    Lots of love,
    Laura xxx

  • backfortea

    I haven't tried these nail varnishes yet but the colour is gorgeous. I would love a lipgloss in that colour too :)

    B xxx

  • Pretty colour! I am the same as you with nails.. I can never wait for them to dry properly. I advise you use a good top coat to speed it up xx


    Such a cute colour! (: I'm exactly the same, I take the time to do my nails and they still smudge! Will have to check out the range! (:


  • Daisy Quijada

    i think those are pretty

    Btw, im following you. it would be better if you follow me too!

  • That is a really lovely shade of pink, don't think I have a shade like that in my collection – need to check out Rimmel next time i'm shopping! x

  • lee-ann_deleca

    That's a cute pink colour! :)
    Just found your blog and now following you. Feel free to check out my blog to.