My First Youtube Video – Haul :)

So today is the day i join the world of youtube! how exciting! 
We had a power cut for a very long time and i was left with no electric for all morning and then it came on then off then on again so basically i had some spare time and well I’ve been saying ill make youtube videos for a while now so the power cut gave me the push i needed :) LOL. 
at least it was good for something i guess!
I was very nervous and due to the powercut and my recent cold i apologise now for all the sniffling and my very messy hair!
Also please excuse my very cute rabbit socks :) 
It’s full of all my recent topshop buys, ops my trip to boots for eyelashes and i got a little surprise delivered which will soon appear on my blog too! 
I hope you like it! and please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel so I’m not all lonely with no friends :)

  • Lindsay Frances

    I've subscribed lovely :-) xx

  • Yey Well done! What camera did you end up using?

    • I just used my ipad :) cant afford a dslr yet boo i hope i can get one soon though! Xx

  • Woo thankyou :)! X

  • Yey Well done! What camera did you end up using?

  • Hannah Ripley

    I'm so pleased for you finally making a video, you brave girl haha! It's really good and I look forward to seeing more from you x x

  • I know I feel brave ha! :) thank you! I Best get planning some more xx

  • danielle

    whoo go you for making your first video lovely! I would love to be able to give it a go lol. Loved your buys especially the blue peplum dress… gorgeous xx

  • Nicola Robinson

    I adore the blue peplum dress! :)

  • why thankyou lovely! im stressing about it right now ! i hope i did a good job! and i know i love peplum <3 xxx

  • ino right! i love it for my first ever peplum buy! :) xxx

  • anne

    Love this post! Your blog is gorgeous with a lot of refreshing posts, which I like :D
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne

  • Kirsty

    Loved this video, you really made me laugh when you was on about the power cut ha, oh and I've just subscribed :) Are you from Wigan or somewhere near there? Your accent is amazing haha. Love the peplum dress, I think you should wear it for the wedding xx

  • Aww thank you so much :) means a lot! X

  • Haha :) thankyou ! that power cut haunted me all day! Yess I'm from Wigan, :) how embarrassing you can tell from my voice! Xxx

  • Ah makes such a nice change to see a video from a blogger from the north! Great video lovely, I'll be subscribing when I get onto my laptop:) x

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Cute first video :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Emily

    Ahhh exciting well done! Im subscribed :) I'd love to be able to make videos one day but ah scary! xxx

  • Fisi Oh

    Actually just found your blog via Twitter and subscribed right away, aren't you just adorable! xx