Eylure Katy Perry Oh Honey Lashes Review

Price – £5.95
Available from Boots
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So I’m a big fan of eylure lashes my favourites have always been 107 i always have a back up pair hidden in my make up draw just in case i need them :) but when i saw that Katy Perry had teamed up with eylure i think i was struck with amazement! i lovee Katy Perry i think she always look so effortlessly gorgeous! so i had to have these lashes! 
On first impressions i noticed they looked an awful lot like the Ardell Demi Wispies review HERE
and seeing as i loved those so much i just knew that these would be the same! 
Oh Honey Lashes are definitely lashes which just add that extra oomph, they have a clear, natural band which the lashes are connected to this must be what gives them the more natural look plus they was super easy to apply!
Oh honey lashes may just take top spot of my all time favourites, They just looked so natural i really did loved the way they made my eyes look! Also they was so comfortable to wear, seriously amazing :) So i will be sure trying out the other lashes in the Katy Perry Eylure range :)
A close up for you :)
  • Sophie Blumenthal

    ooh these look great, i must try them :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • I did lovee them :) xx

  • laura

    I might have to try these they look lovely, I use ardell too I buy from an ebay seller only 2.49 xx

  • Wow that's amazing! Xx

  • I love her eyelashes especially the Oh Honey ones. They're gorgeous
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  • Erin George

    Ive tried so many times but im terrible at applying lashes! I wish I could though, those look fabulous!

  • My trick is eye liner to cover any gaps :)! Xx