Skin Kiss Fake Tan Tights

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Having recently had my eyes opened up to Skin Kiss Fake Tan Tights from Tights Please I was really keen to try these! I mean fake tan through tights! how can this work? before I tried the tights my mind was going crazy.. ” I hope this works!” .. “please don’t let me down tights!”.. “I hope its not another genius idea which looks fab but just doesn’t work?!”
So Lets Get Scientific,  “Patented technology ensures that the microfibers in the tights are impregnated with tanning solution. When these micro fibres comes into contact with skin the tanning agent starts to develop leaving your legs perfectly tanned.”
The Product, So i prepared my legs, I made sure to put the gloves on first which you get with the tights! then brought out my Skin Kiss Tights so when you first put them on they do feel wet and sticky, not very nice but bearable! The smell is rather odd too, but don’t worry it doesn’t last, and they don’t leave you smelling like fake tan either! Great i know! :) Once the tights where on i began to massage my legs I became abit obsessive making sure id covered every inch of my legs so I didn’t miss out any patches, then I left them for the recommended time of 10 minutes!
Once I took the tights off the tan wasn’t noticeable right away, it took about 3 hours to fully develop. As the tan is impregnated into the tights your not going to transfer it! so once their on you can carry on your day as you would doing other things why the tights work their magic!
After a couple of hours I was left with perfectly bronzed legs which because its a wear off tan will last plus your wont be left with patches from rain or split drinks! :) Fab-u-lous!
Overall Thoughts, Tanning tights are definitely the way forward! even though they felt wet and sticky it was definitely worth it for the results the tan was an amazing colour and for 10 minutes tanning mine did last a good 5 days! Amazing result! Plus once you’ve used the tights you can wash them and your left with a pair of nude 8 denier tights to wear again :) What more could you ask for!? Well there is one more thing…
Why are their only tights? we need a Skin Kiss onesie!? :)


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  • These look great! I'd be so sceptical about them not working at all if I hadn't read your review. Definitely agree about needing a onesie version too though!! x

  • I was too at first! I had never heard of them.. But would really love a onesie that would be great! Xxx

  • sophiameola

    I saw these on 'This Morning' a few months back and thought they were fab :) i went to their website almost instantly and they were sold out. If their back in stock i think i should stock up on a few pairs haha Would be great for the winter time! Definitely agree a Skin Kiss onesie would be fab haha :D


  • picklejars

    possibly the best invention ever! will definitely be purchasing some of these :)

  • Danielle

    OMGosh I've never even heard of these, what a fabulous idea and a bonus that they actually work! I totally agree why just stop at your legs, when you want your whole body perfectly tanned. They need to bring out the onesie hehe xxx

  • Aww noo! I think there great! And a onesie would be amazing :) xx

  • Tell me about it! :) xx

  • I know me too! I've found out about loads I would never of known about! Feel like I'm in the loop :) xx

  • A onesie would be fab! And neither had I but they work great :) amazing little things! Xxx

  • Rosemary sandiford

    What a great idea!! Do you have to take them off after 10 mins or can you leave them on?

  • Kate Fellows

    This idea is soo strange! I'll definitely be trying these though, sounds a lot easier than applying tan yourself! x

  • licorice547

    this is a great idea! :) would you like to follow each other? xx

  • licorice547

    this is a great idea! :) would you like to follow each other? xx

  • Natalie Withers

    OMG need to try this bad, such a great idea and i completely agree with you we def need onesie's in this!! Ahh def on my shopping list saturday!! Thanks, great post xxx

  • Sam

    These are a seriously cool idea! I've never heard of them before, but I do agree, they should make a onesie with tanner in it!

  • Missy Momm

    I am so investing in a air of these now!!

  • This Little Pretty

    Hm, not a product I have any need of lol, but sounds like a fab idea, and sounds like you had fun trying them out. What about the rest of your body tho? Lol

    How would you like to follow each other?

    Erika x