A Little Obsessed – Rhian Sugden :)

So a little different post today but i need to talk about this and i lovee this girl!
Is anyone else as obsessed with celebrity big brother as i am? probably just me.. OPS :) I really don’t want it to end i think i might shed a tear, what will i do with my nights once this ends!? oh dear i don’t like to think about it!
(change the subject quickly to avoid getting upset LOL!)
So i have total girl crush on Rhian Sugden! Don’t you think shes just the cutest thing, yes i know shes a page 3 girl but hey ho, shes gorgeous! I dread to think how much i will sulk this Wednesday if shes evicted! All the boys are bugging me the way they are sulking over the girls just because they don’t want to get it on with them, ego much!
I’m pretty sure Ashley should be trained for disappointment being an Olympic judo player i mean come on you cant expect to get every gold medal can you Ashley? So just take no for an answer and stop playing the sob story!
Now Danica yes shes a flirt and a very big one but if these men will buy these things for her, why not! its their money and their choice to send them to her.
Mike The Situation is the man with the money which buys the girl the expensive gift, does that make him the same? in my eyes it does, so Mikey give the jealousy a rest your just the same buddy!
Anyways after my little rant back to Rhian!
i think shes fab, yes shes not the most out there housemate we’ve had but its the little in between things she says which are really fun and cute!
So i really hope she stays till the end! :)
Whats your thoughts on celebrity big bother?
  • Lola Rose

    OMG I completely understand what you mean, Danica is stunning but she hasn't a patch on Rhian, She has the abitily to make her giraffe one-se look amazing!!

    I am so obsessed with CBB its far better then the normal BigBro was this year, feel free to cry on my virtual shoulder when it ends haha!!!



  • Is it wrong that I have the same giraffe onesie.. Oh deer :( don't look like her though! :) I will be taking you up on that offer! I won't know what to do with myself! Xxxx

  • Laura Morrall

    I totally agree with you, she is completely and utterly gorgeous! She looks so cute in that pic holding her teddy lol. Yay for girl crushes!

    Laura x

  • I know that's my favourite picture too :)! Love for girls! Who needs boys xxx

  • Millie

    Hey Chelsea, really enjoyed reading this but with Danica she has on line chats and video links with different men across the world where she gets her boobs out and basically does what they do on babe station! That's why she gets her ''gifts'' they don't just send them to her for nothing (all though some sados probably do, but its not all as innocent as she is making out). Agreed if they want to buy gifts that's fine but they are getting something on their computer screen in return. I really don't agree with what she does xxx

  • True I wouldn't like doing that but each to their own ha she's always been up front with how flirty she is So the boys need to give it a rest, she flirts with everyone so they need to either stay away or not take it personally Xxxx