Clinique Chubby Stick!

So the chubby sticks are basically chunky crayons for your lips!
Clinique have recently brought out 8 new shades bringing the total to a whopping 16 chubby sticks to choose from! You can also create your very own shade by mix & matching different colours!
So the colour possibilities are endless :)
Then the challenge came, picking just one colour!
I finally decided on curvy candy.
Being a very pink girl the colour seemed to fit me perfectly :)
Chubby Stick – £16.00
Clinique Say, ‘Rich in moisture, yes. But heavy? Fat chance.’
And i have to agree! as soon as i applied the tinted lip balm my lips felt instantly moisturised, without feeling waxy or sticky! The colour is sheer and not at all overwhelming just perfect for days when lipstick and lip gloss are just a little to much!
I found the Chubby Sticks to last for about 3 hours from 2-3 hours i could see the colour beginning to fade, but being a tinted lip balm it never claimed to last for hours and hours!
So i find 3 hours exceptional wear for a tinted lip balm!
The crayon/ pencil like tip makes application so easy it’s just fabulous, gone are the days when you had to use your fingers to apply! The pencil concept also means that you can apply the lip balm with accuracy and precision and the twist up bottom means that no need to sharpen resulting in no product waste! PERFECT :)
 They will be great for the summer!
I will definitely be repurchasing more chubby sticks in the future! :)
Have you tried the Chubby Sticks? What were your thoughts?
  • Heard so much about these, i've been wanting to try one for ages. This colour looks really nice on you :)

  • I've been considering investing in one of these for so long but I think I'll wait til I'm in duty free! Looks gorgeous on you, you chose well!x

  • I am glad to see a good review on these, as I have seen 1 or 2 people who aren't that fussed. I'm glad you like them, and that shade looks lovely on you

    • Thankyou! I really like them :) i cant believe others dont! I have read a couple of reviews like that, so i thought i needed to share a possitive one ! I would like another to try mix and match :) xxx

  • aww thankyou! i really like it, i wish i would of bought two now so i could mix and match :) xx

  • i really like them! and thankyou! i would like another colour to try and mix and match ! :) xxx

  • I was really interested in these but I was worried the colour would be too heavy and bright, but I love your colour choice, looks gorgeous on you! Think a trip to Clinique tomorrow is required! X

  • Really want to try these! The colour looks lovely on you! xx

  • Thankyou! The colour is very sheer! I think perfect for summer days :) xxx

  • Thankyou so much! I would recommend I really like mine ! Xx

  • Aww thankyou! I wish I would of bought two now to try mix and match colours! Xx

  • Great review, short sweet and to the point.  I haven't seen these yet, but intend to pop along to my nearest Clinique counter to have a ganer.


  • That's the way to be :)! Ooo the adverts always on tele! That's what made me get one! I would defo go have a look! Xxx

  • I've read so much about these and really want to try one! Love the colour you picked xo
    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  • Thankyou I really like them! I can't believe others don't! I have read a couple reviews like that so I thought I needed to share my positive one! Xxx

  • Thankyou :) I would like another colour to mix & match :) xx

  • Becky F

    They sound really nice and the colour is lovely! Revlon have bought out there just kissable balm stains which look similar but I haven't tried them :)

  • Mia Levy

    Ahh this sounds perfect for me! I had something similar from Tarte (sample size) and it just ran out. The full size for that is too expensive, so these sound great. Nice review!

  • I know I would love to try those! Xx

  • Thankyou I really liked them :) xx

  • beautyfulambition

    I am dying to get my hands on one of these. Great color choice!