Ardell Lashes :)

Lashes lashes lashes!
So recently I’ve been a little lash obsessed, i say recently but I’ve always been slightly lash obsessed :)
i firstly reviewed Ardell Demi Wispies lashes check that out HERE
Ardell have a range of 29 styles to choose from,
so there will be something to suit every ones taste!
The ones I’m talking to you about are style #131 in black.
Ardell lashes are comfortable and light on the eyes, super easy to apply and look so natural!
the glue is also really good it keeps the lashes firmly in place all night! Just what you need form a lash glue! The only problem is that you have to cut the top off so the glue tends to dry up quickly which isn’t helpful for someone like me which gets wear after wear out of a pair of falsies!
As you can see from the picture the Ardell lashes look really natural, They are perfect for people who like their lashes not to be too over the top, yet you like to define your eyes.
They are also good if your new to false lashes! So if your a falsies virgin give these ago!
*Ardell #131 price £5.20
Available at Boots
 (prices may vary from each store)
Why don’t you take a look at their website for more information on
The website has some really helpful videos if your struggling how to apply it will really help you out so give it a look guys :)
Have you ever tried Ardell lashes, and what are your favourite false lashes?
i would love to know!
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  • I love Ardell Lashes :) My favorite are the 101 Demis, i always whip them out for a night out haha 


  • Never seen these, I always use the Eylure ones. Will have a look in Boots next time I pop in :) x 

  • Gorgeous as always Chelsea!!

  • Your blog is so cool
    I love your blog <3
    Do you want to follow eachother?Love, Anne

  • I've never tried false eye lashes before as I always worry they will look to fake but after your post I will be sure to buy some.

  • I love the Ardell Diamante ones ( cant remember the number) They're stunning for nights out on the dance floor!

  • I've seen those they look fab! I've never tried diamond ones only natural looking ones I'll have to give them ago :) xxx

  • Aww thankyou :) xxx

  • I love eylure lashes! But ardell are fast becoming a favourite of mine :) xxx

  • I loved the Demi wispies ! They looked gorgeous on! Xxx

  • I have to admit that I've never tried false eye-lashes, I'm a bit scared (not sure what I'm scared of though ha ha). But I'm going to try some day! They look great on everyone else :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Just found your blog on my search for new eyelashes for the weekend! Loving it! :D following now! :D xx

  • Those looks very cute and nice:)
    Great blog post btw.

  • LOVE the lashes!