Shopping Haul – Primark/Newlook

Hey lovelies!

What a rubbish day, kind of tops of my week really, I’ve had a really crappy couple of days :( and so much for June its done nothing other than rain and rain and more rain! anyways to cheer myself up a little I’ve been to Manchester to have a nice little shop! but the rains been making me cold which doesn’t really take a lot :)
So i went into newlook and there was just too many nice clothes! there was alot of playsuit which i just loved! the only problem was non of them had any straps, I’m not a fan of no straps i find it awkward and i just have to be in the mood for wearing it so i ended up buying a pair of high waisted shorts! then primark came and i found another pair for half the price! So i just couldn’t resist.
Primark £10.00                                                    Newlook £19.99
Then obviously you cant just go into Primark and buy one thing.. well i cant anyways :)
So i found 3 dresses which i just could not buy a lovely denim one with a tan belt i think it would look great in summer with some tan flats! 
The pink and the white dresses are the same style but I’ve been slightly obsessive with pink lately i think its just the cutest! they have a little slit down the back which makes it slightly dressy :)
 and lets be honest when does a little white dress not come in Handy!
Whites the new black for me :)
Denim Dress- £7.00
White Dress – £6.00
Pink Dress – £6.00
I think i had quite a productive shopping day! and i stayed out of Topshop.. What the? not like me at all but if i would of gone in i know i would of added something else to this post i very rarely do not buy from Topshop :)
So whats everybody doing for bank holiday?
  • I love everything you got especially the primark shorts, what a good bargain for only £10 !

  • The shorts are so cute! I love the denim belted primark dress and i have 2 of the other dresses too hehe, such a good buy! Love your blog!!

  • Such great buys, need to get myself down primark and get those dresses.. so pretty! Love those shorts too great summer essential at bargain price too! 


  • Exactly! I already bought the newlook ones for £20 then I spotted those beauty's! :) xxx

  • They are cute :) I love denim at the min too! And thankyou so much xxx

  • They sure are summer essentials :) lycanthrope wait to wear them ! Xxx

  • I love the pink and white primark dresses! I have the black one but they never have my size in the other colours! They better not stop stocking them before i manage to get them!


  • Manchester had loads in every colour as if they had just gotten a delivery, you should keep checking :) Xxx

  • Oooooh lovely! Both the shorts are really cute :)

    Hayley xxx

  • I can't wait to wear them! I need an occasion now :) xxx

  • LOVE the shorts :)
    Marie x

  • They are cute! I need to find somewhere to wear them! :) xx

  • Loving the white dress! can't wait to get back to england and dive into primark haha! know what you mean I can never ever just buy one think in primark :)

  • It's just not possible :) xxx

  • really loving the shorts

  • :) I need somewhere to wear them now xx

  • Lovely post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Such a great blog! Would you like to follow each others blog on GfC and bloglovin?

    Lots of hugs,

  • I love those shorts! So cute and summery :)

  • love all of them!!:)

  • :) ino xxx

  • Mee too! We just need some sun now :) xxx

  • that white dress is so cute! and i love the primak shorts bang on the tropical trend! love your blog, followed! xxx

  • Too true! I can't wait to wear them! And thankyou :) xxx

  • I have to say I think Topshop is a little over rated.



  • I love the cute dresses! Cute blog!

  • :) thankyou! Xxxx

  • oh wow i love the prim ark shorts

  • I nearly bought the same dress, but i resisted because i have so many pink dresses already. I love the high waisted shorts, unfortunately i cant fit into any i've tried on.. such a shame as they're so stylish. Need a flat tummy first :) Lovely haul though! Have you tried Peacocks, i found some lovely shorts in there this weekend! I'll have to do a post on them soon! xx

  • Pink dresses are the cutest :)! I always have to buy a bigger size in high waisted shirts to make them fit nicely, the things we do eh :) ive never looked in peacocks the one near me closed down :( but I'll be on the look out when I go for a big shop somewhere! Xxxx

  • :) there a bargain for £10 xx

  • Absolutely love the floral short's they're lush! xo

  • There are my favourite buy this summer! And for £10 I love them even more :) xx