Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara

Hey lovelies!

How dull is the weather again! total bore!
I was really enjoying yesterday in my summer shorts :( until once again England strikes and the rain starts coming in all its glory! Stupid rain, at least it gave that lovely smell when its been warm and then it rains, you know the one I’m talking about don’t you? well i love that!

Anyways, So i was in Tesco and no trip to Tesco is complete unless you have a nice little stop at the make up section, now after seeing the advert with Kate Moss like 100 times i decided that i would just go ahead and buy it!
I purchased at its introduction price of £4.99
Usual Price £6.99
About The Mascara, The scandaleyes show off mascara has a new designed brush, the wand is specially shaped with a funny looking ball on the end which claims to give your lashes well, more everything! The ball tip claims to lift and curl while the rest is flattened to help load your lashes with more of the mascara!

What I Thought, Well to be completely honest i preferred the first version of scandaleyes. At first i was very sceptical of the ball tip, and in my opinion it makes applying the mascara really difficult i feel like I’m about to poke my eye out any second! I also noticed the formula looked completely dry on the wand, but i thought id give it a chance, and once applying it took ages to coat all my lashes, so its not ideal if your in a rush unlike the original scandaleyes which I’ve never had any problems with. As you can see from the picture of my lashes a couple have clumped together, the wand does tend to hold quite a lot of the formula so i think that’s the reason for the clumping :(

Overall Thoughts, Its not my favourite mascara but i will probably finish using it seeing as I’ve bought it now, you never know i might learn to love it. I think i will be sticking to Rimmels first scandaleyes as I’m just in love with that mascara. In my opinion its no improvement on the original scandaleyes, but please remember this is my opinion your may feel completely different.

Well I’m going back to my couch camping as I’ve not been very well again today, seriously what is my immune system? I’m forever ill!
Better be gone by the weekend as its my friends birthday so were having a nice little outing for that, and I’m excited i haven’t been out in a long time so watch this space for an OOTN post :)
Happy Thursday Everyone!

  • Was interesting reading your post, I can't say I've tried the original scandal eyes so can't compare the 2 but I love this mascara and got on really well with it, I feel it works great with my lashes and didn't leave clumps. Defiantly in my top 5, Its a shame you didn't get on with it :(

    Check out my post here:

    Natalie xxx

  • I read your review! And your lashes made me buy it they looked fab! I just don't think it agrees with me :( very sad. I love the original so I'll be sticking with that for now ha xxxx

  • Hi! I havnt tried Scandal eyes mascara, and to be honest it looks like it would be a pain to apply as well!! Oh and i know exactly what smell your talking about! Its like a musty sort of smell, but thrown in is like grass and tree smell!!? haha probably a terrible description, but thats what i think its like anyway! Great review though :) honesty is the best policy!

    Jen xxx

  • I think it's a pain I felt like I was going to poke my eye out! And yeah that's the smell! :) smells really good :)! I had to be honest it wasn't as good as the original in my opinion :( xxxxx

  • Aww thats a shame. I hate clumpy mascaras :(


  • I really wanted to try this mascara but I find with mascaras like this its usually better to first use one that defines your lashes, then use one like this to build volume!
    Tbhh though I really like your eyelashes in your photo!

    Laura x

  • Ino maybe once I've used abit it will work better :) xxx

  • Ooo that's a good idea! I never thought of that, I'll give that ago next time :) thankyou I hope I like it more once I try your idea! Xxxxx

  • Aw, I really hope that you feel better soon!! *Hugs!*
    Great review! :D
    (P.S. I found you on the blog hop!! ^-^)

  • Ooh i love your OOTN posts, cant wait :) Nice review and hope u feel better soon xxxxx