Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Wax Strips

Hey lovelies!

If our eyes are the window to our souls then i guess that kind of makes our eyebrows the curtains.
So lets treat them how they deserve!
I’m one who used to always use tweezers on my eyebrows and lets be serious you never quite get all the hairs, these mini wax strips are just the perfect home kit to leaving your eyebrows looking lovely and preened!
The kit comes complete with 32 wax strips (16×2) enough for 6 weeks of brown maintenance and Azulene oil to instantly soothe and calm the skin.
Available from Boots
*Price – £8.69
I found myself done with the whole thing in under 10 minutes! i mean even with tweezers you keep going back finding you’ve missed a little bit once you think your done so it takes a little while well not with these little babies! they are just fabulous! Plus their Eco friendly! :)
It really is that simple to have perfect brows, just heat up the strip a little with your hands place on your eyebrow in the desired place and whip it off!
The only thing i find annoying is that the strips are in straight lines and trying to mould them around your eyebrows can be tricky they maybe could of been easier if they was in an arched shape, but that’s only a minor thing and i can sure live with it considering the results!
So hows everyones Saturday night? I’ve just got back from having a pub tea with my friends, i really enjoyed it,  but now i just feel like having a bath and not moving off the couch for the rest of the night :) this rainy weather really does just tire me out!
I think I’m going shopping again tomorrow as well with my mum, i really need to stop but i cant help it too many clothes and not enough occasions! does anyone else have this problem?
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  • I have been a home waxer for quite a while now, and I'll never go back to plucking! :)

    I would recommend trying Morrisons Chique or Boots own eyebrow wax strips, as they are ready cut into strips and you get wipes with the oil already on them so its a bit easier – I always cut them into the arched shape I want before I use them :)


  • Ooo they sound good :) that was the only issue I found with these but I think they worked perfectly and I will sure be buying them once I run out! They was just so quick and easy :)xxx

  • Im so scared to wax my own brows, I have visions of me taking the whole thing off by mistake or something haha x x

  • I was like that! But these are really simple and because their mini their easy to get in the right place :) xxx

  • there's nothing i hate more than tweezing my eyebrows. too much hassle! i'm definitely going to Boots to give this a try! 
    i've just started blogging, would be grateful if you could check it out :)


  • It is a real hassle! These really are perfect! And worked really well xxx

  • I to buy the mini bikini waxing strips and cut them to shape, glad to see i can now buy strips especially for eyebrows, i was hopeless with the 'loose wax'. I find the perfect eyebrows come from tweezing to shape and then waxing to remove stray hairs you've missed and the fine lights hair underneath.

  • Hmm. Im a bit scared incase I take my entire eyebrow off haha. Knowing how clumsy I am I probably would. To solve the lack of a curve issue, could you cut a strip and like and it on to the top of another to make more of a curve?
    Think i'll just have to stick to my tweezers and benefit brow bar appointments ;)

  • I really loved these :) I was amazed at how good the finished result was! Would recommend :) xxx

  • The strips are really small so it would be hard but could possibly do it :) I think they are definently worth a try the end result was amazing and they was really easy to use xxx

  • Hi Chelsea,
    I'm sure you've had this lots before but I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog, you're blog is great! :)

  • Aww thankyou :) xxx

  • Your blog is gorgeous,i am your new follower<33
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    Kisses and Hugs!

  • I love this post! I'm obsessed with perfect brows!
    I just followed you, follow back?I'd really appreciate it :)

  • They really do give you lovely brows! :) xxx